You have a blog. Definitely, it would help if you wrote SEO-friendly articles. For that, you have to know how to write an SEO-friendly article.

In the topic, I have used the word ” SEO friendly.” The word conveys the requirements that will pay extra attention to for optimization for search engines. 

Otherwise, it refers to quality content for having extra benefits for ranking. That means if you can provide quality content to your readers, the search engines mark the content as SEO-friendly content. The search engines always show the priority on the readers’ eagerness on any article. 

How to write an SEO-friendly article?

To create an SEO friendly article, you have to go through the following ideas- 

  • First of all, you have to understand the readers and provide readable content to understand the theme of the article. 
  • Then, try to create a flow of your thoughts that make the article easy to point out.  
  • After that, you have to optimize your content for search engines.

The three ideas absolutely make a flow like- a reader may be of any class, and he has to have the quality to read your content. That means you will write your content for all classes of readers. And it refers to the quality of the words and sentences quality.

Otherwise, with the simplicity of words, they have to have a combination of tunes for jumping to another thought. And the final idea is to prepare the content for search engines. To prepare your content for Search Engines, you must have SEO knowledge. In this article, I will try to teach you “How to prepare your content for search engines?” after completing the above steps. So it would help if you stayed with me for the whole article.

Make your article readable

According to the first idea, you have to pick all tips and tricks to readable content for your audience.

Readability is the first requirement of an SEO-friendly article. Readability is the fertility of an article. It helps to drive the old readers to your blog. And that is a signal of quality content to the search engines. 

When you can provide readable content to the readers, the readers will fall in love with your writing and bookmark your website for having the latest update. Then think about how important the content is to be readable to the audience. 

How to create a readable article?

To create readable content, you need to follow the following steps. 

  • 1st, pick the simple words to make simple sentences and try to avoid complex or lengthy sentences. Then you may be in difficulty what kinds of words are simple to realize. The words are easy to realize and composed of one or two sellable or always available to all readers.
  • 2nd, you need to use simple present, simple past, and simple future to understand the readers. As well as you have to try to use active voice avoiding passive.
  • In the 3rd part, you have to create a flow with one another line. To keep a clear tune with one another sentence, you need to apply the transition words.

When you can apply all of the above ideas, then for you, the next step is to arrange all the conversation tactically.

Additional ideas for representation

  • 1st idea for you is to imagine yourself as a speaker and the reader always listens to you. When you imagine the reader before, you may ask any query. The asking always reload the attention on the topic that your explain before the reader. Otherwise, it will help jump to exact point. Thus- do you like to an elaborate para? The answer will be defenitely negative. For that, you need to go-forward with short para. This article is the best example for using short para.
  • 2nd idea is to use examples to clear the exact point that you want to expose the audience. Like above in the sentence, I applied an example to clear you about short para.

After going through the above ideas, a thought may arise in your head that is, “How can you start writing as a newbie?”

Really the thought is effective to go ahead step by step. When you feel any difficulty moving one step to another step, Google will help you as a teacher. For that, you have to ask Google.

For starting SEO-friendly content, there is no alternative to read more. If you read your niche-related content browsing on Google, you have a great idea to go ahead with the ideas. Those who take place on the top of the search engines must apply their personal ideas. By reading their writing, you have a clear idea of how they write, apply keywords and style.

After creating quality content, you have to optimize it for search engines, which means you need to SEO.

Optimize your content for search engines.

An article that you have written definitely is readable for the readers. The readability always assists you in having quality traffic. It reduces the bounce rate of your website and hooks the old visitors. And it is the most effective action to create value for the search engines on your website.

Keywords placement

A keyword is a search term on the search bar. It means when a visitor wants any help from any search engines by browsing with the term, and the search engines show these websites that are optimized for search according to their quality. 

For that, it is clear that keyword placement is a vital factor for optimization. 

Then, where can you place keywords? 

  • 1st, in url 
  • 2nd, in title but it is better if you can place in starting. 
  • 3rd, in the first para and try to keep beginning. 
  • Finally, in subhadding 

The 4 places are the most remarkable place to keep exact keywords. After that, you need to place the focusing keyword based on percentage. That means, in 100 words, you may apply 1 keyword.  

Every time, using exact is not a good practice. That means you can use synonyms. Using synonyms is the best practice for search engines. 

Image optimization

For SEO-friendly content, using images impacts the readers that help realize the article’s real inner act. 

That image, you have to prepare for Search engines.

How to optimize an image for Search engines? 

For optimization, you have to do the task. 

  • First, resize the image and then rename with the focusing keyword that you desire to show through the image. 
  • Then use alternative text (Alt). The Alt is used to assist the search engines so that it can read the image. The image must reflect the inner action of the article. 

If you can read all of the ideas that are composed in the article, you have the answer, “How to write an SEO-friendly article?”

Helpful online tools

For writing an SEO friend article, you have to keep it in mind to have no Grammarly mistakes. To avoid Grammarly mistakes, you may use the Grammarly tool. An article with mistakes may not be SEO friendly article. So it would help if you always were careful to write a Grammarly error-free article.

To write a readable article, you may take a tool named Yoast SEO as assistance. The tool is very beneficial for all content writers.

Final thought

A blog means an article. That article must be SEO-friendly. The SEO-friendly article refers to drive more traffic. The more you can drive traffic to your blog, the more you can be able to earn.

Therefore, you need to focus on content that is written following SEO ideas. If you can go through all the SEO ideas, you will be able to make money online from blogging.