Women in the world of online gambling

It is not a secret that the online gambling industry is on the top nowadays. Casinos are becoming more exciting and responsible, so over the past 10 years, men and women have become interested in it. Women are increasingly attracted to casinos with a wide variety of games as an online casino Mirax where they can relax and relieve their tension. Nowadays, virtual gambling is a favorite pastime for thousands of women around the world.

Increasing the participation of women in the electronic gaming industry

Undoubtedly, the increase in the number of female players in online casinos has also been strongly influenced by technological progress. The online industry is now easily accessible to anyone. But all we can still remember is that previously, women could not dare to go to a land-based casino so easily.

So it cannot be denied that smartphones have contributed to the significant growth of the casino increased popularity, especially in the last decade, when smartphones offer such a vibrant gaming experience.

As we all know, software developers have taken full advantage of the digital solutions offered by phones by creating casinos adapted to a small touchscreen, so the player no longer has to travel and spend extra time and money to bet for real money.

And this breakthrough significantly impacted the market, creating a more diverse group of customers, including women, of course.

Habits and favorite games of women in casinos

For many years, gambling has been associated with the male figure, but we are happy to admit that this paradigm is changing now. Some statistical studies show that women are actively involved in online gaming. Recent statistical studies show that two out of every ten players are women. Furthermore, most studies confirm that at least 30% of women participate in games.

What about their preferences? Long ago, women mostly played bingo and poker; today, they prefer to play slot machines and other board games. They are also less interested in sports betting, which is pretty understandable. In addition, there is a slight difference between men and women. Women tend to deposit smaller amounts of money into casinos, while men are the opposite.

Women are also much more loyal because they spend more time checking for additional information. They are also more likely to use the phone to play at the casino than men. Also, thanks to another recent study conducted by the United Kingdom Commission,we know that there is an increase in the number of women on online casino sites of 2% compared to the previous year.

Why is the number of women playing online increasing?

One of the most important factors that may have influenced the growth in the number of female players in the gaming industry is social media. Since casino advertising strategies have changed a lot women have more opportunities to face online casino advertising while scrolling.

Current trends in the field of gambling are aimed to demonstrate that gambling is for everyone. You can also notice that gaming and sports betting sites have a more neutral design nowadays to attract women. In fact, many digital developers have created themed slot machines aimed at women as well.

However, casino companies usually prefer to maintain a gender-neutral image.  Women in the industry have also contributed to changes in game development. You can see that playing the live casino where there is a pure balance between dealers and players, with men and women equally present.

Women in the iGaming sector

Women not only participate as clients in the online gambling sector but also play an active role in it. This is a genuinely young and developing sector in which women are represented at all levels of government. There are many very successful female casino executives and founders in the industry. For example, over 40% of the sector’s employees are women.¬†

Nevertheless, most men play online in casinos. But there are still a lot of women joining every day, and their amount among online casino clients is only growing thanks to modern online casino sites, which do everything to please this half of humanity as well.

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