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What is SEO (Search engine optimization)?

November 15, 2020

What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of linking your website to any search console. In other words, linking your website with search engines is called SEO.

What is the importance of search engine optimization?

The importance of SEO is immense. If you do not do SEO, no internet site will rank. Without ranking your website, Any kind of income is impossible for the website. If you do SEO, visitors can easily know about any website. I am giving you an instance to explain.

Suppose you SEO your website. If someone searches for the category post on your site, the search engine can show it to your website visitors. In this way, it is possible to increase visitors by doing SEO.

How can I do SEO?

Before answering this question, let’s talk about the types of SEO.

SEO is of two types.

  • On-page SEO.
  • Off-page SEO.
  • Technical SEO

On-Page SEO: SEO is to be done in different places. In the meantime, the SEO that you have to do inside your website is called on-page SEO. I will talk about this in an element in some other post. However, if you need to know, you can come to know by visiting my site.

Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is a little different. This is completely different from on-page SEO. On-page SEO is to do on your website. And Of page SEO has to be done in some other places except your website.

There will be a few posts on how to do these two types of SEO. The list is given below. I will put up about search engine optimization in 9 episodes. They are-

  • Setting Customize SEO.
  • How to advertise an internet site in google search console?
  • SEO keyword research tips.
  • SEO setting in blogger.
  • How to create a backlink?
  • How to ad website in google analytics?
  • Blog post SEO optimization.
  • SEO image optimization tips.
  • How to increase site visitors?

Now I am giving you some small ideas about these. A detailed discussion will be done in another post. However, I have already said that all the posts have been uploaded to my website. You can come and see if you want.

What is digital marketing? And How does it work?

Setting Customize SEO

This is later on On-page SEO. The work that needs to be done in the settings by going to the Blogger site is called Settings SEO.

Google Search Console SEO

Google Search Console is the work of Of page SEO. That means you have to go to another website. After opening the website, your website will not show in the google search engine for the first time. So you have to add the website to the search engine. If you add the website to the search console again, there is a possibility of many visitors coming from there.

Post Optimization SEO

This is again part of On-Page SEO. You have to be extra discriminating with the assist you render towards different human beings. The title of the post is significant for such a post. The title must be perfect. Again, the permalink of the post must be standard for ranking the website in the search engine. You have to give a good quality picture and a good quality description for the post. If you can’t do these, any post on the website will not rank in the search engine.

Google Analysis SEO

This is also an Of page SEO like Google Search Console. In other words, it has to be done on another website and not on your website. We all go to our blogger every day and check the statistics on our own website.

But the blogger does not show this information correctly. So Google Analytics website positioning is obligatory to get the proper data and all your site reviews. That means you have to add your website to Google Analytics.

Backlink SEO

Both types of SEO follow this. In other words, it is both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Now you may ask, how is it both types of SEO? You will get the answer shortly. Before that, I am trying to explain to you like backlink. Backlinks are links to your website shared on various websites, including your own. There are two types of backlinks. That is-

  • Internal Backlink
  • External Backlink

The link that you share on your website is the internal backlink of your own website, and the link that you share with your website by going to any place different than your personal internet site is the exterior back-link of your internet site.

What will be our benefit by creating backlinks?

The more backlinks a website has, the higher its quality will be in search engines. If a website’s quality is good in search engines, then many visitors will come from there. Backlinks again help increase the domain authority and page authority of a website, which is required for any website.

Keyword Research SEO

It is additionally like each kind of website positioning like backlink SEO. First, you have to get an idea about the keyword from the search engine or other place to apply it on the website. That is why it is each kind of web optimization like backlinks. Keyword Research SEO is the work of keyword research usually used by people.

How to Improve Site Visitor?

The post that was uploaded to increase site visitors is not later in SEO. But it is closely related to SEO. We do SEO to increase site visitors. So it can be said that it is also a part of SEO. So we will discuss this in the series of SEO.

I am finishing today’s post on SEO here. I hope you understand the whole post. And if you can understand, then read this post carefully again.

Best wishes and congratulations from me and my website for wasting your precious time reading the whole post. By the time you have enough SEO knowledge.