How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3: some best converters 

A YouTube to MP3 converter offers a simple way to extract only the audio portion from YouTube videos to enjoy offline. This practical online tool targets just the audio track within a YouTube video and strips away the visual element. It then swiftly encodes the isolated audio into a shareable MP3 music file. 

What is a YouTube to MP3 Converter?

  • a YouTube to MP3 converter provides a convenient way to save just the audio part from YouTube videos for offline listening and music playback.
  •  The tool eliminates the video element while retaining the audio in a portable format.
  • Software converters have to be installed on a computer and allow converting YouTube clips locally to MP3 audio files
  • Converting from YouTube video to MP3 means you get just the audio portion to listen to like a song, podcast, or other soundbite
  • It is useful for saving music, comedy clips, speeches, or any other content from YouTube to listen offline or on an MP3 player
  • The conversion process extracts just the audio data from the full video file into the compressed MP3 digital audio format

How to use a YouTube to MP3 converter?

There are the simple steps:

Step 1Copy the URL of the YouTube video which you want.
Step 2Paste the YouTube video URL on the converter website into the designated field. Most converters prominently display a box for pasting the URL.
Step 3Select the preferred MP3 format and quality from the options provided.
Step 4Click theConvert button to begin the YouTube to MP3 conversion process. The time required may vary depending on file size and internet speed.
Step 5Once conversion is complete, click theDownloadbutton to save the MP3 file on your local device. The MP3 can now be used anywhere without an internet connection.

How to convert YouTube video files to MP3 on Windows

Here are the steps:

  • Open the YouTube to MP3 converter software, and then copy-paste the URL of the YouTube video which you want
  • Select MP3 as the desired output format from the format dropdown menu
  • Customize the MP3 output settings if needed (bit rate, sample rate, etc.)
  • Click the “Convert” or “Download” button to start the YouTube video download and conversion process
  • The software will now download the video file from YouTube and convert it to an MP3 audio file
  • Once completed, you can find and access the converted MP3 file on your Windows computer in the folder you selected
  • You can now play the downloaded MP3 audio file on any music player or device. Most YouTube to MP3 converters allow batch conversions so you can queue up multiple videos to convert

List of The best YouTube to mp3 converters


Best for: Users who are looking for a lightweight and efficient YouTube to MP3 converter.

Yt5s is designed for maximum usability with no distractions ensuring smooth conversions each time.


  1. User-friendly interface that focuses on delivering results fast
  2. Provides multiple audio quality options up to 320kbps MP3 format
  3. Browser extension available for one-click video downloads
  4. Supports batch conversion of playlists
  5. Encrypted HTTPS connection for secure data transfer

Verdict: Yt5s gets the job done quietly without unnecessary frills. Its sleek and focused design allows fast YouTube to MP3 conversion ideal for daily downloading needs.

Price: Free to use


Best for: Users who are looking for a full-featured YouTube to MP3 converter with other formats.

With a smooth user experience requiring no software installations, it makes downloading YouTube videos hassle-free. The site focuses on quality and also offers unique tools like a built-in music player.


  1. Converts YouTube videos to multiple audio and video formats
  2. High speed processing delivers quality output fast
  3. Minimalistic interface is intuitive to use
  4. Supports advanced settings for customizing conversions
  5. Provides direct music playback option on site

Verdict: X2Mate’s extensive format support and feature-rich tools make it a compelling choice for users seeking fully-loaded converter.

Price: Free basic usage, optional premium upgrade available


Best for: Users seeking high quality YouTube audio up to 320kbps bitrate.

320Ytmp3 lives up to its name by delivering outstanding 320kbps MP3 quality from YouTube videos. It standouts for consistently maintaining audio fidelity at highest levels. The smooth workflow makes extracting maximum quality easy.


  1. Extracts audio at 320kbps for near-lossless quality
  2. Focuses only on high bitrate MP3 for best results
  3. Lightning fast processing speeds
  4. Smart audio boost enhances dynamics
  5. Works smoothly around YouTube audio restrictions

Verdict: Top pick for aficionados wanting archival quality rips from YouTube. Simplified interface delivers maximum audio quality with minimum fuss.

Price: Free


Best for: Users seeking easy YouTube to MP3 conversion on all devices.

