Facebook is a well popular platform to make money online. Now, with the updating of the technology, Facebook is going forward with its features updating.

Most importantly, Facebook is always ready to help content creators to make money using Facebook.

Consequently, you may ask me if you monetize your Facebook Using Ad Breaks in videos.

Indeed, you must income huge revenue by using ad in-stream videos. Therefore, it is the most significant update for you by Facebook to monetize your Followers on Facebook.

Then, I can ask you, do you know?

What are Ad Breaks in videos?

If you do not know, then go through the whole article and be learned one about the topic.

What are Ad Breaks in videos?

Ad breaks are one kind of ad that is shown at a natural break in the eligible video (in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads).

The ad breaks idea will help monetize your Facebook business page that you desire to bring under the income.

How to monetize your Facebook using Ad breaks?

We are spending most of the time from our day-to-day life with Facebook that almost in vain. If it can feedback huge revenue to build our career, how can you take it? Not wondering?

If you desire to monetize your Facebook page, Ad breaks in videos on Facebook are the best way. But, for that, you have to fulfill the criteria that help you apply for getting approval ad breaks in videos on Facebook.


  • You must have enough followers (10,000) on the page that you desire to monetize using ad break.
  • And 150,000 views ( 1-minute videos) on Facebook videos that are unique and created following the terms and conditions of Facebook.
  • Otherwise, you have to stay in the country with the language allowed for the monetization of Facebook.

If you can fulfill the criteria, you are eligible to apply for monetization. By creating quality content, you can generate massive revenue on Facebook like YouTube. That must be shareable content on Facebook.

By being passionate about content creators on Facebook, you can consider Facebook as a money-making platform to build your career.