The History and Exploration of the Christmas Hamper

Christmas hampers and gift baskets NZ have a strong tradition but actually date back far further than a lot of people realise. They are a great way to celebrate the time of year with others, but you can send gift baskets any time of the year to any person and they will be greatly appreciated. Here is a look at that history and an exploration of fun Christmas hampers to send.

When did Christmas hampers start?

In England, the hamper can be dated back to the 11th century during the times of William the Conqueror. The French word for hamper was hanapier. But it was really in the Victorian age when it became a bigger thing and the custom moved from the UK to NZ and elsewhere. There was a collection of factors in the 1800s that made it become a tradition. The day after Christmas became known as Boxing Day, as it was a time when Queen Victoria boxed up gifts for servants and the poor. 

It was also a time when the wealthy, there and here, were able to afford the finest drink and food and wanted to send it to friends and colleagues as a way to show off their wealth as well as celebrate. With the development of the railway system, it became easier to send hampers and baskets further away and they were easy to send being already perfectly wrapped and packaged. Over time baskets have developed to be sent at any time and you can almost find anything you want to put in them!

Ideas for what to put in Christmas boxes or hampers

With modern hamper businesses you can actually have a variety of options when it comes to where the different items are packed in to. You can send Christmas gift boxes NZ, baskets, bags, hampers and more. In the US they tend to use the word basket more as a hamper is what they call their laundry basket. Where you could stay traditional with what goes into a Christmas basket, mince pies, pudding, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, wine, Panettone and such, there are other options. You could choose something that has a lot of variety or one that is more themed. Only chocolate themed, or cheese themed, or wine themes, or beer themed, for example. Look for gourmet foods and good quality drink. Sometimes homemade items are available from crisps to fudge to sweets. Gift baskets NZ can be customised to hold whatever you want to send someone. They do not even need to be food. You might choose a bath/self-care theme, or a gardening theme.

Who would you send a hamper to?

There is no one that you would not send Christmas gift boxes NZ to. You just need to get the content and the theme right. Remember unless you are treating yourself with a gift box you want to think about what they like and do not what you are drawn to! Any gender, people you are close to, people who are just colleagues. They are also good for any occasion or event.

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