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packaging ideas for small businesses

Would you like to know how to create packaging for your small business on a budget?

Here’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Customer satisfaction can increase greatly through high-quality product packaging. It is also crucial to have custom packaging if you are up against a big brand.

Below are the packaging ideas for small businesses on a budget to boost sales and establish your brand.

Let’s get started!

Ideas for DIY Packaging

Are you seeking innovative small business packaging ideas to take your product to the next level? Packaging plays a crucial role in small businesses success. 

You’ll be able to define who you are clearly, and you can stand out. Below are some DIY packaging options that will make your products easy to identify. 

Paper Wraps with Handpainted Designs

Are small business items bland if they come in simple protective packaging? You can make handpainted wraps with craft paper packaging, latex paint, and enough creativity.

Handpainted paper wraps make an eco-friendly packaging option for small businesses since clients can repurpose these wraps as gift wraps.

DIY Canvas Bags and Pouches

Many businesses also use canvas bags and pouches for packaging.DIY canvas packaging allows you to control your packaging design completely.To allow customers to carry their purchases, you can offer canvas totes if you have a store that sells many different products. 

Drawstring canvas pouches are perfect for smaller items.If the design of your canvas bags stands out, your customers will be glad to reuse them.

A Wrap Made Of Vintage Fabric

If you sell vintage items, the vintage fabric is a stylish DIY way to package them. In addition to vintage stationery, you can use scraps of vintage material for inserts. Your customers will feel that it is like unwrapping a present they have been waiting for when they receive your product.

As a packaging idea, fabric packaging is very smart since it comes with the benefit of having it free of charge. As a customer can repurpose these bags, they can use them to wrap other items or gifts in the future.It is also useful for upcycling custom fabric packaging in quilts, handkerchiefs, or scarves.

DIY Handwritten Custom Notes

When a customer purchases your product, include a handwritten note as a personal touch. Adding a personal touch to packaging is a great way to build a great first impression.

Consider writing a quick cute handwritten note of thanks and including it with your packages, such as beauty products or apparel, to show your gratitude. In addition to adding specific information, you can express gratitude for their support by including their name or inspiration for the product. 

This thoughtful message can positively represent a company’s brand and encourage repeat business when done well. Once you reach a certain production level, there are some issues with this idea. As a result, keeping up with it becomes harder.

Themed Packaging

Ppackaging ideas for small businesses that offer subscription services can benefit from DIY-themed packaging. Also, you can send product samples or sell holiday and special occasion gift sets with them.

The cost might be high. However, packaging with a theme can greatly enhance customer loyalty and branding. Your customer may also do an unboxing video after receiving a themed box, which translates into free promotion for your company.

Pocket Packaging

Are you good at folding paper? It’s time to bring your folding skills to the test! Small businesses can benefit from pocket packaging by increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing customer service.

Your product will fit into a pocket in craft paper to create a front pocket, into which you can place a thank you note, a business card, or some potted herbs or dried flowers into them. 

You can tie the wrapping with twine or tape or attach a logo sticker to keep the wrapping in place. Also, you may want to use recyclable packaging materials rather than craft paper, such as old newspapers and recycled paper.

Boxes with Unique Shapes and Wrapped Illustrations

Packaging your stuff in boxes with unique shapes and illustrations is much more appealing than rectangular or square boxes. Packaging ideas for small businesses can also use unique shapes for packaging, even though expensive brands usually reserve odd-shaped packaging for luxury items. 

Since hexagonal boxes stack and display just as easily as regular ones, choosing them is a good idea. When it comes to typical packaging shapes, opt for wrapped prints. Create a product box with a cat image for pet treats and extend the cat’s tail to the other side.

Die Cuts

Die-cut custom-made packaging is a wonderful option due to its cute look and quirky design. In addition, you can expose a greater portion of the product to the elements with this packaging design.

Your products will look great on store shelves when they come in die-cut boxes or pouches. A DIY wide-opened mouth would surely catch the eye of anyone who saw a box of homemade cookies inside.

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