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Welcome to the page. I hope you are a webmaster who loves to share his experiences with newbies online. Hopefully, you are in the post by searching the guest post site.

You are in the right place if you desire to be a guest writer on the site. Online Demand is a platform to make you pleasure.

To share your writing, you have to ensure the following ideas:

  • Your article must be SEO-friendly and readable.
  • It must be 100% plagiarism-free.
  • And it would be free from Grammarly’s mistakes.

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Additional ideas to write SEO-friendly articles

  • Keyword placement: Place the focusing keyword at the starting point of the title tag and the first paragraph.
  • Keyword density: The density should be 1-2%.
  • Length of section: A paragraph should not be 100 words.
  • Feature image: The featured image must be unique and optimized.
  • Article length: The article must be more than 1000 words.

Allowed category

  • Digital Marketing
  • Business
  • Tech
  • And reviews

It will not be published if your article is not SEO-friendly and Grammarly mistake-free. Otherwise, you will have the live link within 24 hours.

Email for submitting an article: bhblogger20@gmail.com

Thank you.

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  1. Hi there,

    My name is Tory, and I am interested in publishing a guest post on your website. Is such an option available?

    If you accept guest posts, what are your requirements?


    PS: Please redirect me to the right person from your team if you are not responsible for this matter.

  2. Hi
    This is Shariq armaan. I am a Guest post reseller. Today I saw your Blog and I want to share my thoughts ( Articles ) on your Blog ( website )
    Let me know about the Price of 1. Guest post
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    3. Number of Do-follow links allowed
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    5. TAT
    6. Sample of Guest post
    I need urgent guest post on your site .Kindly let me about the above questions .
    Waiting for your reply hopefully
    Have a nice day

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    I am waithing for your good responce.
    Please let me know how to proceed.

    Best Regard

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    Hope you’re doing well.

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  6. I’d be thrilled to contribute as a guest writer on digital marketing for your platform! With expertise in SEO, content strategy, and data analysis, I can provide valuable insights and actionable tips to help your readers succeed in their digital marketing efforts. Let me know how I can help!

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