Top 13 Shopify AI Apps to Skyrocket Your Sales In 2023

Building a successful online business site needs a combination of tech-savvy and business sense. Getting useful help in this way makes it easy to create a great website, and here’s where Shopify apps come in.

Making the right use of the best Shopify apps will give you a boost in sales and help you stand out in the competition. To get this benefit, Shopify mobile app development helps you build the app that suits your business. To help you with this, here’s a list of the top 13 apps that you can choose from:

1. InviteReferrals

InviteReferrals is considered one of the best Shopify apps that is best suited for the business. They offer a user-friendly referral program that helps merchants increase their profits by incentivizing customers to refer them to new buyers with custom-branded campaigns.

With the help of InvireReferrals, businesses can track referrals easily and reward customers with incentives that customize emails and create automated notifications. All this and some extra features make InviteReferrals an important and must-have marketing app for Shopify businesses.

2. Tidio – Live Chat and Chatbots 

Tidio – Live Chat & Chatbots is a live chat app that combines Messenger, chatbots, and Instagram. This Shopify app helps manage customer communication easily and quickly. You can also integrate email, live chat, and Messenger into one panel.

The Tidio allows the use of bots to address the queries of the customer and get abandoned carts. This feature will help to upsell and also react to customer behavior. This Shopify app will only take 30 seconds to install.

3. PushOwl Web Notification

There is a high chance that frequent visitors will pay. PushOwl helps the web push notifications that will bring customers to the sites. From back-in-stock news to flash-sales updates, customers will engage with your site daily. This app also helps with abandoned carts, which will motivate people to continue their unfinished shopping.

The app also has advanced features that can be used by Shopify app development to build features that are specific to your business. Also, its smart delivery features will send notifications when people are active.

4. Videowise

For Shopify stores, Videowise is the perfect marketing app. It offers important consumer engagement statistics that can be used to improve video content and customize campaigns. It also makes it simple to design and create engaging movies.

The creation of visually stunning video advertising and other content can be done more easily with the drag-and-drop interface. Also, the automatic dashboard offers thorough information on how viewers interact with your videos, so you can modify your strategy. 

5.Yotpo Products Reviews and Photos

Successful e-commerce companies rely on reviews to survive. So, you need the best Shopify product review app that lets customers post useful comments and reviews. The best Shopify app for reviews is Yotpo Product Reviews &Photos. With the help of this Shopify app, your customers can post reviews on websites. 

Yotpo syncs these remarks so that your clients can view what other people are saying. The product reviews show throughout your website, including during checkout. Yotpo also allows you to show FAQs and photo reviews for clients to see.

6. SquidVision

SquidVision is a landing page optimization software that helps increase sales by showing which products are performing well and which are not. The app will give you an overlay of your high-traffic pages. It will show you not only the clicks and links but also how much revenue each link and button has created.

7. Track Order and Notification by Shipway

Shipway offers Track Order and Notification, which allow for the best post-purchase experience. The customer will get a post-purchase experience by getting real-time tracking of their purchased order.

The app allows for custom Shopify app development to create branded tracking pages and gives automatic order status through SMS, email, and WhatsApp in real-time. It also allows for the scheduling of reviews from customers after every successful delivery.

8. Spinwheep Popup

Spinwheel encourages customers to get coupons and discounts by playing games in exchange for an email address. There are different types of games that you can choose from. All popups and games are customizable to suit your brand’s feelings and mood.

An exit popup appears when a customer is thinking of leaving your site. This will encourage customers to come back and purchase anything in your store. As people make faster decisions time pressure. app also includes a clock timer. This timer will remind the users of the discounts.


The way digital marketers create content is being transformed by Ecomposer. This creative marketing tool was created especially for Shopify users. With Ecomposer, you can quickly produce attractive visuals from templates and optimize the campaign with simple statistics. 

The best thing about Ecomposer is that automating repetitive processes, like writing product descriptions, saves marketers important time. Also, by using innovative campaigns that engage clients in meaningful ways, this software helps business owners to reach more customer base than ever before.

10. Loyal

To divide the customers of the store into six different groups, the Loyal app does an RFM analysis. The program analyzes these factors in relation to each specific retailer using the RFM technique. It is based on the recentness, frequency, and dollar amount of orders.

You can make customized email messages for different consumer segments once you have identified them. With only a few clicks, you can link your Loyal data to your Klaviyo account. You can even import a CSV file to use customer segments on other marketing platforms. You can get store statistics and suggestions on how to talk to each of your consumer groups using the Loyal app.

11. InstaFeed

InstaFeed allows businesses to access, promote, and measure their content on Instagram. This app makes it easy to keep the customers engaged in creative content posted on Instagram from the Shopify dashboard.

Businesses can create campaigns and track insights that improve customer engagement with the use of smart analytics. This app will be the right candidate if you want Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic to Your Jewelry Shopify Store.

12. Junip

Junip is an innovative app for Shopify stores that has been designed to provide more control over daily operations and give more flexibility. The app allows users to make targeted promotions and campaigns, access customer behavior, and manage customer data. 

With its diverse range of features, Junip offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that can help in maximizing resources. This can drive growth, optimize sales operations, and increase customer loyalty.

13. Free Shipping Bar

The Free Shipping Bar app in Shopify will boost your sales, as it allows you to highlight products that qualify for free shipping. This app will allow you to upsell it to customers by giving a minimum amount to purchase that qualifies for free shipping. 

This app also has a holiday theme that can be customized according to the needs. You can also develop a Shopify app similar to this with the help of Shopify app development providers.

Final thoughts

If you want your business to stand out in the competitive field, you must have read the Complete Guide on Shopify eCommerce Development Stores. This guide will help you in choosing the right app that suits your business. There is no prerequisite number of apps that you should use for your store, as it all depends on your business requirements.

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