What No One Tells You About Getting Viral on YouTube

Want to learn how to get views on YouTube?Even if you were consistent and had two or three videos go viral on the platform, the actual code to virality is hard to crack. In this blog, we have come up with six tips often not paid to by creators that restrict them from going viral with views and shares.

What does going Viral on YouTube mean?

Going viral on YouTube implies that millions of people viewed and shared your video online via mail or other social media platforms. Videos that go viral can turn people into celebrities overnight. Viral videos do not have a secret formula. They have one thing in common: they all are interesting and inspire people to view and share them. 

Viral videos on YouTube can be about anything. They can be funny videos, or they can be about real people sharing their real stories and life experiences. 

Below, we have curated a list of six factors you must consider for your videos to perform well on the platform of YouTube.

#1. Focus on THUMBNAILS:

Thumbnails for your YouTube videos are usually significant. Your video thumbnail is the first thing your audience or viewers discover and notice about you. You must have your thumbnails stand out for it to be clicked. Yes, people pay a lot of attention to the crucial content of their YouTube videos, but they often need to catch up on the most prominent aspects. Ensure that your thumbnails use four primary colors: blue, orange, green, and yellow.

These colors don’t blend in with the colors of the website, which are mainly red, black, and white. Such thumbnails grab more attention and hence are clicked more. Color often serves as one of your branding elements. 

#2. Pay attention to your video title CTR:

The title of your video can make your YouTube video viral. Studies have shown that the title of your video can make or break your channel’s performance. There are specific points that you take care of to make your video perform well and potentially go viral. First and foremost, you should end your title with brackets and parentheses. Secondly, you should include a number in your title—for example, the number of tips and tricks you will cover in your video. 

Lastly, the title of your video should be between 40 to 50 characters.

#3. Share videos on Quora, Reddit, and forums

Online communities such as Reddit, quora, and other forums are great places to promote your YouTube videos that will fetch them a lot of clicks and shares.

You must consider these online platforms to promote your YouTube videos because these communities have many questions, and you can use your video to answer those questions. Remember, the more valuable your video is, the more the chances of getting clicked and going viral.

# 4. Make your video description work for you:

Your video description tells the YouTube algorithm about the details that your YouTube video holds. There are certain factors to check in your video description to attract more clicks. 

First, write a killer introduction with your target keywords in 1-2 sentences. YouTube puts more weight on the video if the keywords are placed early in the description. The 150-word outline comes next.

At this point, you only have to describe what the viewer will learn from your video. Don’t be reluctant to get specific in this situation. Specifically, composing AT LEAST 150 words for your description is advisable. Additionally, include the keywords you want your video to appear for.YouTube will be able to comprehend your video’s content in its entirety.

Finally, you need more and more people to land on your website or other social media channels through your description links.

#5. Improve your channel session time

Audience retention is essential, and so is the watch time. But the one more important metric than these two metrics. 

Session time is the time someone spends on YouTube after watching your video. One of the goals of the YouTube search and discovery is to maximize long-term viewer engagement. One way to increase your channel’s session time is to promote your best videos on your channel page. This way, you show videos that will keep them watching and thus increase your channel’s session time.  

#6. Master your SEO fundamentals for YouTube:

You must get as knowledgeable about YouTube SEO as possible to increase the number of views on your videos.

You need specifically become an expert in SEO fundamentals like

  • Research on keywords for videos
  • Enhancing tags, descriptions, and titles,
  • Increasing Watch Time and Audience Retention with YouTube Engagement Signals


In 2023, too, there is no cheat code to get famous on YouTube. As a creator, you must be consistent with your content, adapt to the ever-changing trends, and build a connection with your audience. 

Understanding the algorithm of YouTube is also a must to make your videos work.

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