How to Get Your First YouTube Play Button: YouTube Creator Awards

No matter whether you are a gamer, a YouTube celebrity, or running a channel for your brand who doesn’t want to have their first play button. Achieving this play button on YouTube is considered your success on the platform.

Although they were not there from the start when YouTube was launched in 2012, the concept of the YouTube play button was introduced as a reward for the effort of YouTube creators. Since then YouTubers of every niche have been trying to accomplish this goal. If you are also struggling to get your first play button but don’t have any idea how to get it. Don’t worry we have provided all the base details in this guide and you’ll love to create a successful journey with our help.

But before we start our journey let’s understand the basic concept of the play button and how it helps gain a successful YouTube journey.

Concepts of YouTube Play Button

The YouTube Play Button is a prestigious award and recognition system presented by YouTube to content creators who achieve specific milestones in terms of subscribers and viewership on their channels. These awards come in the form of a physical plaque or trophy, shaped like a play button with the YouTube logo.

There are several different tiers of Play Buttons, each representing different subscriber milestones.

YouTube Creator Awards Program

The YouTube Creator Awards Program, also known as the YouTube Play Button Program, is a recognition and reward system established by YouTube to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of content creators on the platform. This program aims to honour creators for reaching specific milestones in terms of subscribers and viewership on their YouTube channels. The awards come in the form of physical plaques or trophies, commonly shaped like the YouTube play button icon, with different designs and materials based on the subscriber milestone achieved.

Types of YouTube Awards

Here are some of the key milestones and awards in the YouTube Creator Awards Program:

Silver Play Button: Awarded to channels that reach 100,000 subscribers. This plaque is made of silver-coloured metal.

Gold Play Button: Presented to channels with 1 million subscribers. It features a gold-coloured play button.

Diamond Play Button: Given to channels reaching 10 million subscribers, this award showcases a large, silver play button with a central diamond-like crystal.

Custom Creator Awards: Beyond 10 million subscribers, YouTube may work with creators to design custom play buttons tailored to their unique branding and style.

Ruby Play Button: Introduced for channels hitting 50 million subscribers, this award is shaped like a red play button.

The YouTube Red Diamond Play Button: Designed for channels reaching 100 million subscribers, this award features a red-coloured play button with a sizeable diamond-like crystal at the centre.

The YouTube Global Creator Award: For creators who achieve worldwide recognition and impact, YouTube has introduced a global award to recognize exceptional content creators irrespective of subscriber count.

These awards serve as a testament to the dedication, creativity, and influence of YouTube content creators and are a source of pride within the YouTube community.

Steps to Gain Silver Play Button

Earning a YouTube Play Button, whether it’s the Silver, Gold, Diamond, or Ruby Play Button, is a significant achievement for content creators. To reach the required subscriber milestones and qualify for these awards, follow these steps:

Win More Subscribers

No matter whether you already have a good running YouTube channel and also have a play button or even if it is just a start of your channel. Urge to gain YouTube subscribers more and remain the same. You have to find unique strategies and keep looking for different ways to create unique content for people. Although there are shortcut ways to achieve this goal you cannot rely on them for longer because it may end up running your overall image. Try to focus on building potential subscribers that stay loyal to you.

Regularly Upload Videos

You might have noticed that it’s the era of vlogging and most YouTubers are growing exponentially by posting vlogs. Whether you post vlogs or other types of content, make sure to stay consistent with your schedule. Because people want you to stay active otherwise you may end up losing the attention of your subscribers. While posting regularly will help you to have more subscribers as people don’t want to miss any!

Stay Focused on Your Niche

It’s a good technique to keep experimenting with the content but if a niche works well for you, it’s better to stick to it. You might have noticed that several famous YouTubers continue working on the same niche in which they get good views, likes, and shares. Because creating content different from your niche may result in penalising your content.

Invest in Good SEO to Gain More Views

By optimising your video’s title, description, tags, and thumbnail with strategic keywords and phrases, you increase the chances of your content appearing in relevant search results and recommendations. This enhanced discoverability attracts a larger audience, ultimately leading to more views as viewers find your content while searching for topics of interest.

Understand YouTube Algorithm to Gain More Reach

Most creators think of the YouTube algorithm as a mystery that seems difficult to solve. The only thing you need to consider as a priority is good quality content as it helps you gain more YouTube views and other engagement matrices. It’s in your hands how much you improve the quality of your content and you’ll see how much the YouTube algorithm will benefit you in growing your channel.

Stay Patient and Persistent

Building a successful YouTube channel takes time as it’s not an overnight process. Don’t get discouraged by slow growth or occasional setbacks. Stay persistent and continue learning from your experiences.

Final Words

Everyone has to go through a journey of growth whether it is famous YouTuber Mr Beast or even a small YouTuber. You have to face the struggles to build your channel from scratch. All you need to do is analyse the strategy of these famous YouTubers and don’t forget to implement SEO on your content and you’ll see how the YouTube algorithm gives a boost to your channel.

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