Unique Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Lexington with Kids

Christmas is a magical time of year, especially for kids. The joy of the holiday season fills the air, and in Lexington, Kentucky, there are plenty of unique ways to make this Christmas unforgettable for your children.

From enchanting light displays to hands-on activities, we’ve rounded up the best experiences that will create lasting memories. In this article, we’ll explore these fantastic opportunities to celebrate Christmas in Lexington with kids while keeping it simple and to the point.

1. Visit the Southern Lights Holiday Festival

One of Lexington’s most beloved Christmas events in Lexington KY, is the Southern Lights Holiday Festival at the Kentucky Horse Park. This dazzling light display features over a million lights and themed scenes, making it a breathtaking experience for kids and adults alike. Remember to drive through the Enchanted Forest and enjoy a leisurely horse-drawn tour. It’s a budget-friendly way to immerse your family in the festive spirit.

2. Christmas at the Arboretum

The Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky transforms into a winter fairytale during the Christmas season. Stroll through beautifully lit gardens adorned with countless twinkling lights and themed displays. Kids will love the train exhibit and the chance to meet Santa Claus. Visiting this garden is a peaceful and enchanting experience that allows you to enjoy the season’s beauty.

3. Ice Skating at Triangle Park

Lace-up your skates and head to Triangle Park for a magical outdoor ice skating experience. Skating under the sparkling lights of the downtown area creates a picturesque Christmas scene. The rink offers rental skates, making it accessible for families. Afterward, warm up with hot cocoa from nearby vendors.

4. Christmas Caroling

Spread some holiday cheer by taking your kids caroling in your neighborhood. You can also join local groups or Christmas events in Lexington, KY, that organize caroling outings. Singing classic Christmas carols together is a heartwarming way to connect with your own and teach your kids about the spirit of giving.

5. Baking and Decorating Cookies

Get your kids involved in the kitchen by baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Let them use their creativity to make festive treats with colorful icing and sprinkles. This hands-on activity is fun and a delicious way to bond with your children.

6. Holiday Movie Marathon

Host a cozy Christmas movie night at home. Select a lineup of your family’s favorite holiday films, complete with popcorn and blankets. This low-key activity is perfect for winding down and spending quality time together.

7. Having a Christmas Meal at Home with a Personal Chef

Elevate your Christmas celebration by hiring a personal chef to prepare a special holiday meal for your family at home. A personal chef in Lexington KY, can craft a customized menu that caters to your family’s preferences and dietary restrictions. Having a Christmas meal at home allows you to savor a delicious, restaurant-quality meal without the stress of cooking and cleaning up. It’s a unique and indulgent way to bond with your loved ones during the holidays.

8. Volunteer as a Family

Teach your children the importance of giving back by volunteering as a family during the holiday season. Many organizations in Lexington welcome volunteers to help with various charitable activities. It’s a meaningful way to instill the spirit of compassion and generosity in your kids.


Celebrating Christmas in Lexington with kids can be a memorable and heartwarming experience. Whether exploring dazzling light displays, enjoying outdoor activities, savoring a chef-prepared meal at home, or simply spending quality time at home, these unique ways to celebrate the holiday season will create cherished memories for your family. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive and sparkly, focusing on the joy and togetherness that this season brings. Happy holidays!

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