What is Motion Graphics And What Are Its Types?

This is the era of digitization and every information is at our fingertips. The content creation is at its peak right now and its production, publication, and broadcasting flow is vivid on televisions, mobile devices, the internet, or any other possible medium. That is why it is a golden opportunity for brands to market themselves, build their brand presence, and grab the audience’s attention. But is it way too easy? For sure, it is not. However, there is a way, i.e. motion graphics. It is a dynamic style of animation that provides businesses with opportunities to capitalize on and foster deeper connections with their target audience.

Motion graphics are an effective tool when it comes to enhancing audience engagement as the human attention span is decreasing day by day. Not only it attract your audience but also drives lots of audience interaction with brands and businesses.

Although every business can not hire an in-house graphic designer for their animated motion graphic video, a professional motion graphics agency can help them out well with all their marketing needs.

Before we dive deeper into motion graphics, we will discuss what motion graphics are and what their types are.

Let’s start:

What Is Motion Graphics?

Simply, Motion Graphics are graphics in motion. The graphical content may be a chart, an icon, objects, characters, typography,  illustrations, colour blocks, etc.

These graphical representations of objects are put into motion to create an illusion of a movement that is combined with different visuals and audio effects. The outcome is utterly engaging and delightful.

In all manners, Motion Graphics are interesting when it comes to communicating with your audience. Motion graphics play an integral role in explainer videos to help explain crucial points, add more depth to the content of the video, and engage viewers.

However, they are indeed one of the most challenging types of animation. You must have seen various challenging stop motion ideas but they have natural references. But when it comes to motion graphics, there is a lack of a natural reference to composition and the grid.

Types of Motion Graphics Animations

The term Motion Graphics has a universe in itself. It comprises different styles and types that are used to create videos on different subjects, particularly explainer videos.

Motion graphics animation helps businesses and brands break down complex concepts into digestible information related to their products and services that the audience can understand easily.

Doing this helps them in effective brand awareness, communicate with the target audience, \nd generate leads, which eventually increases their revenues

Let’s go through the common types of motion graphics now:

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is a well-known and most commonly used type of animation technique in animation video production.

It is the best method to add some catchy glare to your promo video, brand intro videos, or corporate videos as well.

It is actually the integration of movement in text-based content. The text is included in the videos to highlight important information, convey a crucial idea or express a certain emotion.

Animated Logos

Animated logos are best when it comes to adding a touch of creativity to your brand recognition tasks. It works by representing your brand’s logo in video in motion. To refresh your memories, a logo is a graphical symbol or mark or you can say an emblem that is used as the brand’s representation. It helps the audience recognize the brand and is mostly used for maintaining the individual identity of the brand.

There are thousands of brands in the world that have an online presence. And to stand out among other brands, one has to get creative to represent himself distinctively.

That is where animated motion graphics logos help brands maintain their originality and individuality like a pros.

Animated Graphic Loops

These animations use a set of shapes or vectors in continuous loop motion driving focus to the video’s message.

Animated Graphics Loops are motion graphic templates with abstract shapes that move seamlessly in a loop gaining users’ attention yet letting them focus on various elements of the picture.

The movements created by motion graphics allow brands to communicate their core message with ease and easily hook the attention of their viewers till the end of the video.

Animated Explainer Videos

We all know how popular animated explainer videos have become. There are many types of explainer videos and 2D Animated Explainer Videos are the most popular of them all.

It is an engaging medium to share the elaborative and long story with the audience in an interesting way

While narrating long stories through videos, it becomes extremely difficult to eliminate the aspect of being fluffy and engage the audience simultaneously.

That is where motion graphics help in the form of graphical representation of charts, Infographics, illustrations, and brochures. You can share your content with the audience in a most interesting way using motion graphics elements while using audio and visuals in an extremely engaging form

The use of audio/visual elements in explainer videos that are supported by motion graphics makes your message to the point, clear, super effective and engaging as well.

UI/UX Animations

UI/UX animation is also a type of motion graphics which is used to guide the audience on how a website, software, or mobile app works. By the use of techniques of Motion Graphics Animation, UI/UX Animated video is created which acts like a walkthrough of your digital product mentioned above.

Mostly these animations are used in customer onboarding for SaaS products, employee onboarding, or while introducing your website to new users along with your product in action.

In The End

Well we have discussed about the motion graphics in this blog along with its types briefly for your understanding. There are lots of types of motion graphics, but we have discussed the few that are being used most commonly. We hope that this blog will help you clear your concepts and let you intrigue a bit about animations and graphics.

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