FLVTO.pro’s cloud-based web platform ensures seamless YouTube to MP3 usage across any browser, desktop or mobile. Its mobile-friendly interface makes downloads effortless on the go.


  1. No additional software required
  2. Works instantly on any device with a browser
  3. Responsive design is optimized for phones
  4. Handles huge playlists swiftly
  5. Keeps design distraction-free

Verdict: FLVTO.pro’s flawless cross-device compatibility makes it an excellent universal YouTube to MP3 solution.

Price: Free


Best for: Users seeking lightweight YouTube to MP3 experience on PC.

OnlyMP3 provides desktop applications for Windows and macOS along with web converter. Its clean minimal Windows app extracts MP3s smoothly from YouTube on computer.


  1. Purpose-built desktop apps for Windows/macOS
  2. Clean Windows app focuses on core downloader needs
  3. Web version also available
  4. Solid audio quality and accuracy
  5. Lightweight install size for seamless integration

Verdict: OnlyMP3’s centered Windows software delivers optimized PC YouTube to MP3 use effectively.

Price: Free


Best for: Users seeking high-fidelity YouTube to MP3 quality up to lossless FLAC.

Wave.video stands out by preserving original audio quality up to lossless FLAC format. It lovingly crafts archival-grade rips from YouTube in various hi-res audio codecs.


  1. WAV, FLAC and other lossless audio formats
  2. Carefully engineered for highest possible quality
  3. Generous format support for all audio connoisseurs
  4. Fast servers ensure quick processing
  5. Minimalist interface focuses on pristine results

Verdict: Wave.video exceeds expectations for fidelity enthusiasts seeking reference rips from YouTube.

Price: Free basic usage, optional premium accounts available


Best for: Users seeking easy conversion across multiple platforms.

Ytconverter.to offers streamlined YouTube to MP3 conversion through its well-designed website interface. Users can smoothly access conversion from any device with a modern browser.


  1. Intuitive web interface converts videos fast
  2. Works flawlessly on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  3. Supports array of audio formats and codecs
  4. Extracts MP3 at high 320kbps quality
  5. Lightweight video-only conversions too

Verdict: Ytconverter.to’s clean interface and seamless cross-platform usage delivers consistent quality YouTube to MP3 extraction.

Price: Free


Best for: Users seeking distraction-free YouTube to MP3 slicing with large playlists

Y2mate prioritizes providing basic yet effective YouTube to MP3 core functionality. It smoothly handles large playlist imports with no slowing or errors in chopping videos to MP3s.


  1. Streamlined interface focuses on core task
  2. Powers through huge playlists efficiently
  3. Preserves playlist structure in conversion
  4. Offers range of audio qualities up to 320kbps MP3
  5. Lightweight site loads fast everywhere

Verdict: Y2mate excels for users focused on smooth batch playlist conversion and extraction.

Price: Free

Yt5sSimple and lightweight interface. Provides high quality MP3s up to 320kbps.Limited additional formats.
X2Mate.comRich feature set with multiple formats.Streamlined workflow and quality output.Can be heavy for basic YouTube to MP3 use.
320YTMp3Extracts highest fidelity audio at 320kbps maximum quality.Focused only on 320kbps MP3 format.
FLVTO.proUsable across all devices for universal access.Basic feature set, no native desktop apps.
OnlyMP3Nicely optimized Windows app for smooth desktop usage.Web version lacks desktop software finesse.
Wave.videoPreserves original audio quality up to lossless formats.More complex setup for detail-oriented users.
Ytconverter.toSmooth cross-platform usage on all major devices.Some quality settings locked behind paid upgrade.
Y2mate.com.coHandles large playlists very effectively.Basic interface lacks advanced customization.

Factors to consider when choosing a YouTube to mp3 converter

  • Audio Quality – Consider the highest MP3 bitrates supported, along with support for other lossless formats like FLAC, WAV etc.
  • Conversion Speed – Completion speed depends on converter server performance. Faster sites complete work quicker.
  • cross-platform compatibility – Check if the converter website or software works across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS for universal access.
  • User Interface – An intuitive design that simplifies navigation and extraction process enhances user experience.
  • Supported Formats – Consider supported video formats converted like MP4 in addition to MP3 audio format.
  • Advanced Settings – Look for customizable options to tweak settings like metadata, audio boost etc.
  • Playlist Support – Converters smoothly handling playlists in bulk help process multiple videos easily.
  • Bandwidth Limit – Some sites throttle speeds or limit conversions after a certain point.

