Speed & Security: 5 Awesome Benefits of Web Hosting for SEO

If you’ve ever experienced a subpar web hosting service, you will know all about its constant frustration. Endless downtime, random price gouging and shabby support are just three terrible experiences business owners have with shoddy service.

These are the most obvious downsides, but there is another problem that a poor service presents to your business: SEO. That’s right, a poor hosting service can have a frightfully adverse effect on your search engine ranking, dragging you down the ladder like a footy team that choked halfway through the season!

Conversely, top quality web hosting packages will do wonders for your ranking. So, you need them for your business.

Here is why:

1. Top speed

The best SEO agency in Melbourne will ensure your website runs at top speed. It’s 2024, and a website should only load a few seconds. Otherwise, you’re dealing with a service provider that shouldn’t be in the game.

Internet users don’t have the patience for a slow website, and they will happily leave yours if it takes too long to load – this will hurt your SEO ranking.

Conversely, a top-speed site will ensure that customers spend more time on your page, which will help you quickly climb the search engine results pages (SERPs)!

2. Absolute uptime

Downtime is an unfortunate Internet inevitability. But whilst some downtime can’t be avoided, your website has no reason to experience plenty of it. You should expect 99.9% uptime, and your service provider should be able to offer this with confidence.

There are two problems with excessive downtime:

  • Customers bouncing from your website like they would if it was slow and;
  • Search engine trawlers realise your site has excessive downtime.

Search engines will happily penalise your website for both problems, which is why you need the best service provider possible!

3. Safe & secure

Your website requires regular and highly efficient maintenance to ensure it is safe and secure from any nefarious characters. We Aussies know it more than anywhere else: cybercrime is seriously on the rise. Therefore, if a hacker were to gain access to your website and use it for evil, search engines would penalise your website for not properly protecting it.

The best service provider will provide highly effective maintenance to ensure your website is safe and secure. They know how to conduct routine maintenance without affecting your website’s performance and will do it in a way that ensures its security!

4. Back it up

It’s imperative to have automatic backups if your website is not at peak performance. The right service provider will ensure that you have automated backups available at all hours to protect your site’s content and that search engines won’t penalise you for any discrepancies!

5. Scaling up? No problem!

A top-quality website with excellent SEO and hosting services is bound to experience growth. You need a service provider to facilitate these exciting changes when this growth occurs. Scaling up your service package is imperative for your website’s ability to handle any sudden increase in visitors without experiencing any downtime.

So, your website must have first-class business hosting to ensure its speed and security. If not, your website is susceptible to many entirely avoidable problems if you choose a top-notch service provider!

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