Why MT Custom Concrete Offers the Best Concrete Sealing Solutions

Are you tired of dealing with cracked or discolored concrete surfaces? Look no further! We are here to introduce you to the ultimate solution for all your concrete sealing needs. Say goodbye to unsightly blemishes and hello to a durable, long-lasting finish that will enhance the beauty and functionality of any space. In this blog post, we will explore why MT Custom Concrete is the leading provider of top-notch concrete sealing solutions. Get ready to discover the secret behind our unmatched expertise and innovative techniques that have made us stand out in the industry. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your concrete – let us show you why we offer the best sealing options available today!

Introduction to MT Custom Concrete and their services

MT Custom Concrete is a leading company in the concrete industry, known for its high-quality sealing solutions. With years of experience and expertise, they have established a reputation for providing the best concrete sealing services in the market. They take pride in their commitment to delivering exceptional results, using top-of-the-line products and techniques.

The team at MT Custom Concrete consists of skilled professionals who are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. They understand that every project is unique and requires personalized attention. Therefore, they work closely with their clients to identify their specific needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their expectations.

Services offered by MT Custom Concrete

MT Custom Concrete offers a wide range of services related to concrete sealing. These include:

1. Sealing: This is the primary service provided by MT Custom Concrete. Their team uses advanced sealants that penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, forming a protective barrier against water, chemicals, stains, and other harmful elements.

2. Cleaning: Before applying any sealant, it is essential to clean the concrete surface thoroughly. The experts at MT Custom Concrete use specialized equipment and techniques to remove dirt, oil stains, grease, mold, mildew, etc., ensuring an even application of the sealant.

3. Repairing: In addition to sealing and cleaning services, MT Custom Concrete also provides repair solutions for damaged or cracked concrete surfaces. Their team has extensive knowledge of various repair techniques such as crack filling and patching to restore the integrity of your

Importance of concrete sealing

Concrete is a versatile and durable building material that is used in a variety of construction projects. Its strength and durability make it a popular choice for sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces. However, to ensure the longevity and functionality of concrete structures, proper maintenance is essential. One crucial aspect of maintaining concrete surfaces is sealing.

Concrete sealing involves applying a protective coating over the surface of the concrete. This coating acts as a barrier against water, chemicals, UV rays, and other damaging elements that can cause cracks, stains, or discoloration on the surface. There are various types of sealers available in the market such as acrylic sealers, epoxy sealers, penetrating sealers, etc., each with its unique properties and uses.

The importance of concrete sealing cannot be overstated as it offers numerous benefits for both residential and commercial properties. Some of these benefits include:

1. Protection from Water Damage: Concrete is naturally porous which means it easily absorbs water if left unsealed. When water seeps into concrete surfaces during rain or snowfall, it can cause damage to the structure by creating cracks or weakening its foundation. Sealing helps to prevent this by creating a waterproof barrier on the surface.

2. Longevity: Sealing your concrete surfaces can significantly extend their lifespan by protecting them from wear and tear caused by daily use and exposure to harsh weather conditions. The sealer acts as an extra layer of protection against abrasions and chemical spills that could otherwise cause damage to the concrete

Common problems with concrete and how sealing can help

Concrete is a widely used material in construction due to its durability and strength. However, it is not immune to certain problems that can occur over time. These issues can range from minor aesthetic concerns to serious structural damage. Fortunately, these common problems with concrete can be effectively addressed through the process of sealing.

1. Cracking

One of the most common problems with concrete is cracking. This can happen due to various factors such as shrinkage during curing, settling of the soil underneath, or heavy loads placed on the surface. Over time, cracks can widen and become more noticeable, compromising the integrity of the structure. Sealing helps prevent water from seeping into these cracks and causing further damage.

2. Spalling

Spalling refers to when small pieces of concrete start breaking off from the surface, giving it a rough and uneven appearance. This problem is often caused by exposure to extreme weather conditions or chemicals such as de-icing salts used on roads and driveways. Sealing creates a protective barrier that prevents moisture and harmful substances from penetrating the concrete surface and causing spalling.

3. Stains 

Concrete surfaces are susceptible to staining from spills or leaks of oil, grease, or other substances that can leave unsightly marks on the surface. These stains can be difficult to remove once they have set in, making them a persistent problem for many property owners. Sealing provides a non-porous layer on top of the concrete that makes it easier to clean up spills before they penetrate deep into the material

Benefits of choosing MT Custom Concrete for concrete sealing

MT Custom Concrete is a trusted name in the industry when it comes to providing high-quality concrete sealing solutions. With over 20 years of experience, our team has honed their skills and expertise to provide efficient and effective services to our clients. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when choosing MT Custom Concrete for your concrete sealing needs:

1. Durable and Long-Lasting Results: One of the main advantages of choosing MT Custom Concrete for your concrete sealing needs is that we use premium quality sealers that are designed to provide long-lasting protection for your concrete surfaces. Our sealers penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete, creating a strong barrier against water, chemicals, and other damaging elements. This not only enhances the durability of your concrete but also helps to maintain its visual appeal for years to come.

