Protect Your Fragile Products in Custom Rectangular Boxes

You are looking for a packaging way out for your fragile products that can protect them during shipping? Don’t worry. You have landed at the right article that can help you find a perfect packaging solution. Try Custom Rectangular Boxes to handle your shipping problems. These boxes not only give a presentable look but also provide safety to your products.

So it is a safe packaging answer during shipping. These boxes are not only convenient to carry but also appealing to manage. They are perfect for storing various items of different sizes. They provide an elegant appearance on the shelves and take up less space as compared to other complicated packaging boxes.

Determining The Dimension Of Rectangular Box

It is easy to determine the dimensions of a rectangular box. It is measured in inches in length x width x height with the help of measuring tape. It can also be described by its volume or space and surface area.

Volume means the amount of space. It can be calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height. The box surface area is the total area of all its faces.

Sum the area of each face. It will end up with a dimension of the box. For your better understanding, an example is here: 14″ x 11″ x 4″ means 14″ (L) x 11″ (W) x 4″ (H).

Picking The Right Material For Rectangular Packaging Boxes

There are plenty of materials to craft a durable rectangular box. Let’s discuss them.

Corrugated: This lightweight but stiff material consists of three brown kraft paper layers. It is best suited for holding and carrying items safely.

Rigid: This material is four times thicker than others. It has a thick layer that can provide safety to the products in the long run.

Eco-friendly Kraft Paper: It is a sustainable and biodegradable material with minimal environmental impact. Its recyclable feature has made it distinctive from others.

Cardboard: It is a highly durable, eco-friendly, and sturdy material. A cardboard rectangular box provides the utmost protection for the product.

Customization Options

The sizes and styles of rectangular boxes vary, depending on the product size and style that needs to be placed in the box. However, they are indeed convenient and appealing. They can be easily managed and are considered the best retail packaging option.

They can hold a variety of items. They can also be designed with die cuts to create unique shapes and designs that mesmerize customers. If you want to customize a box with window cutouts, you can design it with the customization technique to showcase your product inside and give it a distinctive look.

A Variety Of Printing and Finishing Options

Custom-printed rectangular boxes can be designed with various color combinations to create a cohesive look. Additionally, finish options give the box a more polished look. You can apply gloss, matte, foiling, embossing, UV coating and many other finishing that can lift the box’s appearance.

Print your brand logo and taglines to enhance your brand’s identity. Apply other design elements to make your box stand out on the shelves.

How Custom Rectangular Boxes With Logo Can Help To Advertise Your Brand

Using attractive, unusual, and eye-catching rectangular custom boxes helps improve a brand’s recognition and boost sales. They play a key role in strengthening a brand. They are popular choices for companies, especially for retail to showcase products and promote a brand. A brand’s logo on the box will leave an impression on customers to recognize your product at a very first glimpse. So, take advantage of custom-printed rectangular packaging boxes for your brand and build your brand’s worth.

Wrap Up

Finally, personalized rectangular boxes are non-complex compared to other complex-shaped boxes. They are easy to design and manufacture. Their shape is unique, so it is easy to craft them in bulk.

Custom Designs Packaging is the top custom packaging supplier in the USA and manufactures custom rectangular boxes wholesale in accurate sizes and perfect shapes. Secure your product in the box and create a convenient unboxing experience.

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