The Evolution of OVO Hoodies

We have all seen Drake’s outfits, right? And agree or not, they are perfection, having known the fact that he also owns a brand OVO, which also means you can easily find bomber jackets and varsity jackets with his styling and making the whole outfit look. The journey of OVO started as a hub of hoodies like the Kentucky OVO hoodie and many others like the Divide the Youth hoodie, This brand not only became popular because of Drake’s excellent rapping skills but also because of the designs, quality, and style brought into the market since 2008. 

The OVO hoodies were the most sought-after piece of clothing that provided comfort and style at the same time. Until now, these were the same high quality with a premium-made design in subtle and vibrant colours. Slowly and gradually, the brand started excelling and introduced multiple categories, including jackets, ovo essentials, sweatshirts, and T-shirts, which helped turn the brand from streetwear to a high-fashion trend, among other factors that we are going to talk about in this blog.

Steps on how OVO elevated itself to a high-fashion brand and transitioned itself:

The brand created multiple designs with a lot of factors that helped it rise to the top. OVO is now home to luxurious jackets and high-quality fabric-made products that are appreciated all around the world, and this brand also gives off Canadian vibes and shows its roots. The OVO of today includes everything that screams fashion, from stylish sweatshirts and comfortable t-shirts to trendy bags and pants. Everything is available in one spot. The question is how this brand has risen so much. To know the answer, read further.

The following are the factors that pulled the fashion world towards the brand, coming from a hoodie area to the iconic fashion world.

Clear identity:

OVO stands out from the crowd because it has its own unique identity, having roots in Toronto and its culture, as well as Drake’s music. This brand has remained consistent with its clear identity from the start. 

Top-quality and craftsmanship:

It is a premium brand that includes top-notch quality material for all seasons, and in its editions where the materials are being used to create a jacket or a shirt, nothing gets compromised with attention to detailed work from the designers as well as the creators.

Limited editions and exclusivity:

OVO has always been creating limited editions with well-known logos and brands. From the hoodie era, like the Ovo North Carolina hoodie, to high-end fashion, it has always collaborated with well-known people and hoodie brands. 

Participation in fashion weeks:

It has always been the talk of the town. Every collection has been to the fashion weeks and interacted with multiple audiences when launched, as well as creating hype by attending Paris Fashion Week and other platforms, which gave it a trendy fashion look along with other high-profile luxurious brands like LV.

Strategic pricing:

This has played a huge role in the brand making because the strategic planning helped to create prices for the products as a luxury brand, which attracts the fashion enthusiast audience to get something that is priced correctly and has a huge name enunciated with it. 

Luxury brand collaborations:

This played an extraordinary part in making the brand what it is today. It has to collaborate with multiple luxury brands and famous personalities, which advanced its reach to their audience as well and fashion lovers gushed over it in no time, The collaborations, such as,

  • OVO x Bape
  • OVO x Disney
  • OVO x NBA
  • OVO x Roots
  • OVO x University
  • Established a global presence:

The brand has multiple flagship stores across the globe, around 11, including. The five current Canadian ones and others in the U.S., England, and Japan. As well as an online selling platform where high-end fashion lovers have great reach through stores or online as well. There was a 7,000-person waiting list when the Raptors launched. OVO gear, so it has created or established a global presence. 

Engagement with celebrities:

Since Drake enjoys the leverage of being popular in the music industry, There will be his famous colleagues who helped the brand excel in the fashion industry. As we all know, people follow celebrities and their fashion, especially looking at what they are wearing. So the OVO brand has been seen on famous people, like Drake himself. Rihanna, LeBron James, Kylie Jenner, and many others online demand.

Final take:

Every brand has its league and legacy that has been with it throughout. And it will always be with it from the start until the end. OVO is no exception; it has been creating and crafting high-quality and luxury hoodies. The culture hoodie, and now the whole scenario has changed by going through multiple phases. And it is the hard-earned success that has been possessed by it. Drake’s popularity and fashion sense have influenced the brand as well as its inspiration. 

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