The Best Content Writing Services that Will Come in Handy for All

It’s never too late to start a writing career. The more years you have behind your back, the more interesting stories you can write. So, our senior citizens can share a lot with the public. After all, no one lives a boring life. We all have something to say, share, reminiscence, etc. It makes perfect sense that more seniors are willing to create content and share their thoughts with the general public.

This is especially true today with the influence of the Internet. These days, you can write to anyone willing to pay attention. Some people are even willing to pay for what you can write online. Content creation can be an excellent hobby to share with friends and family, and people can also earn good money by writing for online publications. So, strong writing skills and some luck can ensure good pension years.

Yet, it’s a relatively new job that wasn’t around just a few decades ago. So, it’s easy to see why seniors often consider trying their writing chances now. Today, they have many more opportunities to succeed. Besides, one can always hope for help from online writing communities and developers.

Thus, you can find excellent services and applications to help you perfect your writing and polish your editing skills. There are barely any writers online who don’t use at least several such services daily.

So, let’s see our pick of the best content writing services. These will be useful to any senior out three with the drive and passion for writing.

Google Docs

Every writer needs to work somewhere, right? So, what do you want to choose for the job? Of course, writing by hand may be more common for older generations. Yet, it’s not as practical for content writers. You’ll have to retype all your texts. Thus wasting time.

You can write in Microsoft Word. That’s the classic. However, writers can be so forgetful sometimes. You miss ‘save’ once, and all your progress is gone for good. Besides the same goes for cases when the computer shuts down out of nowhere, and you haven’t saved a draft.

So, the best option here is to turn to a new classic. Google Docs is the perfect writing platform for all beginning writers. It’s convenient, intuitive, and does most of the work for you. Thus, it saves your docs in the cloud while working for them. You can also access your work online and offline from any gadget you use. Writers can also share their files with friends and family.

Yet, you can protect your work with different file settings so no one can change the text without your approval.

Overall, a platform where you write matters. It should feel comfortable yet productive. Google Docs will let you get right at work. You won’t have a long adjustment period or feel confused about all the unfamiliar features and layouts. You should only have your eyes on a piece of paper and the keyboard in front of you.


Did you know Jack Kerouac often brought his novels to the publisher without punctuation marks? Indeed, he was not bothered by grammar. Instead, his primary focus was on the creative side of things. His poor editor, though…

Anyway, in modern days, we can’t afford such a luxury. All writers have to proofread and edit their works. It takes a different writer rank to create clean, perfectly constructed, and well-written text in perfect English. That’s what each of us should strive for in work.

However, it’s been a while since you’ve been in school, hasn’t it? So, of course, some grammar rules might have been forgotten already. Besides, language and grammar are also not so stiff. They develop and transform through time. Some new norms, words, and styles always arise. Inexperienced writers will need help to master these things. Fortunately, there is a perfect service for such a task.

Grammarly is an editing platform that helps people find and correct flaws in their texts. The service can help polish grammar, find stylistic incoherences and flow troubles, and detect plagiarism. The app is super easy to install and navigate. Plus, it has a free version with all the essential features available.

Hemingway Editor

No one can write like Hemingway, though everyone can surely try. There is even a writing service for his owner. This editor can show you what Hemingway thought of SEO article writing services, the rules he valued, and how to achieve them. As you know, the writer refers to an immaculate, polished, on-point style. He didn’t approve of any ‘water’ breaking his word flow. He believed that each word and sentence should add to the meaning and have its role.

The online editor continues Hemingway’s mission to transform writing. It shows you where you can cut corners, highlighting areas of text where you can edit, delete, or rewrite. Such work helps writers better analyze their texts, find flaws, and see where to improve. Thus, you improve your articles’ readability and structure. As a result, texts look more professional, clean, and elaborate.

The editor will serve as an online writing teacher you wish you had in your twenties. It works fast, never judges you, and helps you grow and improve as a writer. Besides, who doesn’t want to feel a little bit more like Hemingway when sitting at a typing computer?


Do you know what plagiarism is? Or how to fight it? Every content writer needs to know how to navigate a plagiarism disclaimer. Being flagged as original text is the worst thing to happen to an article. Any search engine will immediately drop such a piece. Also, selling such a piece to a client is entirely unprofessional.

Yet, it’s almost impossible to find plagiarism without help. Professionals may have a gut feeling when their text is at risk of plagiarism. But eyeballing the issue without software is nearly impossible. So, it’s best to use a reliable online checker to be sure. Fortunately, the market is entire of options. For example, you can try using Unicheck for your work.

Unicheck is a reliable, simple-to-use service that gets the job done. You can run your texts through a checker to see how high it scores in originality and where to make changes. You’ll learn to appreciate Unicheck after trying to correct a flagged text a few times. This software shows how and where you can make things better.

However, even with good checkers, plagiarism can be quite a pain. That’s also why students fear completing their writing assignments without professional help. Many use my paper help site to find writers and editors to help them avoid plagiarism altogether.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

Just by its name, you know you are in trouble. Indeed, this software will not go easy on you. On the contrary, this app is the most unforgiven creation one can encounter online. The developers claim they are here to eliminate writer’s block and motivate us to write. However, it seems more like they are here to torture and tease innocent writers.

So, The Most Dangerous Writing App doesn’t like when you stop writing. It doesn’t want it to the point where it erases everything you’ve written after a brief stop in work. Pause for over five seconds, and the app clears all your progress. Thus, the app reaffirms its name.

To be fair, we don’t encourage using this software as a working tool. However, it can serve as a good warm-up. You can start by working on your writer’s block here. Keep writing whatever comes to your mind until you feel ready to create again. The application will motivate you to continue as long as needed.

Bottom line

Starting as a content writer can be quite a journey. However, it doesn’t matter if you are twenty or seventy. The work as a writer is accessible at any age. In fact, by being older, you only have more to put on a page. Yet, these new times have somewhat changed how we perceive writing as a craft and business.

This is why we offer these top writing services for your help. Please don’t be shy about using them all at first. See what applications best suit your needs and expectations. Use these services to grow and progress as a writer. These are simply the tools to help you master your new craft. The rest is up to you.

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