Top 10 Content Writing Topics For You

Blogging is a smart idea for boosting your online business. Using a blog if you desire to connect with your customers, content writing is the trendy way. For that, you need to select content writing topics based on your business.

With blogging, there are plenty of topics you can choose from them. Writing on practical issues will make sure your blog posts are successful.

It’s essential to come up with content ideas that are relevant and engaging. The best topics for blogs are ones that resonate with your audience. If you can think of some good content ideas for your blog, your readers will be more likely to read them and share them online. Here are some great content writing topics to help get the creative juices flowing:

Now, you can’t talk about any single trend or topic. However, you can pick a few things that people are talking about and write about them. Things like:

  • Twitter trends
  • Instagram trends
  • Facebook trends
  • YouTube trends

All these trends can be an excellent place to start because people get bored with everything, eventually. But once they’ve come to an addiction-induced conclusion, they look for more things to fill their time with. So if you’re able to write about a current trending topic, that could prove to be an extremely lucrative endeavor.

2. Case Studies

People love learning about other people’s experiences. So when you write about a person’s own experience and tell them you can help them if they have a similar situation, they will be thrilled to know they’re not alone. When I was looking for freelance writing opportunities, I was shocked at how many options were for writing case studies. So I did a lot of research, and I learned that so many people out there need help with their current problems or whatever problem they are having. Writing case studies can be one of the most lucrative freelance writing ideas for newbies.

3. Tutorials

Tutorials are the most accessible type of content to write. They’re also the most popular, so they offer an excellent opportunity to make a decent amount of money. A tutorial teaches readers how to use a product or process and do it quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Use this tutorial tool to find tutorials about your product, and write your tutorial! You can even create a text file to store your text and then post it to Make.com. Or, if you’re more advanced, you can create a visual presentation with a drawing and a photo to accompany the text.

4. Comparison

Even if you’re an expert in a particular area, there’s still an audience out there that’s hungry for information and someone who can tell them about it. For example, if there’s a restaurant in your area that you love and your friends want to try, it’s easy to write a guide on why they should do so.

5. Cannabis Blogs

In a recent podcast, I talked about why the cannabis blog is best, The Up Cannabis Report, because there were so few cannabis-related blogs out there. While there are now hundreds of cannabis-focused blogs, it’s still the Wild West compared to other niches.

6. Mythology

Many people want to learn more about ancient civilizations and the history of our planet. It can be fascinating to tell stories of these myths and history, whether ancient Greece or Egypt or even contemporary civilizations like ancient China or medieval Europe.

7. Funny Stories

Stories are a universal language, and there are many situations where they’re often necessary to be told. From dating experiences to tales of common problems to the humorous side of things, some jokes are easy to tell and not just plain awkward to listen to.

8. Fun Facts

People love being told exciting and fun things, especially if they’re exciting things you learned independently.

9. Occasions and Festivals

People love to be reminded about special occasions like Christmas or the Chinese New Year. They love to be told stories about their ancestors. They love to hear stories about their pets and how they celebrated their birthdays. And we all love to have fun!

There’s a good chance you can share your personal experiences or remember a special occasion that has become a staple in your life. You can also share the recipe or anecdote that goes with the dish or item so that the reader can recreate the same word or story at home.

10. Life Hacks

Life hacks are always popular. The idea is to create simple steps that have great applications in your life. In fact, “life hacks” have evolved to include just about anything. Some great life hacks can help you get a great night’s sleep, reduce stress, make money on the side, and get out of debt. They can even be unique in how they solve your problem or reduce your stress.

11. Weight Loss

People are interested in dieting. And for dieting, there’s no topic that people are more passionate about than weight loss. Of course, everyone wants to lose weight, but not everyone can stick to a diet. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to lose weight! All you have to do is follow a diet and lose weight.

Most people aren’t able to lose weight because of one of two reasons. Either it emotionally attaches them to food and is afraid of throwing the whole weight-loss plan out of the window if they make a terrible choice, or they have some bad habits that they need to address and change to lose weight. But even though weight loss is easy, it’s hard to stick to it and maintain the diet for the long term.

Weight loss is one of the viral content writing topics now. If you start your blog, I hope you will be better soon in the industry.

12. Blogging Tips

Why write a blog? For starters, it’s a great way to make money blogging. If you have an exciting idea or topic, you can write an article on that topic and see how people respond. If people are interested, they’ll click on your blog, which is where your money comes from. Blogging topics vary from day to day, depending on what’s hot and what’s not. But the more you write about specific issues, the more people are likely to want to learn more about them.


The internet can be a very lucrative place for content creators. With the right strategies, you can make a great living as a writer. But the key is to find the right content writing topics and the right niche for you. I hope you found this post helpful! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see more of on The Art of Content. And remember, if you want to build a long-lasting career as a content creator, you need to learn content writing tips, techniques, and tricks. That’s what it takes to be successful.

After picking a topic to start your blog, you have to write an SEO-friendly article that boosts the content to the top of the search engines. If you don’t have article-writing skills, you need to improve your article writing skills. Then you can start your blogging and boost your business.

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