insMind AI Background Generator – How to Change Photo Background for Free

In a product photo, backgrounds add meaning to the entire picture. At the time of the shoot, it is impossible to make the backdrop compatible with the product genre. There occurs a mismatch ruining the photo as a whole. It is now possible to fix those flaws using AI background generator tools available in the online platform. Choosing the perfect tool resolves the issues related to background blunders. insMind is a free online editor tool that assists in building an appropriate background for the product or portrait in less than 3 seconds using AI. Surf this content to get the best insights on the insMind online app. 

The Best AI Background Generator – insMind 

insMind assists by instantly removing the background in the product photo and immediately replace with the apt one. It is powered by AI, therefore you do not have to give any inputs regarding your product. The AI scans the product and analyzes the subject in focus. It automatically loads a realistic background for the product photo to elevate the picture overall. Everything happens in a short time and you can complete a professional product photo in less than a few seconds.

Quickly read through the below benefits of insMind for a better understanding of the tool. 

  • Remove the distracting background from the product photo 
  • Generate AI-powered backdrop templates that suit best your picture. This AI photo background generator works on every detail in the product photo and creates a compatible backdrop quickly. It has built 10,000 templates of backgrounds that match with the product or portrait using AI techniques. 
  • Replace the background with desired color shades using built-in modules like red, pink, white, etc. 
  • User-friendly interface that assists the users in carrying out their editing task in seconds 
  • All the changes are quickly implemented on uploaded photos precisely. 

insMind is a comfortable space to create a product photo that impresses the audience quickly. The AI-powered features save a lot of editing time ensuring excellent outcomes. All the controls are available in the ready-to-use condition aiding the beginners to work as a pro. 

How to AI Generate Background Step-by-Step with insMind 

Use the below-listed instructions to generate a background with the insMind online tool. 

Step 1: Visit insMind AI Background page and import the product photo that requires customization. 

Step 2: When the uploaded product photo flashes on the editing interface, it is loaded without any backdrop. In the left panel, choose the AI-recommended backdrops or any other in-built background templates to include in your product photo. 

Step 3: Press the AI-generated background to apply it to the product photo. 

Finally, download the product photo created by this free AI background generator. 

The insMind initially works with the uploaded product photo and then lists out the suggestions that match perfectly. Every detail is overlooked by this app to showcase the best background for the loaded picture. It eases the task of product or portrait photo editors as it recommends professional elements appropriately that connect with the image flawlessly. insMind is a time-saving tool that brings out any product photo with excellent quality. 

What Else insMind AI Background Generator Do? 

Other than a photo background generator, insMind performs various functions that amaze the users. Even a beginner can build awesome portrait or product photos quickly without any technical knowledge. A basic understanding of the tool will help to optimize the image quickly. Novice users can work by themselves without seeking assistance from anyone. 

  • Remove unwanted objects from photo: The Magic Erase option helps to delete unnecessary items on the scene without affecting the quality. 
  • AI Expand: insMind helps to focus on the subject by increasing its visibility attributes. Resize the product image so that it suits well with the different platforms. 
  • AI Replace: You can replace the existing objects on the product photo scene with the desired elements in a fraction of a second hassle-free. 
  • Customize the product photo: Use AI filters of insMind to get persuasive product photos for e-commerce websites. Add desired changes to the photo using the built-in filter option. 
  • Product image collage: Create combinations of images in a single framework to advertise your product from different perspectives. Arrange as many images as possible to give a complete overview of the goods you are striving to promote. 

Benefits of Using an AI Background Generator 

The prime benefit of using the free background generator is that you can match the best backdrop for the product or portrait photo for marketing purposes. When you replace the background with the right one, you can expect a better reach. It elevates the overall picture of the product photo without distracting the audience. By modifying the background, the visibility of the product is enhanced. It automatically improves the sales rate of the product. AI background generator impacts a lot in the marketing of any product by assisting in improving the subject in focus. This approach drives the product to be sold globally hassle-free. 

Choosing insMind lets users quickly connect with the appropriate backdrop ideas for their product photo. The AI-powered background generator tool lists out the possible backgrounds for the uploaded photo thereby guiding the editor professionally. The editors can complete their task in a fraction of a second. Automatic inclusion of the chosen backdrop eases the task of the editors and helps them to work on other aspects of the image. 


Thus, give it a try with insMind and it will not disappoint you at any cost. insMind, an AI background generator tool is available for free. Easy to connect and it supports all types of browsers. Build your product or portrait photos with insMind like a pro and excel in the marketing platform. Reach your audience with the perfect product photo with an impressive tagline. Watch the differences in your sales report in a period.

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