Top Malaysian Drama Online Streaming Platforms In Malaysia

Aside from eating and shopping, one of Malaysians’ preferred leisure activities is watching the latest TV shows and films. According to the Malaysian Drama Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) Internet Users Survey  2020, over 87% of Internet users in Malaysia stream movies and watch online  TV as their preferred online leisure activity. 

Gempak and Kepala Bergetar are also involved in organizing events and exhibitions related to comics, animation, and other entertainment content. It has a strong presence in the Malaysian entertainment industry and is a major contributor to the local creative economy. 

This has led to the rise in streaming sites in Malaysia, where we are now spoilt for choices on where to watch our favorite shows and movies on Kepala Bergtar and Dramacool. Here are the Top Malaysian Drama Online Streaming Platforms In  Malaysia 

However, not all streaming platforms are created equal, which means you have to choose which one best caters to you and your entertainment needs.

Amazon  Prime TVRequires an Amazon Prime account, but also comes with benefits like expedited shipping (for certain territories) and Twitch Prime.
Apple TV+This homegrown streaming service was established as Malaysia’s own answer to Netflix. It features a substantial number of shows from both local and international studios and has even managed to secure partnerships for original content.
Kepala  BergetarApple has thrown a lot of money into getting into the content streaming business. It has engaged a number of popular directors and studios to create original content.
NetflixRequires an Amazon Prime account, but also comes with benefits like expedited shipping (for certain territories) and Twitch Prime.
Tubi TVHong Kong-based Viu specialises in streaming Asian content. For the most part, it focuses on Korean series and movies.
Viu This is an exclusively advertising-supported online streaming service.  The main benefit is that you do not need an account to watch videos,  although it specializes in low-budget B-movies.
Disney+  HotstarThe highly anticipated Disney+ streaming service is finally here, courtesy of India’s Disney Star Group. It brings with it a plethora of highly anticipated Disney films, including that of the popular MCU film series.  It also includes many other new, trending, and local films and TV series.
iQIYIHong Kong-based Viu specializes in streaming Asian content. For the most part, it focuses on Korean series and movies.

However, with so many choices, which platform caters best to your entertainment needs? Here are a few factors that will help you decide: 

Malaysians are rather price-sensitive, so this is likely the first thing that will be on everyone’s minds. While a cheaper service might not be the best choice, it certainly influences our decision-making. 

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One thing to note is that many streaming services like Myasiantv and Dramacool have also adopted a system that allows users to watch some content for free in exchange for being shown advertisements; similar to how normal television channels operate.

Subscription fee Free content
Amazon  Prime  Video$8.99/month (charged in  USD) Comes free with Amazon  Prime (worth  $14.99/month)1 month free trial
Apple TV+ RM19.90/monthGet three months of Apple TV+ free  when you buy a new iPhone, iPad,  iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac
Kepala  Bergetar Free Free with advertisements
NetflixMobile only RM17/month Basic RM35/month Standard RM45/month Premium RM55/month
Tubi TV – Free with advertisements
Viu RM7.90/month Free with advertisements
Disney+  HotstarRM54.90 for 3 months  (RM18.30 per month) 
iQIYIStandard – RM11.90/month Premium – RM17.90/monthLimited selection of free shows

It should be noted that while some of these services offer free videos, certain movies, and TV shows will be locked away behind a VIP subscription paywall. 

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video charges you in US dollars. Meaning that how much you are actually paying each month could fluctuate according to the exchange rate. It won’t vary all that much unless there’s a dramatic change but it could be something to keep in mind if you have a strict budget. 

Gempak is a popular Malaysian entertainment and media company that produces a wide range of content including comics TV shows movies and digital content. It is known for its focus on local content and has a strong following among Malaysian viewers. Gempak has a diverse portfolio of brands, including Gempak Starz, Gempak TV,  Gempak Movie, and Gempak Digital. Kepala Bergetar Gempak Starz is the company’s comic publishing arm, with popular titles such as “BoBoiBoy”, “Ejen  Ali”, and “Bakuman”. Gempak TV and Gempak Movie produce and distribute local TV dramas and movies, while Gempak Digital provides a range of digital content, including mobile games and apps.

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