How to Get New Spotify Fans and Earn Royalties

Spotify is one of the best platforms to launch your music career. It pays $0.003 to $0.005 for each individual stream of a single track.

However, promoting your music on the platform as a rising artist presents its challenges. With a staggering 40,000 tracks uploaded daily, standing out is key to expanding your audience. 

But with consistent efforts and the right marketing strategies, you can easily get new Spotify fans and start earning royalties. 

Looking for promotion tips? Keep reading this article. In this guide, we’ll show you how to start making money from Spotify by increasing your fan base.

  • Claim your Spotify for Artists’ profile

To start your Spotify promotion strong, focus on your Spotify for Artists account. Keep it fresh by updating your profile with a great picture, an engaging photo gallery, and an intriguing bio. 

This is where fans learn about you and your music. With a standout profile, you’ll build your fan base faster and increase your chances of going viral.

  • Add your lyrics

Enhance your Spotify song’s promotion for free by including lyrics. Sometimes, fans struggle to decipher song lyrics, leading to frustration or misinterpretation. 

Providing lyrics allows listeners to sing along accurately, forging a deeper connection with your music and enhancing their overall experience.

  • Buy Spotify followers and plays

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to get more fans on Spotify, buy followers and plays from Spotify marketing services. These websites offer various packages to help you grow your Spotify presence.

Once you get a good number of followers, it will attract more people to your account. This way, you will get more streams and royalties from your music. 

  • Use Spotify Pre-Save campaigns

Planning a smart release strategy is crucial in today’s music landscape. Without it, your amazing music might get lost in the sea of new releases. That’s where a Spotify pre-save campaign comes in. 

By setting this up well before your release, you encourage fans to save your music ahead of time. This ensures your release hits their Spotify libraries right away, increasing its chances to appear on their ‘Release Radar’ playlists. 

  • Keep updating your Spotify playlists

Regularly refresh your Spotify playlist without overwhelming it quality over quantity is key. To keep things fresh, rotate tracks every few months and aim to update your list at least monthly. 

Avoid having too many tracks from the same artist; limiting it to 3-4 songs can help your playlist’s visibility in search results. Maintain a curated feel by keeping your playlist tight, ideally with 50-200 songs max. 

  • Consider Spotify Ad Studio

The Spotify Ad Studio serves as an invaluable tool for artists seeking to promote their albums on the platform. This self-service advertising platform empowers artists to create efficient ad campaigns in just 10 minutes or less. 

By leveraging Spotify ads, you expand your reach and raise awareness of your music, resulting in increased streaming numbers. These ads can take various forms interactive or display to target specific audiences based on their music preferences. 

  • Encourage your fans to share your playlist

Enlist friends or fellow artists to champion your playlist. Sharing across social channels, among friends, and through word of mouth often gets overlooked but can significantly boost growth. The music community is generally supportive and eager to assist.

Playlist growth resembles compound interest; as more people listen, the visibility increases, attracting more curious listeners. This cycle of growth upon growth leads to an expanding audience, driven by the social proof of others enjoying the playlist.

  • Collaborate with other artists

One effective strategy to boost your Spotify numbers is through artist collaborations. Collaborating can expand your reach and introduce your music to new listeners. Consider teaming up with artists in your genre or those you admire to create a joint track. 


Spotify is one of the best platforms to promote your music and start earning money. However, it is not easy to grow followers as there are thousands of artists on the network. If you want to stand out, follow the tips we have given in this article. It will give you an edge over others and help you boost your music career

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