Top 14 Emerging News and Entertainment Blogging Sites in the UK 

One of the most common ways people air their views in this digital era is through blogging. There is a blog for whatever topic you may have picked to write your article, whether on politics, sports, fashion, or anything in between. With so many blogs around nowadays. Is it possible to separate the wheat from “the chaff”?

These are the top 14 latest U.K. bloggers dedicated to new news and entertainment, and you ought to read them.

1. The Tab

There is an online magazine called The Tab, which covers everything – campus gossip or national news.

Their Tab aspires to represent the youth of Britain, with more than 600 scribes located in 40 institutions within the United Kingdom.

The Tab is famous for its edgy type of reporting that can be funny or even politically incorrect but always interesting. It also has a cult following of people who value its authentic reporting approach.

2. Popbitch

Popbitch is a weekly newsletter and website that reveals celebrities’ dirty secrets to the world. The popular Popbitch is renowned for its gossip, funny stories, and inside information about current affairs in show business.

The blog does not mince words but names the names of famous and influential personalities in the industry and sometimes reports stories that the mainstream media will not touch.

3. London Chats

A new blogging site, London Chats, covers all the newest news and trending stuff in the capital city. London Chats is a site to keep you abreast of all news, be it political, cultural, sports-related, fashion, or the London lifestyle.

Celebrities, influential people, and experts also interviewed at London Chats, and their views are put forward in different issues. London Chats is a leading website about London among those who just want to talk there.

4. The Overtake

Overtake is a youth-led independent news website that covers issues of concern to young people in Britain.

With intensive and varied news coverage, Overtake targets issues like politics, social justice, mental health, culture, and tech.

Overtact, headed by a group of young but motivated journalists, strives towards representing marginalized youth in their struggle to be heard.

5. Little White Lies

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly print journal and website devoted to the celebration of film as art.

The magazine has been providing regular reviews of the best movies from across the world through its section known as Little White Lies including interviews, essays, and podcasts.

It offers beautiful design, creative illustrations, and original storytelling, with a cult film lover audience who cherish this kind of quality and integrity.

6. The Pool

Pool is a digital resource for women who value intelligent, candid content. It includes discussions on fashion, beauty, health, work life, family, culture, and politics, and readers receive daily newsletters, podcasts, videos, and events.

The pool is tailored for today’s busy female, a platform that is both fun and informative, with relatable information.

7. A1 News

A1 News website covers breaking news and insightful analysis from around the UK and worldwide. It considers different fields such as business, technology, health, science, and everything that people enjoy, such as traveling, arts, and entertainment.

Moreover, A1 News offers live updates, videos, podcasts, and interactive features that keep readers engaged and informed.

A1 News has everything that any person wishes to know about authentic, all-inclusive, and fast news.

8. Rock Paper Shotgun

It is a site about PC gaming – any way you imagine it, and rock paper shotgun. News, opinions, reviews, and previews of every game published in Rock Paper Shotgun.

Run by a dedicated team of longtime gaming pals, our site meets online demand, sharing our passion through captivating game reviews

For an updated and entertaining experience, PC gamers must visit Rock Paper Shotgun.

9. Gal-Dem

Gal-Dem is a digital magazine and media company for women and non-gendered people of color. In a nutshell, Gal-Dem covers art and cultural politics, music, art, and lifestyle.

It is about changing the mainstream media story and speaking up for communities that have silence to promote social justice and health.

Gal-Dem is a platform run by many gifted writers, editors, and artists who share a vision.

10. The Britain Times

It is a blogging site focused on the news, entertainment, lifestyle, history, culture, and heritage of Britain.

The British Times gives diverse portraits of different spheres of English life, starting with literature and ending with fashion and food habits.

Anyone interested in knowing about Britain’s interesting past and present should visit TheBritainTimes website.

11. The Quietus

It was a website called Quietus that explored music and culture in greater depth. Quietus offers critiques, interviews, columns, and podcasts about various themes in genres ranging from rock and rap to classical and experimental music.

The Quietus embodies a critical, inquisitive, and adventurous approach to music journalism and supports new, unique, and progressive musicians.


VICE UK is one of the branches of VICE global media, which provides original and sensory materials on topics including, but not limited to, news, culture, traveling, sports, lifestyle, cuisine, and technology.

It has documentaries, articles, videos, and podcasts about stories and issues that concern youth in the UK and across the world.

VICE UK has a strong reputation among the younger generation in the United Kingdom for being uncensored and real.

13. Chester Times

The Chester Times website brings community and cultural celebration to modern-day Chester, a small but historically significant city in northwest England.

The ChesterTimes covers education, environment, economy, and social affairs affecting the residents and visitors in Chester.

Additionally, the Chester Times explains why Chester is an exciting and entertaining area to visit and reside in. For those who want to explore or experience Chester, their sure bet must be the Chester Times.

14. Stylist

Style is a free weekly journal and a website where writers provide intelligent, chic, and refined women’s articles.

Stylist discusses fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture, careers, and wellness, among other topics. It provides enlightening, fun, and educational articles for its readers.

Stylist is tailor-made for contemporary women, offering practical, positive, and powerful messages to enable each woman to live her best life.

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