Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Boston: Follow These Dos And Don’ts

Not all marriages in Massachusetts stand the test of time. People often part ways because their marriage is no longer the same. If you are contemplating becoming a divorce lawyer in Boston, you must be prepared for all circumstances. This is not an easy decision, and there are evident consequences. Your financial situation will change, and the divorce will impact your family relationships.

Legal help is imperative, and you can meet the experienced lawyers of Turco Legal, P.C., to discuss this further. Hiring a divorce lawyer can be confusing, so we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts you can follow. 

Don’t choose the first lawyer you find

Would you ever choose a doctor without looking at their qualifications or area of expertise? The same is true for divorce lawyers. You can find ready names online, but do your homework adequately. Ensure that you choose someone specializing in family law in Massachusetts.

A great place to start is recommendations from people you may know, including family, colleagues, and friends who have been through divorce or family disputes. You may also get references from other professionals, such as your regular attorney. In short, don’t settle for the first attorney you find online. 

Always meet an attorney in person

While recommendations are fantastic, you must meet a few potential attorneys and discuss your case. The first consultation, which shouldn’t cost enormous, is an excellent opportunity to know your lawyer better. Check whether they are empathetic and patient.

It is not easy to talk about your divorce with a stranger. Besides listening to you, they should also educate you about Massachusetts laws and your rights. You should also ask about their experience and credentials and check whether they answer them. 

Don’t fall for promises

You want your attorney to be your advocate and fight for your interests. But stay away from anyone who wants to make immediate or bold promises. Attorneys often claim things that are too good to materialize.

For example, if a lawyer tells you that you will get custody of your kids without even checking that you have a history of violence, they are overstating. A competent divorce lawyer should give you realistic advice and guide you on bringing down the complications. 

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Always discuss the costs

Divorces can be expensive, especially if there is no way you and your spouse can resolve issues to avoid litigation. Divorce lawyers work hourly, and you will usually have to pay a retainer if the case is expected to continue for long.

You don’t need the most expensive attorney you can find. But someone who charges a reasonable price. Ensure you understand the other costs that you may need to cover. 

Don’t miss ratings & reviews

To know a family law attorney, look beyond what they say and check for client feedback. References can help, but the best bet is to check online. You will find endless testimonials, reviews, or even complaints about famous attorneys, which can guide you on what to expect. Also, look at whether an attorney has been disciplined. 

Final word

With the right divorce lawyer in Boston, you wouldn’t have trouble decoding the Massachusetts laws or understanding the complex aspects unique to your divorce. Ask the tough questions, don’t be shy to discuss or argue your attorney’s strategy, and be honest with them. You must be transparent from day one and share all details that will likely help them. Start by making a list of potential attorneys. 

FAQs: Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Boston:

Q1. Why do I need a divorce lawyer?

A1. A divorce lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of Massachusetts divorce laws, protect your rights, and ensure a fair settlement.

Q2. How do I choose the right lawyer?

A2. Look for recommendations, meet potential lawyers in person, and ensure they specialize in family law. Check their experience, credentials, and client reviews.

Q3. What should I ask during the consultation?

A3. Inquire about their experience, approach to handling your case, potential outcomes, and costs. Discuss any concerns, ensure they listen, and provide realistic advice.

Q4. How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

A4. Costs vary, typically involving hourly rates and a retainer fee. Understand the fee structure and any additional expenses that may arise.

Q5. What should I avoid when hiring a lawyer?

Don’t choose the first lawyer you find, fall for unrealistic promises, or overlook client reviews and attorney discipline records.

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