Blogging is a smart way to have a smart return. Be smart by blogging to generate smart cash. That is why you must boost your blogging ideas. To boost your ideas on blogging, you need to meet a mentor. Online demand may be the best mentor to show a road map to reach the targeted goal.

Are you exploring ways to make money online? If you are doing this, then you are on the right path. 

In this article, I will explain four effective ways to make money blogging. 

If you have writing skills and the patience to see success, then blogging is for you, as blogging is a long-term process to reach your cherished goal in mind.

Now blogging is the smart way to make money and prove successful online because it provides huge opportunities to open the way to admire.

What do you need to start a blog?  

To start a blog, you have to be skilled in a specific language to write. Only then you can start a blog that might be on a paid or free platform. 

If you desire to build your career online, I recommend you start with a paid platform. Personally, I used Namecheap as a hosting provider.

If you ask about Namecheap, I can say more about it. To know about it keep your eyes on following the list.

  • They provide domain and hosting at reasonable prices.
  • The platform is handy to use.
  • Otherwise, they have a money-back guarantee.
  • The team of Namecheap is always ready to support you with any issue.

The supporting ideas impressed me to connect to the platform for a long time.

You must register a domain and host from the best domain hosting platform to start your blog on a paid platform. For that, I will suggest Namecheap. Namecheap is the largest and most handy platform for a newbie. 

After registering your domain hosting, then set up a website under a CMS like WordPress. You may use WordPress as your CMS. Because WordPress is very flexible and handy to use. 

That you need to do primarily before starting the blog 

To be successful through blogging, you have to choose a profitable blogging niche to reach the goal. If you fail to select the best niche for you, it will be difficult to be a success in the blogging industry.

How to choose a blogging niche?

To choose a blogging niche, you have to go through the right ways to take a perfect niche to earn huge revenue online. 

Choose such a niche that you know well and feel well about the niche. Don’t take such a niche in that you have no interest. 

First, select one that is profitable for you and, after that, think about it and ask yourself, Do you have any attraction to the niche? If you don’t interest in the topic, you will not go a long way with the niche. 

As an example, you may take the Powerline blog that talks about American politics. On the blog, three lawyers contribute. Think about how easy to discuss politics with lawyers.

To a lawyer, politics is an easy topic to discuss online. Otherwise, it is a trendy idea for them and for the general. Think about yourself, are you ready to write on the niche?

According to me, you should pick a topic as your blogging niche about which you have enough knowledge. But you must be on the topic, you must have an interest in it.

On the other hand, you must think about the lasting of the topic’s trend online. If the topic is evergreen for you. You are welcome for the niche.

To explore the trend of the topic, you can use “Google Trends“. It is the best tool owned by Google.

Create a shareable content 

In generating revenue from blogging, the precondition is traffic. The more you can drive traffic to your blog, the more you can generate revenue. 

For driving traffic, you have to share readable and enjoyable content on your blog site. 

Readable content: Readable content means easy and flexible content. And the readable content helps the readers to love the content. You must realize that your blog readers are not equal and not the same as you. So you must write, keeping in mind their capability and flexibility. 

To make your content readable, you need to use simple and flexible words. And always try to express all of the interactions in simple sentences using active voice. And you must remain to type shorter sentences in your articles.

To create readable content, you can assist It is free to use.

Informative content: The most and single component is the information of content. Think about it, “Why will the visitors rush your blog?” Definitely, to achieve something. 

Therefore, if you can provide the right information for them, they will dive into your content to read your writing. 

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The effective ways to make money blogging

When your blog is ready with quality content, you will have huge traffic to monetize over time. But for that, you have to keep patience to go ahead.

Skills, patience, and time will bring you success by blogging. Blogging is such an industry where you are an expert on the topic that represents your expertise. And for reaching the stage, you must take the time that is not impossible overnight.

For monetizing your skills, you have to go through the effective.

Monetize your blog by Advertising  

To make money by advertising, Google AdSense is to most bloggers who design their blogs only for monetizing by advertising in an expected way. Google has a monetization way called Google Adsense. By using the program, you can reach your targeted goal which could affect successful bloggers.

If advertising is only one target to monetize your blog, you need to choose a high-volume niche. That means all niches can’t drive huge traffic, and the more you can drive traffic, the more you can generate revenue from your blog. You pick some ideas for the profitable blogging niche.

Profitable blogging niche

  • Health And Beauty
  • Parenting
  • Style
  • Sports
  • Make Money Online
  • Food Review
  • Traveling
  • Entertainment
  • And More

The niches are evergreen topics. So if you pick one from them, you can continue your blogging life with the niche.

You need huge traffic to your website to cut a good earning figure. For that, you have to choose such a niche with a huge search volume on search engines. All of the niches are not perfect for monetizing by advertising. But above the niches, I listed in the article, you may take one from the list without hesitation.

