Lodha Villa Royale Review: Why You Should Buy a Home?

As a business owner in Mumbai, my life is about coming up with new ideas, making plans, and working hard to reach my business goals. My professional journey is exciting, but I just started a personal journey that is just as important: the road to becoming a homeowner. This is my exclusive Lodha Villa Royale review, where I’ll talk about what it was like to own an apartment at Lodha Villa Royale, a high-end housing project that changed my view of what it means to live in luxury.

My days are full of planning for the future, talking with clients, and building something new from the ground up. But because my job is busy, I often wish for a quiet place to relax, recharge, and spend time with my family. I was looking for a place to get away from the busyness of the city, but that was still easy to get to and close to the city center. Because of my specific criteria, finding a place among the many apartments for sale in Mumbai was difficult. 

What I was looking for was:

Location: Location was very important because I needed to be close to my job and important places like schools, hospitals, and markets.

Features: I pictured a place to live that was not only luxurious but also had many features that would improve my daily life.

Price: As a smart business owner, the price is a big part of making decisions.

How Did I Come to Know About the Lodha Villa Royale Project

As a business owner, studying and analyzing before making big decisions is important. The first step I took toward finding Lodha Villa Royale was to look online for flats for sale in Mumbai. While researching, I came across several Lodha Villa Royale reviews that got my attention. My review focuses on the quality of the project’s features and services and the Lodha Villa Royale price.

I visited several apartments for sale in Mumbai. My visit proved that Lodha Villa Royale was the best choice for me. Lodha Villa Royale met and exceeded what I wanted in a home. The beautiful landscaping, well-designed apartments, and wide range of services were all much better than I had expected. 

Lodha Villa Royale Review Amenities that Redefined Luxury Living

Lodha Villa Royale Review amenities were better than I expected among the many flats for sale in Mumbai. 

  1. Power Backup: Even when the power goes out, my daily life goes as usual because of the smooth power backup system.
  2. Rainwater Harvesting: Rainwater harvesting is a thoughtful addition that saves water and helps make a living setting that is sustainable and good for the environment.
  3. Intercom: The intercom makes it easy and quick for people in the complex to talk to each other, which makes everyday life easier.
  4. Maintenance Staff: A team of hardworking maintenance workers ensures that the complex is always in great shape, making living there easy.
  5. Security: Since security guards are on the sites around the clock, I feel safe and protected.
  6. Fire Safety: There are enough fire safety steps to prioritize residents’ safety.
  7. Parking for visitors: Having many parking spots makes things easy for them.
  8. Sewage Treatment Plant: A sewage treatment plant shows you care about protecting the earth.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home in Lodha Villa Royale Review

  1. Competitive Lodha Villa Royale Price

Properties for sale in Mumbai are very expensive, even at non-exclusive locations. The starting price for a plot is 1.44 crore, and the highest price is 3.63 crore, much lower than the other properties for sale in Mumbai. The land I purchased cost me merely 1.53 crore. 

  1. Prime Location 

Among the other flats for sale in Mumbai, Lodha Villa Royale is in a great spot, making it easy to get to all the important things you need for a smooth and easy life. Thane, Ghatkopar, Airoli, Bhiwandi, Dombivili, and Kalyan are all within commutable distance. About an hour will get you to CST (VT) and even less to the financial hubs of BKC, Thane, Kalyan, and Bhiwandi—easily accessible medical facilities, including Lotus, Jupiter, and Hiranandani. Singhania School and Lodha World School are top-notch options for your child’s education.

  1. Trusted Builders 

The Lodha Group’s impeccable reputation in the real estate industry gave me the confidence to invest in this project. Their commitment to quality and timely delivery is evident in every aspect of Lodha Villa Royale. Their passion is to create landmarks that meet the highest global standards, epitomize their family’s values, and are built on a legacy of trust spanning four decades. Lodha Group is known for excellent real estate development and I found out about the project through NoBroker.in, a real estate platform with thousands of verified property listings from Mumbai and Dombivli area as well. If you are actively searching for properties I would surely recommend that you finalize the property listings by checking the information on the NoBroker website or their mobile application! 

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