2. Enhanced Visual Appeal: A properly sealed concrete surface looks more aesthetically pleasing compared to an unsealed one. At MT Custom Concrete, we understand the importance of maintaining the appearance of your property, which is why we offer a range of sealer options that can enhance the color and shine of your concrete surfaces. Whether it’s a driveway, patio, or any other outdoor space, our sealers will give your concrete a polished finish that will make it stand out.

3. Protection Against Harsh Weather Conditions: The weather can have a significant impact on the condition of your concrete surfaces over time. With our professional sealing services at MT Custom Concrete, you can protect your investment

Types of concrete sealing offered by MT Custom Concrete

MT Custom Concrete offers a wide range of high-quality concrete sealing solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our team of experienced professionals is trained and equipped to handle all types of concrete surfaces, from residential driveways to commercial parking lots. We understand that each project is unique and requires a specific type of sealing method to achieve optimal results. That’s why we offer various types of concrete sealing options, ensuring that we have the right solution for every surface.

1. Penetrating Sealers:

Penetrating sealers are designed to penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete surface, creating a chemical barrier that protects against water and other contaminants. These sealers do not change the appearance or texture of the concrete, making them an ideal choice for preserving natural stone or decorative concrete surfaces. They are also effective in preventing efflorescence, which is a white powdery substance that appears on top of unsealed concrete.

2. Acrylic Sealers:

Acrylic sealers are one of the most popular options for both residential and commercial applications due to their versatility and affordability. These sealers form a protective film on top of the concrete surface, providing excellent resistance against water, oil stains, UV rays, and abrasion. They come in different finishes such as glossy or matte, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your needs.

3. Polyurethane Sealers:

For high-traffic areas such as driveways or industrial floors, polyurethane sealers are an excellent option

Case studies or testimonials of satisfied customers

Concrete sealing is an essential part of maintaining the durability and longevity of any concrete surface. However, not all concrete sealing solutions are created equal. At MT Custom Concrete, we take pride in offering the best concrete sealing solutions that not only protect your surfaces but also enhance their appearance. But don’t just take our word for it – here are some case studies and testimonials from our satisfied customers to show you why MT Custom Concrete truly offers the best concrete sealing solutions.

Case Study #1: Residential Driveway Sealing

Mrs. Smith had been struggling with a stained and dull-looking driveway for years. She had tried various DIY concrete sealers but was disappointed with the results. After hearing about MT Custom Concrete from a friend, she decided to give us a call. Our team conducted a thorough assessment of her driveway and recommended our high-quality penetrating sealer, which would provide long-lasting protection against water damage, UV rays, and oil stains.

After applying the sealer, Mrs. Smith was amazed at how vibrant her driveway looked – it was almost like new! Not only did the sealer bring back its original color, but it also made cleaning spills much easier. Mrs.Smith was extremely satisfied with our services and highly recommends MT Custom Concrete to anyone looking for quality concrete sealing solutions.

Testimonial #1: “I never thought my old driveway could look this good again! The team at MT Custom Concrete did an excellent job sealing it – now I don’t have to worry about staining or fading anymore

Tips for maintaining sealed concrete surfaces

Maintaining sealed concrete surfaces is essential for prolonging the life and aesthetic appeal of your concrete. Sealed concrete not only enhances the overall look of your space but also provides protection against stains, spills, and other damages. To ensure that your sealed concrete stays in top condition, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Regular Cleaning: The first step in maintaining sealed concrete surfaces is regular cleaning. This includes sweeping or vacuuming away any dirt or debris on a daily basis. For tougher stains or spills, use a mild cleaner and water solution to gently scrub the surface.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When cleaning sealed concrete surfaces, it’s important to steer clear of harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia-based cleaners. These can strip away the sealant and damage the surface of your concrete.

3. Promptly Clean Spills: Accidents happen, and if you do experience a spill on your sealed concrete surface, it’s crucial to clean it up immediately. This will prevent any potential staining from occurring and maintain the integrity of the sealer.

4. Use Mats and Rugs: Placing mats or rugs at entryways can help trap dirt and debris before it reaches your sealed concrete floors, reducing the amount of maintenance required.

5. Avoid Heavy Traffic: While sealed concrete is durable, heavy foot traffic can wear down the sealer over time, especially in high-traffic areas like hallways or entryways. Consider using area rugs or runners to reduce direct contact with


MT Custom Concrete has been a trusted name in the concrete industry for years, and for good reason. When it comes to concrete sealer services, they are at the top of their game and have established themselves as the go-to choice for all your concrete sealing needs.

Firstly, MT Custom Concrete prides itself on its highly skilled team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of concrete sealing. They are constantly keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that their services are always up-to-date and effective. This allows them to provide superior quality workmanship that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Moreover, we uses only the highest quality materials for their sealing solutions. They understand that proper materials play a crucial role in achieving long-lasting results. That’s why they carefully select products from reputable manufacturers that have proven track records in durability and effectiveness. This attention to detail ensures that your sealed concrete surfaces will not only look great but also withstand wear and tear over time.

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of choosing their personalized approach to each project. They understand that every client’s needs are unique, which is why they take the time to understand your specific requirements before recommending any solution or service. This level of customization allows them to tailor their services according to your budget, timeline, and desired outcome.

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