What is search engine optimization( SEO )? How does it work?

A search Engine is a tool for providing organic traffic to any website. If you are a blogger or webmaster, you must connect your content to search engines. For that, you need to have knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You also need to know how SEO works. To achieve real knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, you have to go through the whole article.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of preparing your website or content for any search engine. In other words, linking your website with search engines is called SEO.

In the deep sense, SEO is a method of driving traffic to your website or business organically from search engines.

Why do you create a blog or website? Definitely, to monetize. Online without traffic, any kind of website or blog to monetize is impossible. For that, you need to drive traffic to your website at any cost. So SEO is that cost. It is a way and the single most remarkable way that applies to all of the giant webmasters.

What is the importance of search engine optimization?

The importance of SEO is immense. If you do not optimize your website, no website will rank on search engines. Without ranking your website, any kind of income is impossible for the website or blog. By doing SEO, you can easily introduce any website to the right audience.

How can you drive traffic to your website by doing SEO?

If you can optimize your content following the white-hate SEO ideas, the search engines hook your content before the audience is interested in your topic.

Suppose you SEO your website. If someone searches for the category post on the Google search bar, the search engine can show it to the visitor. In this way, SEO can increase visitors.

That means you can drive huge traffic to your website or blog only by optimizing your content. Is it possible? It’s possible, but not easy.

The first and most important idea of SEO is keyword research. If you can pick the best and most well-optimized keyword to create content, it will drive your targeted traffic to your website.

For that, you have to follow the right and powerful SEO ideas that can provide a great result.

How can You do SEO?

Before answering this question, let’s talk about the types of SEO. After creating your content on the targeted topic, you need to follow the following ideas of SEO.

SEO is of three types.

  • On-page SEO.
  • Off-page SEO.
  • Technical SEO

On-Page SEO: SEO is to be done in different places. In the meantime, the SEO that you have to do inside your website is called on-page SEO. I will talk about On-Page SEO. However, if you need to know more, you can visit my site.

From setting up your blog or website to publishing all the tasks are on-page SEO. That means the theme that you use for your blog site is not out of SEO.

Theme: The theme must be devices responsive and well-designed. When the visitor drives into the blog, first, they are attracted to see the theme’s design and flexibility for the users.

Content: Content is the king of a blog. That is why you need to optimize your content.

How to optimize your blog content?

To optimize your blog content, you need article writing skills. Then, you must use SEO ideas.

Blog content optimization ideas-

Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is a little different from on-page SEO. On-page SEO is done on your website. And Of page SEO has to be done in some other places except your website. After the content’s optimization, you can start your second task off-page SEO.

The Off-page SEO ideas-

Technical SEO: Technical SEO means doing technical jobs to optimize the website and server that assist search engine spiders in crawling and indexing your site efficiently.  It includes ensuring a secure connection, a responsive design, or a fast loading time. 

Now I am giving you some small ideas about these. A detailed discussion will be done in another post. However, I have already said that all the posts have been uploaded to my website. You can come and see if you want.

What is digital marketing? And How does it work?

Setting and Customization

Setting and Customization are later on On-page SEO. The work that needs to be done in the settings by going to the site’s admin panels site is called Settings SEO.

If you use WordPress as your CMS, after installing WordPress, you have to go through some systems to set up your website, such as time format, permalinks, robot.txt, page, logo, and favicon setup.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console set up with your website is the work of Off-page SEO. That means you have to go to another website to link your website with the site. After opening your website or blog site, it will not show in the Google search engine for the first time. So you need to add the website to the search engine.

The webmaster tool presents the Google search console, which is Google software for managing your website. Using it, you can check the condition of your blog or website. It also always updates you about your website and helps you fix any errors.

Post Optimization

Post Optimization is the main and almost remarkable part of On-Page SEO. You have to be extra specifying with the assistance you render towards different human beings. The post’s title is significant for a post that signifies the whole conSEO idea must follow the title ideas.

In the title, you have to place the focusing key, please if you keep the key in starting the title. The length of the title must be within 60-65 characters.

