Salesforce Call Center Integration for unending Collaboration

Collaboration is essential as it recognizes that no one can work in isolation. By working together, we can accomplish tasks within the given deadline

Unified communications, as defined by UC Today, is a term that encompasses various communication modes, both traditional and modern, brought together to facilitate seamless collaboration among group members. In short, here are some of the examples where unified communications is involved:


Video and voice calling

Team collaboration


File sharing

Integrated applications

As you know, every coin has two sides. While the benefits of availing and subscribing to a service like the one mentioned may sound enticing, it’s important to acknowledge that there are also drawbacks.

PROs of Using UC

Enhances existing processes already present in the company

Enhances team collaboration, thus avoiding issues inside the workplace

Streamline IT operations

Drastically increase employee productivity

Increase organizational agility

Company can serve clients even by just having their phones

CONs of Using UC

Adaptability. Since UC is a replacement to the traditional telephones, the users and the agents must be able to adapt to the new ecosystem and processes of UCs. Frankly speaking, the younger generation might not have a problem with navigating things like this, however, it might not be the similar case for employees who can have a hard time adapting to changes especially in technology.

Issues in interoperability. Although UCs do not require a device with high-specification, it is not downloadable in old devices that cannot sustain the running of the UCs in the background. Hence, an upgrade of the hardware of the device would be needed for the employees or agents to adapt to these changes.

Nonetheless, the pros outweigh the cons of unified communications. In terms of adaptability, no generation surpasses the other.

The unified communications is said to be an effective component of call center integration with salesforce. Take a look at the benefits of unified communications in leveraging call center integration for seamless collaboration:

Enhances Group Productivity

Beginning with the most notable advantage of unified communications. With a UC platform, employees can communicate and plan real-time on the channel or website of their choice. This option enhances collaboration and eliminates negativity in the workplace.

This advantage is one of the common strengths that UC could offer that could really increase the salesforce. If negativity inside the workforce is avoided through constant and easy communication between the team players, it will be easy to go through with the focus of the company which is customer satisfaction.

Moreover, call center software that integrates with salesforce provides a better experience for the customers through integrations with a CRM. This software allows the call center agents to get the data of the client from other accounts with their fingerprints or identification card so they can establish a meaningful conversation with the customer, and provide the quality customer service and experience with a salesforce call center integration.

Cost Reducer

Every company will experience drastic changes in the flow of money if they adopt unified communications. Though the changes vary depending on the location of the company, the number of employees, the industry they are in, and other internal and external factors. Provided below are factors to show just how much UC can help companies cut costs without compromising salesforce.

Cost Cut in Travel Expenses

With the rising costs of fuel and/or plane travel, companies can cut down on expenses with travel. This will help them save time and money, not to mention the hotel and meal expenses of employees sent abroad.

Companies that subscribe to UC to switch from an in-office based job to a remote set-up is proven to cut costs immensely, by cutting down the travel incentives provided to the employee, and not to mention anymore, the benefits of a work from home set-up.

Cost cut in Equipments

If a company opens, their goal is to adhere to their goals, while not spending so much money. Moving and subscribing in UC allows companies to allot less money on equipment like fax machines, and other expensive equipment required to pass along data, without compromising the service the company offers.

Since UC platforms are cloud-based and there is only one provider, users no longer need to subscribe or pay for the service and costs of the maintenance, long distance calling, or energy usage in faxing just a paper. The people involved can just take their phones out, or laptops to access their UC system.

Furthermore, since the software does not require a device with high specifications, the company no longer has to issue company laptops to the employees. They can just bring their own device (BYOD) where they can work, and easily access UCs for seamless collaboration.

Seamless Omnichannel Connection

The unified communications allows the users or team members to connect with their fellow workers and clients across multiple channels (e.g. messaging, calls, emails). The only thing that the user needs to have is a wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) to utilize UCs features.

An omnichannel allows companies to communicate regardless of the distance and the mode of channel, and basically just unifies all types of communications. The omnichannel service allows the agent to gain access with the client’s call and complaint history, IVF interactions, voicemails, remarks of other agents, orders and accounts, and many more. This enables easy, fast transaction, and effective customer service.

Enhanced Customer Service Experience

The customer experience is the heart of a business, this is a large contributing factor to the success of the company. The utilization of UCs in salesforce call center integration is beneficial for the agent and the client as it eliminates the repetitive questions of the agent to the client, if the agents can see the data straight up on the screen.

Customer satisfaction is often measured and scaled through KPIs such as CSAT, customer loyalty, and the likeliness of the client to refer the product or services to a relative, co-worker, or friends, often referred to as Net Promoter Score.

IVR, for instance, is implemented to bring solutions faster than usual. The data on the resolution will be forwarded on business analytics to continuously monitor the customer experience and see which is lacking, and what are the effective interventions that raise customer satisfaction.

To sum up what has been said, UC in leveraging salesforce call center integration for seamless collaboration contributes greatly to the company. It is easily accessible, does not cost much, and a much more appropriate approach considering the technological advancement made over the years.


Q: What is unified communication?

A: A great platform is Dialpad’s All-in-One communications platform which covers phone systems, video meetings, messaging, and SMS.

Q: What is a great platform for UC?A: A great platform is Dialpad’s All-in-One communications platform which covers phone systems, video meetings, messaging, and SMS.

Q: What is the importance of unified messaging?A: This is the type of technological advancement that makes lives easier for both agent and client. It allows modern clients, particularly the Gen Zs to use many different platforms when commuting with a service provider or brands. Communication is important, and if communication can be woven to convenience, it increases customer satisfaction and increases loyalty.





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