What Is MyAsianTV? How To Watch Asian Dramas on it?

Welcome to My Asian TV, your comprehensive guide to discovering and exploring the many wonders of Asian entertainment! There’s something for everyone here, from traditional Korean dramas to the latest Japanese anime releases.

For those new to this genre, we have guides on trending series and sources of legal streaming options. Plus, you will get tips from experts on how best to get in tune with Asia’s dynamic television culture so you can appreciate all it has to offer!

Introducing MyAsianTV

At MyAsianTV, we strive to provide our viewers with the best and most diverse selection of Asian entertainment.

We understand that each Asian country has its unique cultural identity, and we want to showcase that through our platform. Whether you’re a fan of Korean dramas or Japanese variety shows, we have something for you.

Our team constantly updates our library with new and popular titles, so you’ll never run out of options. And with our easy-to-use platform, you can access your favorite shows anytime and anywhere.

But My Asian TV is more than just a streaming platform – it’s a community. We have a vibrant forum where fans can connect and discuss their favorite shows, share recommendations, and even learn about the latest news and updates from the Asian entertainment world.

Join us at My Asian TV and embark on a journey through the diverse and captivating world of Asian entertainment. Start streaming now, and get ready to be hooked! 

So why wait? Tune in today and begin your adventure with My Asian TV!  Let us bring you closer to the vibrant cultures and stories of Asia.  Remember, at Dramacool, there’s always something new and exciting waiting for you.

Exploring international content from India, China, Japan, South Korea and more:

My Asian TV is not limited to popular Korean dramas or Japanese anime—we also offer a wide range of content from other Asian countries such as India, China, and South Korea.

Our goal is to showcase Asia’s diverse and rich cultures through our curated selection of shows.

For those looking to expand their knowledge of Asian entertainment, we have a dedicated section for international content.

This includes dramas, movies, and variety shows from Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. We believe every Asian country has unique stories to tell, and we want to give them a platform to be heard.

A wide range of genres is available on My Asian TV

At My Asian TV, we understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to entertainment.

That’s why we offer various genres to cater to every taste. From heart-warming romantic comedies to intense action thrillers, we have it all.

Our library includes popular and trending shows and hidden gems you may not find on other streaming platforms.

We want to provide our viewers with a diverse and well-rounded selection of content that reflects the multifaceted nature of Asian entertainment.

Plus, our easy-to-navigate platform makes it easier for you to find shows based on your preferred genre, making it easier to discover new favorites.

Stay updated with the latest releases and news

At My Asian TV, we understand that keeping up with the latest releases and news in the fast-paced world of Asian entertainment can be difficult.

That’s why we have a dedicated section for all the latest updates, trailers, and teasers. You’ll never miss out on new content again!

We also have a team of experts who curate lists of trending shows and recommend must-watch titles from different countries.

And with our community forum, you can stay updated on the latest discussions and buzz surrounding your favorite shows.

Easy access to subtitles and audio dubs for international films and series

We want to make Asian entertainment accessible to everyone, regardless of language barriers. That’s why we offer multiple subtitles and audio dubs options for our international content.

Our platform allows you to easily switch between different languages to enjoy your favorite shows in your preferred language.

And with our accurate and high-quality translations, you’ll never miss out on any important dialogue or plot points.

Watch offline any time with our convenient download feature

Life can get busy, and we know that sometimes you may not have access to an internet connection. That’s why KissAsian offers a convenient download feature, allowing you to watch your favorite shows offline anytime, anywhere.

You can download episodes or movies by selecting them and saving them to your device. This way, you can still enjoy your favorite Asian content even on the go.

Enjoy peace of mind with our parental control settings

At My Asian TV, we understand the importance of providing our viewers with a safe and family-friendly environment.

That’s why we have parental control settings that allow parents to restrict access to certain shows or content based on their child’s age.

Our goal is to provide a worry-free streaming experience for families so everyone can enjoy their favorite shows without concerns.


Asian TV has something to offer for every taste and interest. With advanced streaming technology, My Asian TV is unlocking the mind-blowing world of Asian entertainment to explore.

Don’t hesitate. Take a journey through the captivating continent with a free trial on MyAsianTV today. Whether you’re trying to experience a different culture or practice new languages, watch your favorite dramas without ads.

Find music and shows unavailable elsewhere. This is a fantastic opportunity to dive beneath the surface level of content.

From South Korea to Malaysia and everywhere in between, let MyAsianTV transport you into an unparalleled adventure with amazing television across Asia.

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