The Role of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in Modern Recruitment

ATS is a function in HRMS software that helps to streamline the hiring process in an organization. Back in time, recruiting only one compatible candidate required going through many applications and interviews. But, with the applicant tracking system, the scenario has changed drastically. The reason is that it has revolutionized the recruitment strategy a lot.

In this blog, you’ll learn how the Applicant tracking system works and how significantly it helps in recruitment. Moreover, you’ll also get to know about the three best ATS-based HRMS Software.

What is the Applicant Tracking System and How Does it Work?

It is a function in an HRMS tool designed to streamline the hiring process in any company. It’s a complete solution for the hiring department, covering the overall procedure. From posting jobs to onboarding everything becomes a matter of a few clicks. Here is a detailed overview of the working of an ATS.

●   Job Posting

Firstly, the hiring manager posts jobs on various portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, etc. While posting the job, the recruiter can place screening questions like “Do you have a Bachelor’s degree?”. So, the candidates who will answer “No” will get marked or rejected right away. 

●   Resume Parsing

Once the job posting and application intake are done, the ATS resume parser comes into play. It parses all the resumes and sorts the data into a structured format. Simply put, it takes out the information from the resumes and puts it into the database in a classified manner.

●   Candidate selection

Lastly, this system can access all the candidates’ structured data. So, now the hiring manager can find candidates based on various criteria. For example, if a particular criterion or skill is important, then candidates can be filtered accordingly.

What Is the Role of ATS in Helping Recruiters Find the Right Candidates?

Now, let’s discover its role in the recruitment. Here, you’ll know how it finds the best candidates out of thousands of applications.

●   Resume Parser

As you learned above, a resume parser is an important feature. It automates one of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process making it easier than ever. Moreover, since the ATS resume checker puts all the data in the database, the right candidates are just a few clicks away.

●   Keyword-based Searches

It allows you to sort the candidates based on specific criteria or keywords. For example, if you want the applicant to have a particular skill, then you can filter the applicants who have mentioned that skill in their CVs.

●   Efficient Application Tracking

Since the ATS keeps each application’s progress in sync, tracking the application at any point becomes very easy. That’s why the recruiter can contact the applicant at the right time, ensuring no compatible candidate leaves during the hiring process.

●   Source Tracking

It also lets you know where the candidate has come from so that you can fill out the candidates based on the source. For example, if you want to know about specific applicants who came through a reference, you can do it with just a few clicks.

This is how an applicant tracking system always helps hire the right candidate. Moreover, the system you choose must have these features; otherwise, the impact will not be beneficial. So here are three popular systems that come with the same functionality.

Three Most Popular Applicant Tracking Systems for You

1.  glueple

In the very first place, we have glueple by QDegrees. It is the best HRMS software as it has ATS and all the HR tools like payroll management, leave management, and much more in one place. Talking about its ATS, It has a powerful resume parser that enables it to handle a lot of resumes with pinpoint accuracy. It allows you to sort the application based on multiple filters like reference, educational qualification, experience, etc. Moreover, you can also manage and plan interviews by directly choosing the candidates from the ATS database.

Furthermore, since glueple is a complete HRMS solution, it also has other HR features as well like leave management, payroll management, performance analysis, etc.

2.  Keka HR

Keka also provides an Applicant tracking system. It has many platform integrations to post jobs on, like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Moreover, it has a dedicated job board where all the necessary actions can be taken from one place, like screening, interview, shortlisting, etc.

3. OpenHRMS

OpenHRMS offers an integrated applicant tracking portal. With this feature, you can track the applications from the very beginning. The process starts with a job posting and goes up to a contract proposal. The USP of OpenHRMS that makes it stand out from others is that it also supports the Ubuntu operating system.

The Future

Many trends are either expected or are already showing up in the world of ATS. Some of the very obvious future trends in it are given below.

●   Enhanced Capabilities with AI

In any HRMS software, there are various places where AI can be implemented to make it more efficient. One of these areas is applicant tracking. With AI enabling resume parsing, the application tracking system can be more efficient and effective. The reason is the capability of AI to handle a lot of data not only better but also faster than other resume parsing approaches. Another area it for AI implementation is an AI bot, which can respond to the candidates’ queries.

●   Mobile Adaptability

The need for mobile adaptability always arises in the case of any software. That’s why the mobile adaptability of ATS will be a trend. Moreover, many companies have already started working on it.

●   Social Media Integration

Undertaking social networks plays an important role in the hiring process. However, as of now, most ATSes don’t provide social media integration. So, it will also be a trend as using social media while hiring has become very mainstream.


In conclusion, this is how an ATS works to make your recruitment process streamlined. However, you should be able to understand what a true ATS stands for. In simple terms, if you are looking for it, it is a must to look for the resume parser. Similarly, the above-listed trends can be examined to decide the best ATS for you. Based on the trends and resume parsing capability, the glueple HRMS is the best one.

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