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Self-Storage Company

Self-storage is an excellent solution if you need to keep belongings while moving or declutter your home to create more space. Storing your stuff away from home might simplify your life, but you’ll want to find a dependable self-storage facility. Here are six things to look out for in self-storage companies:


Security and protection of your belongings should come first when selecting a self-storage facility. The storage company you choose should have the fundamentals to secure your things. Look out for the following safety elements:

  • 24-hour cameras
  • Restricted access
  • Security guards 
  • Alarm systems

Remember to inquire about the facility’s fire safety and insurance coverage for all-around protection.


Look at the facility’s cleanliness and maintenance level to determine how much the company does to keep your belongings in good condition. Check the storage unit for structural damage, holes, and leaks. You also want to look into pest control, as mice and other pests can damage items. Once you do choose a storage company, make sure not to store food or anything that can pull in pests.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is necessary to maintain the condition of your stored goods. Look for self-storage chambers that are cool and dry to prevent mold damage. Go for self storage companies with heating and air conditioning systems to maintain favorable seasonal temperatures.  


You need to have easy access to your belongings whenever you need them. Consider the distance from home to the facility, transport, operation hours, and frequency of access to determine if a facility suits you. If you require regular access to your unit, go for a business open around the clock with convenient access to public transport. 

Digital access controls can also make a facility more accessible because you won’t have to deal with lost or forgotten keys. Either use your fingerprint or face recognition to access your storage cubicle. Digital controls also enhance security by keeping unauthorized people out of your storage space.

Storage Size and Period

Look for the right size of storage space for your belongings. Calculate the area you need to avoid paying money for space you don’t need. Once you know the space you want, determine how long you want to store your things. Many storage facilities offer short-term rentals, which are renewable after the period expires. This option is ideal if you are storing your items temporarily while moving


The cost of the storage unit should be affordable and reasonable. Watch out for companies that price their units too low so they’re not compromising the security and cleanliness of their facility. Start by comparing prices against the services of at least three companies to get the best value.

Look out for exclusive discounts and deals, especially if you want to store your belongings for an extended period. These offers can help you cut storage costs while enjoying excellent services. Also, ask about ongoing promotions at your local self-storage facilities. 

Customer Support

You may have many questions since you are keeping your treasured belongings away from your home. Find a storage location with a customer service team to help you throughout the storage process. You’ll notice poor customer service right from the first day of interaction with the business; avoid such companies.

Self Storage Companies Near You

You will find many options when you search ‘self-storage facilities near me.’ Start by identifying your needs regarding space, accessibility, and budget to narrow down your choices. The facility you choose should provide all-around protection for your goods during the entire period. Ask as many questions as you want to get all the necessary details.

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