Why should you take one from the list or like the niches?

First, think about your interest and the query you desire to apply in your life by asking Google. In the ara, nobody wast their time staying lazy in spite of using the internet. When they feel any need, ask Google to help by providing the result.

Then, find out what people are fond of searching on Google to satisfy themselves. Now I think you are clear about why you should choose one of them.

After choosing the niche, you can start your blogging. For every article writing, you need to research and find the best keyword for writing.

What is the best keyword?

A keyword that gets a ranking on google first and drives huge traffics to the blog is called the best keyword. For the best keyword, the difficulty of the keyword is low and high volume.

  • Low Difficulty- 0-14 according to semrush
  • High Volume- 10K- 100K

To research a keyword, you can use semrush, ahrefs, ubersuggest, etc.

How much do you earn by showing ads on your blog?

Most bloggers design their blogs only for showing Google ads. Their first and most remarkable target is to get Adsense approval.

Then, how much do the bloggers earn by advertising?

To know the answer, I browsed on Google. It showed the following result that is zero search result.

Make money through affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and easy way to make money online without investment. Now it is the name of a trendy task online. Using this way, you can change your present condition to be a successful one online. 

This is a marketing strategy to generate a huge sale that other companies offer to you. 

By joining your niche-related affiliate program, you can promote other person’s products to get a commission against every sale through your website. 

For that, you have to create a unique link to place your blog. If any visitor makes a sale by clicking on the link, you will be paid a commission by the company for the sale.  

Like advertising, you do need not to have huge traffic to your blog. Only you need to drive target traffic. For earning a commission by making a sale through your affiliate link, you need to drive traffic by buying keywords like- the best “products name,” “products name,” review, top “products name,” how to buy “products name,” what is the best shop for “products name,” the price of “products name,” and more.

Of the visitors who dive through the keywords into your blog, about 70% of them buy the products. For that, you must research the buying keywords. Using the keywords if you create an SEO-friendly article, you have high-quality traffic to your website and can monetize them.

Thus, if you follow the effective ways to make money blogging, you can lead your life to the next level. 

Generate revenue selling self-products 

Blogging is such an industry that provides huge opportunities to make money online. On your blog, you can sell the self-products that are produced by yourself. That may be physical or digital products. 

If you share health and beauty tips on your blog, most visitors are interested in your discussion on the blog. And they reach your blog again and again to have real information that you provide on your blog. You can monetize them by sharing your health and beauty products. They may be physical or digital products. 

Physical products

  • Homemade remedy for saving screen
  • Or you have a small company where you produce various remedies or tools to recover from health diseases.

Digital products

  • PDF with tips and tricks for recovering health or screening disease
  • Tutorial on producing the products that help to recover the disease.

Otherwise, you may convert driven traffic into customers for your small business to buy health and beauty products.

Make money selling article writing services

When you are a blogger, you are an expert on definite language and definite niche. The readers of the blog must be fond of the writing of the article on the blog.

If anyone among the readers of your blog desires to start blogging, he needs to write articles. The reader must have article-writing skills. Otherwise, he needs to hire an article writer. If you want to make money by article writing, he must choose you as an article writing expert. Because he loves your writing.

Make money selling guest posts 

You are the owner of a blog site that has reached an authority stage. It has a high DA and PA with huge traffic. Now you can allow another website owner to write on your website as a guest exchange of returns. By doing this, you can generate revenue from your blog site. 

Paid guest is an easy way to make cash to change your life. Now guest post is an effective way to rank any keyword on search engines. So SEO experts use the way to rank their targeted keywords.  

Who can be a guest writer on your blog?

To have an opportunity for writing on your blog site, he has to be an expert on the niche. The niche must be your blog niche-related.

To be clear about making money by selling guest posts, you can dive into the link.

Return cash selling tutorial

Selling tutorials is a trendy idea during the pandemic. By blogging, you can easily reach the targeted customers to make a sale. For that, you have to be a good teacher to teach your students.

You can definitely teach your students well when you can show your expertise by writing on the blog. The faith will be made in them. Using your trustworthiness to you, you can make money selling your tutorials.

For the selling tutorial, you need to apply some tricks in your writing. Like-

  • In most of the articles, you need to review the tutorial in short.
  • The tutorial will be a video.
  • In your writing, you have to apply a call-to-action idea.
  • The best idea is to convince the readers by focusing on your talent not saying to buy.

If you can represent yourself as a good teacher for the readers, you can make huge sales.

Conclusion: If you desire to make money online from blogging, you have to choose a profitable blogging niche that the readers are interested in. After that, you must provide quality content. Because I hope you have known that quality content is the king of a blog. Only quality content can drive quality traffic to your website. The more you have traffic, the more you can generate revenue. 

Don’t waste time; let’s start your journey in the blogging industry to keep yourself on one level first, following the effective ways to make money blogging.