Key Features of MP3 Converter

YouTube to MP3 converters offer various useful features to enhance the audio extraction and management process. Here are some key features to consider:

  • Multiple Audio Formats – Besides MP3, support for high-res codecs like FLAC, ALAC, WAV lets you choose optimal quality.
  • Adjustable Audio Quality – Options to set bitrate like 128kbps, 192kbps or 320kbps as per preference.
  • Playlist Support – Ability to convert entire YouTube playlists in one go via playlist URL.
  • ID3 Tag Editing – Edit metadata like artist name, album, title, year etc. for organization.
  • Audio Settings – Tweak settings like bitrate, sample rate, volume, silence removal etc. for custom output.
  • Output File Management – Options to group converted files by playlist, select save locations etc.
  • Video Cutter – Some tools let trim unwanted intro/end parts before audio extraction.
  • Preview Function – Play converted audio files within browser before finalizing downloads.
  • Batch Conversion – Queue up multiple videos simultaneously for faster processing.

Benefits of Using a YouTube to MP3 Converter

There are several advantages of using a YouTube to MP3 converter to extract audio from videos:

  • Offline Listening – Download MP3s for listening anywhere without Internet access.
  • Save Disk Space – MP3 audio files are much smaller in size than the video source files. This saves valuable storage space on devices.
  • Portable Music Library – Easily build your own digital music collection by converting YouTube tracks for all your devices.
  • High Quality Audio – Extract near-CD quality music up to 320kbps bitrate free from YouTube’s occasional quality restrictions.
  • Organize Music – Edit metadata like tags, rename files, add artworks for neatly organizing your music library.
  • Devices Support – Play MP3s ripped from YouTube on any device that supports audio like phones, laptops, cars etc.
  • Ad-Free Listening – Listen to YouTube tracks commercial interruption-free after extracting clean MP3s.
  • Archival Purpose – Download audio from YouTube as a backup even if original video gets private or deleted later.
  • Playlist Mixes – Save entire YouTube playlists converted to audio for uninterrupted listening sessions.

Legality of YouTube to MP3 Conversion

The legality of converting YouTube videos to MP3 format varies based on several factors:

  • Personal use exception – Downloading for non-commercial private consumption at home is usually allowed.
  • Copyrighted content – Converting copyrighted music may be illegal if done on a large scale for profit without permission.
  • Video vs audio – Extracting just audio is seen as fair use, while saving full unaltered videos could invite legal issues.
  • Geo-specific laws – Laws regarding media formats differ in countries like USA, UK, EU etc. Personal downloading may be a grey area.
  • Advertisements – Removing ads from videos during conversion may theoretically violate YouTube’s terms of service.
  • Distribution – Sharing downloaded MP3s publicly or in a commercial manner without rights is undoubtedly illegal.
  • Fair use doctrine – Factors like amount of content used, purpose of use and commercial impact determine valid fair use applications.
  • Rights holder actions – Legality depends on what rights holders choose to enforce for a particular converter or downloads.

Frequently asked questions 

Is convert files free online safe?

  • Reputed converters don’t require signups, avoiding privacy risks.
  • Use HTTPS encrypted connections for transmission security.
  • Exercise caution on lesser-known sites seeking personal details.

How do I get the best quality MP3 from YouTube?

  • Look for converters offering 320kbps output for near-CD quality.
  • Consider lossless FLAC format if maintaining original fidelity.
  • Check if tools allow customizing audio settings for tweaks.
  • Ensure YouTube source video quality isn’t limited before conversion.

What audio formats are supported?

  • Common options include MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV and OGG.
  • Higher bitrates up to 320kbps provide better quality than 128kbps MP3.
  • Lossless codecs like FLAC result in highest possible fidelity rips.

Is there a download limit?

  • No download caps on most popular converters for casual users.
  • Some may throttle speeds or limit extraction after certain downloads.
  • Premium accounts occasionally remove restrictions entirely.


In conclusion, YouTube to MP3 converters provide an easy way to download music from YouTube for offline listening. They allow converting audio seamlessly in different formats. Choosing a reputed free converter ensures safe conversion without quality issues.

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