Valuable sunglasses accessories that will make life easier

A comprehensive list of useful accessories can make your life easier when caring for your sunglasses and enhancing your overall eyewear experience. Whether you’re looking for practicality, style, or protection, these accessories can be valuable additions to your sunglasses accessories.

Sunglasses Case: 

A sturdy and protective case is essential to protect your sunglasses from scratches, dust, and damage. Look for hard-shell or soft-shell cases, depending on your preference. You can keep your wooden sunglasses safe in this case, too.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

 A soft microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning the lenses without leaving streaks or scratches. Keep one in your case for quick maintenance. Use this cloth specially for cleaning the best-polarised sunglasses to keep them scratchless.

 Lens Cleaning Solution: 

Cleaning can help remove stubborn smudges and dirt. Look for alcohol-free options to avoid damaging lens coatings.

 Floating Straps:

 Ideal for water sports, floating straps ensure your sunglasses won’t sink if they accidentally fall into the water. These can be attached easily to any sunglasses, whether wood sunglasses or regular ones.

 Eyeglass Repair Kit: 

A compact kit with screwdrivers, replacement screws, and nose pad pieces can be a lifesaver for on-the-go repairs.

 Polarized Clip-On Lenses: 

Enhance your sunglasses with clip-on polarized lenses that reduce glare and provide better visibility in different lighting conditions.

 Sunglass Retainers: 

These attach to the temples of your sunglasses to keep them securely around your neck when not in use.

Anti-Fog Wipes: 

Anti-fog wipes or sprays can prevent your lenses from fogging up in various conditions, such as when transitioning indoors to outdoors.

 Sunglass Repair Services: 

Look for professional services that repair and refurbish your sunglasses, especially for high-end or vintage pairs.

 Lens Tinting Kit: 

Customize the tint of your lenses with DIY tinting kits to suit your preferences and activities.

 Sunglass Pouches: 

Soft pouches are convenient for carrying sunglasses in your bag without worrying about scratches. You can easily keep rectangle or round sunglasses in the exact designed pouch. 

 Sunglass Strap Cords: 

Attach these cords to your sunglasses to keep them secure around your neck while providing a stylish look.

 Adjustable Nose Pads: Replace old or uncomfortable nose pads with adjustable ones for a better fit.

 Lens Protection Film: 

Transparent films can protect your lenses from scratches and offer an additional layer of defense.

 Sunglass Display Stand: 

A display stand keeps your sunglasses accessories and easily accessible, making it a stylish addition to your room or store.

 Sunglass Travel Case:

 A travel case with compartments can hold multiple pairs of sunglasses, making it great for vacations.

 Sunglass Shields: 

These attachable side shields can protect your eyes from wind, dust, and peripheral sunlight.

 Sunglass Strap with Zipper Pocket: 

Some straps come with built-in zipper pockets for storing small items like money or keys and transparent sunglasses

 Lens Replacement Service:

 If your lenses are beyond repair, consider services that offer lens replacement for your sunglasses model.

 Sunglass Chains: 

Chains add a fashionable touch to your sunglasses and can be worn like a necklace when not in use.

 Sunglass Wipes: 

Pre-moistened wipes are handy for a quick cleanup when you’re on the go.

 Sunglass Anti-Theft Locks: 

These locks can secure your sunglasses to your bag or clothing, deterring theft.

 Over-Glasses Sunglasses: 

These fit over prescription eyewear, providing sun protection without needing separate prescription sunglasses.

 Sunglass Storage Trays: 

Organize your sunglasses accessories in trays that fit into drawers or on top of dressers.

 Lens Swabs: 

Swabs with specialized tips are excellent for detailed cleaning of hard-to-reach areas on your lenses.

 Sunglass Lens Holder: 

These holders securely grip your sunglasses, preventing them from sliding off surfaces.

LED Lighted Repair Tools: Some repair kits have built-in LED lights for better visibility when fixing your sunglasses.

 Sunglass Visor Clips: Clips attach to your car’s visor, providing a convenient spot to store your sunglasses while driving.

 Sunglass Size Adjusters: 

These adhesive adjusters can make your sunglasses fit better if they’re slightly loose.

Sunglass Lens Coating Kit: 

DIY coating kits can help restore scratch-resistant coatings to your lenses.

 Lens Cleaning Stations: 

Commercial lens cleaning stations with solution and tissue dispensers are ideal for businesses.

 Sunglass UV Tester:

 A UV tester can verify the effectiveness of your sunglasses’ UV protection. If you have bought the best-polarised sunglasses accessories from a good brand, you need not worry about any damage. 

 Lens Replacement Screwdriver: 

Specific screwdrivers designed for sunglasses’ tiny screws can be invaluable for repairs.

 Floating Display Shelves: 

Floating shelves can display your sunglasses in a stylish and space-saving.

 Sunglass Ear Grips: 

These silicone grips slip over the tips of your temples to prevent your sunglasses from slipping down your nose.

 Sunglass Wall Mount: 

Wall mounts allow you to display your collection as art on your walls.

 Head Strap Mounts: 

Strap mounts secure your sunglasses to your head during intense activities like sports or extreme adventures.

Sunglass Display Towers: 

Tower-style displays showcase sunglasses in retail environments.

 Lens Anti-Reflective Coating Kits: 

DIY kits can add an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare on your lenses.

 Sunglass Bamboo Racks: 

Bamboo racks are environmentally friendly and can store multiple pairs of sunglasses.

 Lens Tint Remover Kit: 

Remove existing tints from your lenses to customize your sunglasses.

 Sunglass Retail Bags: 

Branded retail bags can add a professional touch when selling sunglasses.

 Sunglass Logo Stickers: 

Create your branding with logo stickers for personal or business use.

 Lens Cleaning Gloves: 

Microfiber gloves make lens cleaning a breeze and prevent fingerprints.

 Sunglass Carrying Straps: 

Neoprene or fabric straps are the best that you can use for your sustainable sunglasses

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