A Road Map To Reach The Goal By Blogging

Start a blog to monetize. After starting a blog, is it possible to make money? No, for that, you have to walk through A Road Map To Reach The Goal By Blogging. It would be best if you stayed with the article to be introduced to the whole road map.

As you start your blogging journey, you must follow some steps to reach the goal.

When you select a topic to start a blog, you have researched to go ahead with the niche.

After starting with a niche, you must pick the low, competitive words that help you to boost organic traffic to your blog. The traffic is your money generator. That is why you must keep your though to find the best keywords for your blogging platform.

Focusing on indexing your posts

You must focus on indexing posts to go to the next level after creating your blog. That means your post must be indexed within an hour. If you can do it, you will organically have a lot of traffic to your blog.

To do it, you need to

  • Post constantly. Your constant posting idea will help to index hurry. The posting time must be a particular time.
  • If your blog is a news type, you need to have Google News approval which will help you to index within a minute.
  • Otherwise, you can use the Google search console to index your content manually.

For indexing the blog content, you must create unique content. Otherwise, you don’t hope to drive traffic to your blog by indexing.

Focus on branding

After creating your blog, you need to focus on branding. For branding, you must connect to social media platforms.

Like- Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc, are the most popular social media platforms.

By connecting the platforms, you can boost your branding. By branding, you can introduce your blog and yourself to your targeted audience.

Focus on building your authority with the audience

When you’re a blogger, you must show yourself to the audience as an expert on the topic you desire to share with the audience.

To do it, you must connect to various communities or forums where you can express your ideas on the topic. In the media, you can boost your views on the niche. That means you must connect your niche-related forums. In the meeting, all of the members discuss the topic.

They also share various issues on the niche. If you know the solution to the problem, you can help by solving the issues. By doing this, you can increase your authority in the field.

Otherwise, you can increase your authority by guest posting. Being a guest author of another blog, you can create many articles on your niche-related topic. It will boost your power.

Drive traffic and monetize

To generate revenue from a blog, the precondition is to drive traffic. The more you can drive traffic, the more you can have cash. For driving traffic, you must apply some ideas.

  • Apply SEO ideas
  • Boost your brand
  • Drive social media signal
  • Apply paid ideas to drive traffic

The SEO ideas will help you to drive organic traffic to your website. And by boosting your brand, you can increase traffic who dive into your blog direct. Otherwise, social media will refer to the blog for visiting. Here all the ideas are free.

If you desire to boost your blog, driving paid traffic. You can choose social media or Google. Both have paid plans to increase your blog traffic.

You can apply all the ideas to make money when you have enough traffic to monetise. Like- as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling guest posts, selling leads, and online services.

Final thought

Start a blog, drive traffic to the blog and then monetize them. To make money blogging, you must drive traffic to your blog.

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