Article writing is a trend to make money online. If you desire to return regular cash by writing from home, article writing may be the best choice for you.

If you desire to make yourself a content writer, you are on the right track. Think positive and be positive about your destination. In this article, you have the complete idea to boost your writing skills.

First, make a list after gathering information about the topic that you desire to write about.

  • What is the topic?
  • Type of the topic 
  • Segments of the topic
  • About the segments
  • How does the topic work?
  • Importance of the topic or how does it help you?

The list must be based on the topic that you desire to continue with your artistic ideas about the topic on your blog.

A list with the content ideas

If you write on digital marketing, the list will be- 

  • What is digital marketing? 
    • The types of digital marketing
    • About all the types of digital marketing 
    • How does it work for your business?
    • And final thought 

Otherwise, if it is a review type, the list will be-

  1. What is the topic?
    • Example- What is online demand? Ans- Online Demand is blog where you have all business ideas basd on your requirement.
  2. For whom the topic?
    • Ex- Who should connect to Online Demand? Ans- Simple, as online demand is a place to share business tips and tricks, then all of the nebiews who are desire to lead an online business should connect to the bolg.
  3. Quality of the topic/ product/ website/ business
    • Ex- How authentic is the information about business on the blog? Ans- If you are a new one in the industry, the blog site is the best for you. Because, in blog, you have all of the ideas to lead your business to the next level online. I am parsonally a fan of the blog. Bh Rubel is an expert on Online marketing. He always shares his expierences on business. That is why I recommend the website to connect.
  4. The founder/ producer/company 
    • Who is the founder of the blog? Ans- The founder of the blog is Bh Rubel. He first started his journy with the blog 4 November, 2020 with 5 employees. Now it has 1000 emplyees. Otherwise, he is the contributor of the blog. He always tries to assist the newbiews who desire to set out an online business. For that, reason he writes on the blog with his expertise.
  5. Services/ 
    • What services do they provide? Ans- Online Demand is a blog site. But the perpose of the blog is to sell their services.
      • The services are what they provide-
        1. SEO Services
        2. Article Writing Services
        3. Video Creation
        4. Business promotion
        5. Social media manegment
        6. And more
  6. Quality of the service/ products
    • If you think about the services quality of the company, you can keep your eyes on the list-
      1. Online Demand
      2. Bh Blogger
      3. OD News
      4. OD Reports
      5. OD Reviews
    • All of the sites’ content creator is the institution. First, judge the content queality of the sites. Then check the ranking of the contents on the search engines.
    • After all you have the positive result about the company. On the other hand, you will be clear if you read the reviews on the business that you have by diving into the link. Besides, I have added some screenshot of some positive thinking of the clients about their services.
  7. Why should you connect/ buy the services or products?
    • There are so many reason to connect to the business. First, reason is their content quality. They always try to provide 100% unique and written without using any tools. But they use paid Grammerly, and readable tools. That means their content is readable and grammerly error free. Second reason is to try keep themselve honest and pantual. That means you have the work in due time and right work. Third and final reason, they are always ready to support you and they never become irrritated.
  8.  Final thought

Content writing tips and tricks using another’s article

After making a list, you need to search information on the search bar one by one. Then copy one among two more info based on your desire. Paste the copy on google translator, then edit the document following the ideas-

  • Divide the sentence into simple sentences if the sentence is complex or compound. Otherwise, try to change sentence format according to the sentence’s inner meaning if possible. 
    • Ex- Who should connect to Online Demand? Ans- Simple, as online demand is a place to share business tips and tricks, then all of the nebiews who are desire to lead an online business should connect to the bolg. (Previous ans)
    • Very easy, as online demand is a place to share business tips and tricks. So the nebiews should connect to the blog. If they desire to lead an online business.
  • Most of the time, the article writers compose the sentences short and single using a word that means two more ideas. For all the information, create a separate sentence, though it loses its readability. 
    • They can solve all of the issues of their website using thier creative genius. (Copied)
    • They are creative to solve their issues if they face on their website.
    • They use their talent to solve their problem on their website.
  • In the same way, if you have two more pieces of information noted using two more sentences, you may convert them into one sentence using one word. 
  • The last and final thought is to make the sentence unique, you must change the words using synonyms.