The Most Reliable Cleaning Companies in Brooklyn You Can Trust

Finding a cleaning company you can trust to care for your home in Brooklyn can feel overwhelming with so many options. You want to find cleaners who are experienced, do quality work, and have a good reputation. Checking reviews and getting references are key to finding the most reliable companies. Comparing prices and services is important too, to find one that fits your budget. 

It’s also good to confirm they are properly licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Taking the time to research Brooklyn cleaning company thoroughly will pay off when you can confidently schedule recurring visits knowing your home is in competent hands. 

Let’s jump into finding the most reliable cleaning companies in Brooklyn you can trust.

Brooklyn cleaning companies

Countless cleaning companies are operating throughout the borough of Brooklyn. With such an extensive market to choose from, conducting research is crucial to identifying the most reliable services that meet your needs and expectations. Begin making a list of potential cleaning companies in Brooklyn and start evaluating your options. 

Finding reliable companies 

Start your search online and compile a list of cleaning companies located in Brooklyn that have solid reviews and ratings online. Spend time reading through the reviews carefully, noting any red flags or consistent negative feedback. Be wary of companies with scant reviews or no reviews at all. Look for established companies that have been operating successfully for several years in Brooklyn, as longevity indicates they offer reputable services. Consult your social network and ask friends, family members, neighbors, or local Facebook groups for referrals to cleaning services they have personally used and would recommend. Compile your findings into a list of the top 5-10 cleaning companies to further assess.

Checking reviews and ratings

With your list of potential cleaning companies, take time to thoroughly read through all available reviews on sites like Yelp and Google. Legitimate companies will have a significant number of in-depth reviews, not just one or two sentences. Look for specifics on the quality of cleaning, timeliness, professionalism of staff, ease of communication and scheduling, and overall satisfaction. The most reliable companies will have predominantly 4-5 star ratings. Pay attention to any concerning patterns in low reviews that indicate recurring issues. checking detailed reviews is one of the best ways to gauge customer experiences.

Asking for references

Once you have narrowed down the list, contact your top choices to inquire about getting references from past clients. Reputable cleaning firms should be happy to provide references upon request. Speaking directly to past customers can offer valuable insights that reviews may not capture. Ask references specific questions about their satisfaction with the thoroughness of cleaning, punctuality, and reliability of the crew, professionalism, and communication. Any hesitation to provide references or lack of available references may be a red flag. 

Comparing prices

After checking reviews and references, compare the rates and services offered by the cleaning companies still on your list. Prices can vary considerably, so this step is crucial to understanding value. Be sure to get quotes listing exactly what is included. Look for any hidden fees and clarify the frequency and extent of cleaning provided. Avoid suspiciously cheap options, as quality cleaning comes at a fair price. Find the best balance of service and value for your budget.

Checking licenses and insurance

Before making a final decision, verify that any potential cleaning companies have valid business licenses and insurance. At a minimum, they should have general liability insurance and workers compensation. This protects you legally in case of any injuries, accidents, or damage that occurs during cleaning. A lack of proper credentials indicates a risky, unprofessional company. Only consider those who meet licensing and insurance requirements.

Scheduling cleaning visits

Once you have thoroughly vetted and selected the right cleaning company, you can schedule recurring services whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Establishing a regular cleaning routine and relationship with a trusted cleaning crew is ideal for keeping your Brooklyn home looking its best. Over time, you will get to know the cleaners and can comfortably give them keys and access when needed.

Trusting the best companies

Doing your due diligence in researching, vetting with reviews and references, and comparing options will lead you to the most reliable cleaning companies worthy of your trust. Brooklyn homeowners can hire these responsible professionals with confidence, knowing they will provide thorough, consistent cleaning on every visit.


Finding trustworthy Brooklyn house cleaning services does require an investment of time upfront. However, once you establish a relationship with one of the best cleaning companies, you can rely on their expertise and attention to detail long-term. Putting in the work to assess options will connect you with cleaners who meet your standards.

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