Again, the permalink of the post must be standard for ranking the website in the search engine. An example of a standard permalink- https://onlinedemand.net/video-marketing/

You have to use a good-quality picture which means an optimized picture and an optimized meta description for the post. If you can’t do these, any post on the website will not rank in the search engine.

Google Analytics

Google Analysis is also an Off-Page SEO like Google Search Console. In other words, it has to be done on another website and not on your website. Like Google Search Console, you need to link up with Google Analytics. We all go to our blogger every day and check the statistics on our own website.

But the webmaster does not have this information precisely. So Google Analytics website positioning is obligatory to get the proper data and all your site reviews. That means you have to add your website to Google Analytics. By adding your website to Google Analytics, you can scale your business or blog online.

It always shows an analytical result that helps you make a great plan for your business based on the analytics. It will say you who are interested and are not in your products or content. Otherwise, it will also assist in targeting the right audience.

Both types of SEO ideas need to create backlinks. In other words, both refer to on-page and off-page SEO.

Now you may ask, how? You will get the answer shortly. Before that, I am trying to explain to you like backlinks. Backlinks are links to your website shared on various websites, including your own. There are two types of backlinks. They are-

  • Internal Backlink
  • And External Backlink

The link that you share on your website is the internal backlink of your own website, and the link that you share with your website by going to any place different than your personal internet site is the exterior back-link of your internet site. That means making a bridge between your website to another website is called an external backlink.

The backlinks of a website refer to its quality and authority to Search Engines, which must impact its ranking on the search engines. That means you have to pick quality backlinks, as all backlinks are not good for your website.

Most of the time, your best friends carry your identity to others. Thus, a website that provides backlinks to your website must have your website’s authority.

The more backlinks a website has, the higher its quality will be in search engines. If a website’s quality is good in search engines, then many visitors will come from there. Backlinks again help increase the domain authority and page authority of a website required for any website.

Keyword Research

It is the initial task of SEO. To start your blog, you need articles to compose. And you must write on targeting a focusing keyword. First, you have to get an idea about the keyword from the search engine or other places to apply it on the website. That is why it is each kind of web optimization, like backlinks. Keyword Research SEO is the work of keyword research usually used by people.

There are a lot of online tools to get keyword ideas to select the right keywords. The most popular SEO tools are-

Using the tools, you can research your keyword to get a clear idea that will help you lead your content to the next level.

How to Improve Site Visitors?

The post that What uploaded to increase site visitors is not later in SEO. But it is closely related to SEO. We do SEO to increase site visitors. So what, can you say that it is also a part of SEO?

Absolutely, of all the bloggers controlling the blogging industry, 90% of readers of their blogs dive into it from search engines. And it is the result of SEO.

If you can provide quality content to your website, you must have quality traffic. Now you have to understand the quality content. Quality content refers to readable content which means SEO-friendly content. Quality content suggests well-optimized content.

I am finishing today’s post on SEO here. I hope you understand the whole post. And if you can understand, then read this post carefully again.

Best wishes and congratulations from me and my website for wasting your precious time reading the whole post. By the time you have enough SEO knowledge.

Now you have learned about SEO. But do you know, “How does it work?”

How does SEO work?

SEO means making your website better for search engines so they show it to more people. You do this by using the right words (keywords), getting other good sites to link to yours, and making your site easy to use and quick to load. It’s like improving your shop’s visibility on a busy street so more people notice it and come inside.

In the past, it worked based on on-page, off-page, and technical optimization. But now the process does not work properly.

Then? Now, as well, an SEO expert must focus on the quality of content and the needs of readers. That means informative content will have an extra priority in ranking on Google.

Otherwise, it also provides important expertise on a definite topic. Anyone can’t discuss any topic without having enough knowledge or expertise.

For example, if a blogger writes a random article, how can he possibly provide health-related ideas? If he does this, will the reader have the right and trustworthy information?

For that, SEO does not work based on SEO expertise. It works on who writes the topic and what is written. That is, it is important to choose the niche to rank online.

Thank you for staying with me. And Welcome the next update.

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