Write For The Readers, Not For Search Engines

Write For The Readers, Not For Search Engines,” the sentence says to focus the reader’s interest and wants to start a blog.

If you start to write for your blog, definitely, you prefer your article for search engines. That means you want to rank at the top of the search engines. Right, am I? Maybe or not.

It is time to scale your SEO idea. SEO! What? Yes, we mean by SEO we must write for search engines. If we can do it, our article will rank at the top of the first page.

But, it is the old ideas of SEO have been changing by updating the algorithm of Google. Because Google is the largest search engine that dominates the online industry for small or big businesses.

What is the best idea for writing an article?

First, you should think about the reason for making an article. Most of the time, you must write for sharing your experiences with your audience. That every blogger does.

But every blogger’s target is to drive traffic to his blog. If you can do this, he will be successful. For driving traffic, he applies SEO ideas in article writing. Right?

Think. You write articles for your readers to teach the topic that you desire to inform them about. If it is, you should write for the readers, not for search engines.

Difference between reader and SEO-friendly article

Reader-friendly article means, you must write thinking about the readers. In the field, your main focus is on what the readers want to have from you. Otherwise, all of the writing components will be for only the readers.

Like- your writing words will be simple to understand and sentences must be in simple sentences. On the contrary, your writing will be with information that you desire to share with the readers.

For sharing the information you need not elaborate with extended words without any cause. Simply, try to share your experiences with your inner creativity. So that the readers can dive into your thought.

If you desire to share your experiences with your audience, you can do it using your simple thought. For that, you need not know SEO ideas. For doing it, you need only know, “How can the readers dive into your article easy to understand?”

The SEO-friendly article is to optimize an article for search engines. Here the main target is to drive huge organic traffic to the website. That means, it should be the best idea!

Maybe! But ideas don’t work for a long time. Now search engines provide priority the reader-friendly article. The SEO-friendly article will get ranked for a short time at the top of the search engines. But the reader-friendly article will rank slowly and will stay for a long time.

Otherwise, it will be best practice if you can write a reader-friendly article with SEO ideas.

Final thought

All bloggers should create content for the readers or audience with SEO ideas. That means it will be the combination of the two ideas. If you can do that, you will get ranked for a long time and have huge traffic to your blog.

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