If you are a newbie in the blogging or online marketing industry, you have to improve your article writing skills. As you are at the start-up level, you definitely, are not an expert in article writing. So this article is for you. In this article, I listed all of the effective ideas on how to improve article writing skills.

Practice is the power of writing. Thus reading is the fuel of writing. That means by reading more achieve power for writing.

As a newbie, you have to be creative in writing topics to be a smart article writer. Thinking is another fuel of your writing power. It always will help you to move one by one idea.

To achieve all of the ideas to increase your writing skills, dive into the article step by step.

If you are writing on your blog or various online platforms, you need to maintain the writing in your conscious mind. And I will help you to clear the concept that you want to explain.

How to improve article writing skills?

To achieve all of the ideas to improve your writing skills, you need to increase your thinking powers and technical skills. For that, you have made a plan to site and draw a structure of the concept that you want to show by your writing.

  • Fixed a time.
  • Choose a place.

After choosing time and place, you have to take a notebook to note down the ideas. To have a great idea on your topic, time plays a great role as well as place.

Build a clear concept on your writing topic.

All of the time is not perfect for generating a clear concept of the topic. To do this, you need a fresh mind and a fresh environment. In a fresh environment, invest your fresh mind; you will have a clear concept. After all, it would help if you read more.

Reading more will help you to build a clear concept on the topic. And it, first, helps you to understand the concept. To clear the words, we take the saying of Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” That means if you desire to understand anyone, you have to understand it yourself.

Note down the receiving concept.

You have a clear idea and a perfect concept as you have read the various blogs written by other webmasters. The achieving concept, you need to note down or draft to recheck before publishing.

For publishing any article, you have to check and double-check. For that, you must draft first. After two or three investigations, it will be able to publish.

Every revision will meet with a new error. And the draft file will allow fixing the error. To represent an error-free article, you need to check again and again.

Apply your artistic ideas for presentation.

Designing your words to express your thought before the audience is an art. How much you successfully understand your inner thought of the topic relies on using artistic ideas. To develop article writing skills, you need to go through the following ideas.

1. Write in simple sentence.

Simple means easy to read. If you can expose the thought in three or four words, it will be better. It would help if you thought about the readers. And you, definitely, write for your readers, not for you.

Every simple sentence always assists to jump to another sentence frequently. On the other hand, a complex sentence makes a possibility to break inner concentration on the topic.

First, think about yourself and ask, do you like to read elaborated sentences. How possible to keep the concentration still on the topic that you desire to expose by the line?

How do you want to have another? Same, try to present your writing before your audience.

2. Use simple words.

If you can use simple words in a simple sentence, it will be very pragmatic to realize. Simple words refer to words that are easy to learn.

The primary purpose of writing on a blog or website is to share information with the audience. It is not to understand your qualification.

So read your audience and satisfy them with your writing. If you can do it, your writing is a successful one. For that, you should avoid the long word. Most of the time, long words are challenging to realize. That means you should use two or three-syllable words.

3. Compose in active voice.

As a writer online, you definitely, try to help the readers realize your thought through your writing. In your article, you must be a speaker to the readers. And in the report, the readers will be the purpose of the story or explanation you desire to represent to the audience.

When you explain your thought, must implement in active voice. The active voice indicates the priority of the readers as a purpose. On the other hand, it helps to understand the concept easily than passive voice.

4. Use the flat question.

Using questions in your writing is a great idea. A flat asking will help you to jump another relevant thought. Another most significant impact is to return concentration on the topic.

When the readers are bored, and asking to turn them into the topic. It not only returns concentration but also provides life in the reading.

5. Divide into short para.

Always you have to keep to mind so that your writing can’t make bore. The elaborate may push the readers to change without reading the whole para. Lengthy para is also a reason for losing concentration. For that, you should keep your writing in short para.

Otherwise, a short para helps to understand and stay the definite para till the end of the para. If you can create a flew with simple words using flat questions, it will be easy to design your writing by dividing it into small parts.

Avoid the Grammarly mistake.

For establishing yourself as a writer online, you have to care about your grammar rules for using. If you have enough Grammarly mistakes, it will be impossible to have rank search engines. On the other hand, with Grammarly’s mistake, any article can not be for the readers. So be careful about grammar rules to write quality content.

To avoid and fix your Grammarly mistake, you can use Grammarly online tool that is really great to fix the grammar errors. You may take it free or paid.

Keep yourself in practice.

Without practice, there is no great way to improve article skills. That is why you should keep yourself in practice. The best way to keep yourself in practice is to start a blog on a specific niche. When you start a blog, you need to research the niche and write on the blog to publish. If you continue your writing, you must improve your writing skills gradually. 

Final thought

A blog means an article. As a writer, you have to have writing skills. If you have gone through the whole article, I hope you have enough ideas to improve your writing skills.
Therefore, now, I can say you to be an expert article writer. It would help if you read more and practice regularly on your blog to provide you huge revenue.