How to create a successful ad campaign?

Of course, you don’t want to spend your advertising budget in vain! Money doesn’t grow on trees! After all, advertising means you want to earn money, not waste it, right?

Whatever advertising method you choose, it is crucial to follow certain steps to make your campaign as successful as possible. Therefore, before you start investing money in advertising, be sure to define the following parameters:

Who are you talking to anyway?

Do you know who your customers/users are? What gender are they, and how old are they? Where do they live? Are they young adults or parents of toddlers? Or maybe retirees?

Of course, you can’t select all users at once since every group demands a different approach. It would be like throwing your advertising money away. Why would a seventeen-year-old boy be interested in a house mortgage? In that case, you need to target older users.

So, first of all, sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down your user profile. Then, target your audience, i.e., set the campaign to be shown exclusively to your target group of consumers.

Through the Ad Nativia platform, target your audience in several ways. You have basic filters like location, language, or time. For targeting a specific group of users, use the filter Interest Groups. We also suggest that you filter by Category, as your campaign will only be shown on specific websites that your target audience visits.

For example, if you sell kitchen appliances, selecting websites from the Culinary and Nutrition category is a good idea. Choose the Beauty and Health and Sport & Fitness category to promote fitness supplements.

What do you want your audience to do when they see your promo content?

To download an application? To leave their email address? Or to order one of your products or services?

Most of you will probably say, “My goal is to make as much money as possible!” It’s not enough to just activate the campaign but to devise a good marketing strategy and slowly warm up the customer to buy your product. It especially applies to services and products that are a little more expensive and cost from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars.

For example, when advertisers offer an education or a course, they apply a specific marketing strategy. Let’s take an Instagram course, for example.

  1. First, it would be good to offer users a free guide, “How to make cool reels”, or something like that, and tell them they can download it from your website. Create an article where you will offer a free guide and promote it on Ad Nativia.
  2. People love free stuff, anyone who’s into Instagram marketing, will rush to download this guide. Especially beginners and small business owners who don’t have a budget to hire social media managers.
  3. To download the guide, they have to leave their email and you got the main thing you need to start – the contact of a potential buyer of Instagram course. That way you attracted your target audience (people who have their own Instagram pages or engage in marketing on social networks) and got their email addresses.
  4. Furthermore, you can occasionally send them some useful content, maybe something about creating a perfect post and getting more likes.
  5. Of course, you can’t reveal all the details in those tips, but you will emphasize that everything is described in much more detail in your Instagram course, which, coincidentally, users can buy “right now with a 20% discount.”

This strategy is much more useful than if you directly write “I offer an Instagram course” in the campaign.

Excuse me, why is your course so important? There are a thousand of them.

But by gently warming up future users and gathering your target group, you can achieve much more than directly presenting the offer right away. That’s why sometimes the goal of the campaign is not to offer the product or service, but to get the user’s email, for example, to slowly warm them up for your offer.

Move the users through the sales funnel in the right way

It’s not all about the campaign, some things have to be done with an adequate landing page. The campaign only serves to bring the user to your site. Users will make the conversion only if you have the right landing or pre-landing page.

So it’s necessary to lead the users through the sales funnel, warm them up, and convince them why it’s so important for them to buy your product. The pages should be as simple as possible, so nothing would distract the reader. The promo article can’t be monotonous either. “Break it up” with interesting designs, images, subtitles, short paragraphs… All these parameters will make the user concentrate on your offer. There will be no other factors that will distract the user’s attention, therefore the probability that they will make the conversion is much higher!

campaignUse Ad Nativia for any type of product or service promotion

Whatever content you advertise, feel free to use the Ad Nativia platform. Registration is free, and the price per click and competition is very low.

Now is the time to try Ad Nativia while these terms are still on, as it is one of the fastest-growing native advertising platforms in Europe. It is believed that already at the beginning of 2024, the competition will be twice as big, and CPC will also be higher.

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Get ready to boost your sales and take your business to a new level!

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