How To Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Photos With Your Photographers?
Personal Touch to Your Wedding Photos

There’s no better way to capture memories on your special day than through personalized wedding photos. Find wedding photographers willing to listen to and implement your vision for your special day. Here’s how you can add a personal touch to your wedding photos: 

Express Your Personal Style 

There are numerous wedding photography styles, including classic, aerial, dark, moody, and editorial. Classic photographs are what you’d associate with traditional pictures. They are posed and taken at eye level. Aerial photos are taken from higher levels, often with drones. 

Dark and moody images feature harsh lines and shadows, focusing more on individuals’ silhouettes than specific features. Editorial photos are posed to look like images you’d find in editorial magazines. Find wedding photos you prefer on apps like Pinterest and save the most appealing ones. Then, look for wedding photographers who can shoot your desired style. Choose editorial photographers if you want your wedding photos to look like something out of Vogue. If you want dramatic photography, choose photographers adept in dark and moody photography. 

Incorporate Meaningful Props 

Add props that tell your love story to make your photos more personal. You can choose props that show the first time you met, how your partner proposed, or where you hope your love story will take you. If you met at a cafe, you can include something as simple as a coffee mug. This can personalize your photos and make for a great story after your wedding. You can also include family heirlooms like wraps, earrings, and rings. Ask your photographer to focus on these items to honor your loved ones through your wedding photos. 

Encourage Unscripted Photos 

You don’t need to script and pose for all your photos. You can stand out by asking your photographers to take candid images. Sometimes, they make the best wedding photographs, as they capture people’s emotions throughout your special day. Photographers can capture children playing or your loved ones laughing and celebrating. This way, you’ll get an idea of everyone’s experience during your wedding. If you decide to go the candid route, inform your guests beforehand to prevent confusion. 

Personalize Your Backdrop 

A backdrop is an essential wedding feature as it can help conceal any venue blemishes and provide a standard background for your photos. It can also be customized to add a personal touch to your special day. There are endless backdrop ideas you can implement. You can add your initials on your photo wall, create a flower wall, or use a chalkboard with your vows or favorite love quotes as your backdrop. If you want your photos taken in nature, consider adding a flower or balloon arch. Add LED lights on your photo wall for night photos to create a warm glow. If you don’t know what to use as your backdrop, ask for help from your photographers. 

Choose Unique Locations for Your Photos 

You don’t have to take all your photos during your vow exchange or reception. You can choose other locations, ranging from an art gallery if you want indoor photos to a river or lake if you want to capture nature. Communicate with your photographers beforehand to allow them to prepare to move around. Choose sites close to your ceremony so you don’t have to travel too far on your wedding day. 

Wedding Photographers Can Help Personalize Your Wedding Photos 

You can make your wedding photos uniquely yours by adding a personal touch. This can be anything from including family heirlooms as props to focusing more on candid shots than posed photos. Collaborate with your wedding photographers to determine the best ways to personalize your photos without compromising their quality.

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