What is Coil Processing: How many types of coils are there?

Coil processing is an innovative approach to transform metal coils. Coil processing machines allow you to shape and bend metal coils into your desired shape. Due to the advancements in these machines and the way they operate, they can reduce coil processing time by a significant amount. This was impossible to achieve with manual coil processing machines previously. In this article, we will discuss the definition of coil processing and the various machines that are available at Metalforming, LLC to suit your needs. 

What is coil processing?

Before metal sheets can be used to create an end-product, they need to be unwound as they come in the form of coils. Once they have been flattened out, they can be bent, slitted and reshaped into the desired formation which is required. Sheet metal coils are unwound using specialized equipment so that the sheet metals are uniform in thickness and in size. 

Several terms come under the umbrella of coil processing. Some of these include:

  • Slitting 
  • Cut to length
  • Stretching 
  • Folding or bending 
  • Leveling 
  • Coating 

What is Coil Stretching?

Coil stretching also falls under coil processing. Steel coils can occupy a lot of space, which is they are transformed into coils and decompressed using a lot of pressure. To straighten steel coils so that they can be used again, stretching equipment is used. This basically stretches the coil of metal back into its original shape and thickness. 

How are steel coils made?

Steel coils are created using long strips of metal. The most common metal coils are steel coils. This strip of metal is loaded onto rollers. Gradually the thickness of the sheet of metal is reduced. Once this has been achieved, the sheet can be processed further by rolling it into the shape of a coil. This optimizes storage and makes it easier to transport the metals from one site to another. 

The role of Slitting Machines in Coil Processing 

Using a slitting machine that is specifically designed for metal coils, you can easily cut larger metal coils into smaller strips according to your needs. Basically, you feed a large metal coil into the system. The sharp blades then cut these metal coils into the required size of strip. These strips can be converted again into coils so that they are easier to transport and occupy less space. 

What is Coil Shape Standardization?

It is important to understand that in order to achieve uniform end-products, the shape and the width of metal coils must be consistent. This is crucial in all sectors, especially those that involve advanced manufacturing. 

The role of coil shape standardization is to ensure that your meta coils do not have any deformities. They are not to bend irregularly or have waves in them. This can prevent you from producing goods that have defects, which affects the quality directly. This is crucial especially when you are operating a large scale business. Goods should be uniform overall and to ensure this coil standardization is necessary.

Benefits of using Coil Processing Equipment

Coil processing equipment can provide many benefits. If you are working with metal sheets and metal coils, investing in coil processing equipment is essential for you. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider purchasing coil processing equipment. 

Firstly, coil processing equipment can increase your efficiency and productivity. Manually unwinding metal coils is a tedious process. This also does not guarantee any uniformity in your end-products. Using metal coil processing equipment, you can ensure that your desired products will  be consistent and of high quality. 

Secondly, metal coil processing equipment can be quite costly, but you should know that this is a one-time expense and the equipment will last you decades. This of course depends on which manufacturer you purchase from. MetalForming offers only the best and top-rated metal coil processing equipment that can cost-effectively streamline your operations.

Lastly, you can expect your revenue to only increase after purchasing metal coil processing equipment. With the advancement of technology, metal coil processing equipment can enable you to uniformly produce hundreds of articles within a day, So overall you can expect your profits to increase in the long run.

Coil Processing Equipment 

At Metalforming, LLC, we provide the latest coil processing equipment from some of the leading sheet metal fabrication equipment manufacturers. Some of our most popular products that are specifically designed for coil processing include:

  • Stolarczyk Tension Stand & Recoiler
  • Krasser Centurio Coil Storage And Handling
  • Schlebach Mini Prof-Plus

If you are confused about which coil processing is right for your needs and budgets, you can always reach out to us directly. We prioritize customer service and are available to assist you in any way we can. 

Metalforming, LLC – For all of your Coil Processing Needs

Metalforming proudly collaborates with some of the most reputable companies in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Including Jorns, Schechtl, Schlebach, Krasser and Schroder Group. We help our customers in streamlining their business cycle by increasing their productivity through the efficient use of innovative technology and equipment.. For more information on our products, visit our website or get in touch with us directly. 

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