5 Steps of Estimation for Electrical Constructors

An electrical contractor plays an important part in any construction project. Whenever someone builds a new home, office, or any industrial building he needs an electrical system there followed by an electrical contractor. Here you should first understand the term electrical contractor completely. Whenever we talk about electrical contractors many people misunderstand it with the term electrician. An electrician is an employee who performs tasks assigned by an electrical contractor. They have been given proper training to complete the electrical tasks. Now moving on to electrical contractors they can be either an individual or a company that employs electricians. Both are dealing with electrical work but in different ways. An electrical contractor is responsible for:

  • Installing, maintaining and troubleshooting
  • Insight of project management like planning and resource allocation
  • Managing client’s relationship

An electrical contractor is engaged in two kinds of activities depending on the nature and time of the proposed project. If he is hired to set up an electrical system for a brand-new office, home, or building, he will install the ideal system depending on the needs of a client. In other cases, if the client needs changes in a previously installed system, then the electrical contractor will upgrade it accordingly.

Apart from completing the actual work, the electrical contractor must keep the period in mind assigned by the client to make sure that the work is done within a specified time. For this purpose, he must use some sort of sub-constructor software to keep track of electricians. This will also help electrical constructors to identify the work efficiency and sincerity of electricians. Estimators use previous or current project reports to analyze their estimation strategies best. They keep in mind all major cost areas for their project management. Without following the proper steps of project estimation, electrical contractors would not be able to get the project they bid. If they win the project, they cannot fulfill it on time

Steps of Estimation

Before starting any kind of project, you must know the key points of it so that you can estimate the right strategy to accomplish your goal within time and with a prescribed budget. For this purpose, an electrical estimating constructor performs a 5-step estimation.

Review overhead

The most important part of estimation is project documentation. In some cases, the clients are not so aware of writing blueprints and project documents due to a lack of experience. So, the analyzer needs to be in touch with the client to get complete project information. The team connects with the client to get the proper values by using their estimated values. They finalize the project at this stage very carefully as all further processing depends on this project plan and no further changes can be made after this step.

Quantify equipment

When the documentation is done the electrical contractor goes for a market survey. They list all the items needed in the installation of the electrical system. They try to find out the best price and quality to fulfill the client’s needs within budget. After evaluation of the blueprints and drawings, they calculate the length and type of wires required in the project. After that, they hand over a complete report to the client so that he doesn’t need to do any survey on his own. This saves a lot of client’s time.

Calculate Labor cost

Labor cost is the most budget-consuming aspect. After evaluating the cost of material, you must know the complexity of the project to calculate the overall labor cost. Firstly, they divide the work on days according to the workload. This is how it becomes easy to divide wages per day. This step is very important to avoid any kind of budget disturbance. SMA provides the best electrical estimating services in the USA.

Diverse cost

One of the major costs is diverse costs. This includes travel costs (i.e., fuel costs) professional and legal fees. Estimators keep track of the cost of all domains and use software to find out the estimated cost.

Final estimate

After evaluation of all areas of cost consumption (major and minor), the estimator generates a comprehensive report. This report shows the budget’s flow. It covers all the aspects of labor, equipment, machine, and energy costs. This can be easily done by using software. This helps the project manager complete the project efficiently and satisfies the client.

Tips and tricks for Accurate Estimation

  • Use estimation software
  • Collaboration with your team
  • Use mobile time-tracking software
  • Review


Estimation is a very crucial part of a leading electrical contractor. The accuracy of these estimations makes a company the best estimating company. Always take expert’s help to provide the best electrical estimating services. This allows you to spare all your available resources. You can easily utilize your resources in other parts of the project.

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