Five Food Serving Styles Used by Wedding Catering Companies

Catering services are a part of most weddings. Choosing the right food service can greatly impact your special day. This article discusses five food serving styles commonly used by wedding catering companies.

Plated Dinner

For plated dinners, wedding catering staff serve meals to guests at their tables. The setup involves wait staff bringing dishes pre-plated and presented on individual plates to each guest. This style gives more control over portion sizes, precise timing, and presentation. It allows for the customization of dishes to meet individual dietary needs.

Plated dinners are suitable for formal occasions, like wedding receptions. It is also a great choice when the guest list is limited to close family and friends. This style of meal service will allow guests to enjoy a memorable experience.

Buffet Style

The buffet style is a popular choice for weddings. It requires less staff, and the setup allows guests to serve themselves various dishes in a buffet line. Guests can choose their preferred portion sizes and type of foods. A buffet is relatively quick to prepare and serve, and it’s cost-effective.

Buffet style suits casual wedding receptions with larger guest lists, like those held in the garden or beachside venues. It is great for outdoor weddings. The setup can be easily adjusted to suit any environment without worrying about plates or cutlery.

Family Style

Family style is a mix of plated and buffet-style food serving. Guests share large platters of food placed at the table’s center. Dishes are served in bowls and large plates, from which guests serve themselves. This style creates a more relaxed atmosphere and greater portion control than a buffet style. It also allows guests to interact more with each other while sharing meals.

Family style is suitable for mid-scale events, where the staff can easily manage the guest list. It is an excellent option for weddings with guests of diverse backgrounds since they can all enjoy the same food in their way.

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail-style food serving style is often used for wedding receptions. This style focuses on small bite-sized dishes served to guests standing up. It involves appetizers, savory snacks, and desserts. The cocktail style is highly flexible in selection and layout.

Cocktail-style is suitable for less formal wedding receptions with guests not familiar with each other. It allows for more mingling and conversation among guests, making the event livelier and more enjoyable.

Food Stations

Food stations involve having several stations around the venue, each offering different types of food. Guests can move freely around the station and select whatever they would like to eat. Food stations allow guests to choose their portion size and type of food and ease of customization for dietary restrictions.

They are suitable for large and more informal wedding receptions where guests don’t all know each other.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Catering Style for a Memorable Celebration

A great food serving style can set the event’s tone, creating a memorable experience. With careful planning and choosing the best style of service, couples can make their special day one to remember. From buffet to family style, cocktail to food station, wedding catering companies have many options for couples.

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