Queensland Digital License App: Your Complete Guide

So, you’ve finally upgraded to a smartphone and are ready to go digital with your driver’s license. Welcome to the 21st century, friend! The Queensland Digital License App lets you carry your license on your iPhone or Android. No more fumbling through your wallet to find that little plastic card. Open the app, tap your license, and you’re ready. The digital license, available through the QLD digital license app, has the same legal status as the physical card, so you can use it wherever a regular license is accepted, like when renting a car, booking a hotel room, or buying age-restricted products. Setting up the app takes just a few minutes.

You’ll need to provide personal details to verify your identity, snap a selfie for the facial recognition system, and you’re all set.    

Downloading and Setting Up the Queensland Digital License App

Once installed, open the app and select “Register” to create your account. You’ll need to enter personal details like your name, address, date of birth, and Queensland driver’s license number. Make sure all the details match what’s on your physical license.

After registering, your digital license will be generated. It may take a few minutes, so grab a cuppa while you wait. When it’s ready, your digital license will display on the screen. Check that all the details, like your name, photo, license class, and expiry date, are correct.

If there are any errors, select the “Report Issue” option to immediately notify the Department of Transport and Main Roads. They’ll work to resolve it promptly. Otherwise, your digital license is now set up and ready to use! Keep your app updated to ensure you have the latest version with all the features.

Your QLD Digital License app provides a convenient backup when you forget your physical card. But remember, it does not replace your official driver’s license, so always carry that with you. If anything happens to your physical license, the app gives you peace of mind.

Using the Queensland Digital License App Features

Once you’ve downloaded the Queensland Digital License app, you can access many valuable features to help manage your driver’s license.

Viewing your digital license

The app’s primary function is to display your digital driver’s license. You can view details like your name, address, date of birth, license class, expiry date, and security features. Your digital license has the same legal status as your physical card.

Updating personal details

You can use the app to update your address or contact information. The updates are linked to your physical license and the department’s records. Keeping your details current ensures no issues if you need to provide identification.

License renewal reminders

The app can send you notifications when your license is due for renewal. You’ll receive an alert around 6 to 8 weeks before the expiry date, so you have plenty of time to start the renewal process.

Viewing demerit points

If you receive demerit points for traffic offenses, the app records the details against your digital license. You can check your accumulated points and see their expiry dates.

Frequently Asked Questions About the QLD Digital License App

Where do I find my digital license? 

Your digital driver’s license will be in the QLD Digital License app. Open the app, and your license details, like your name, address, license number, and expiration date, will display on the screen.

How do I use my digital license? 

Whenever you need to show ID, like when purchasing alcohol. Open the QLD Digital License app, and your details will appear.

Retailers can verify age online via QR code scanning or license details check, meeting the online demand for convenient age verification.

Is my digital license valid?

Your digital driver’s license has the same legal status as your physical card. It can be used as an official government ID. It uses security features like QR codes and biometrics to prevent fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions About Queensland Digital License App:

Q1: What is the Queensland Digital License App?

A: The Queensland Digital License App is a mobile application. It allows users to carry a digital version of their driver’s license or proof of age card on their smartphones.

Q2: How do I obtain a digital license?

A: Users can download the app, and verify their identity. Follow the prompts to add their digital license to the app.

Q3: Is the digital license valid and accepted everywhere?

A: Yes, the digital license is a legally accepted form of identification across Queensland, and its acceptance may extend to other jurisdictions.

Q4: How secure is the digital license?

A: The app employs advanced security features, including biometric authentication. To ensure the protection of personal information and prevent unauthorized access.

Q5: Can I use the digital license during traffic stops or ID checks?

A: Yes, law enforcement officers and other relevant authorities are trained to accept and verify digital licenses during routine checks.

Q6: What happens if my phone battery dies or my device is lost?

A: It is recommended to have a backup plan, such as carrying a physical ID card. In case of technical issues or loss of the mobile device.

The Queensland Digital License App aims to streamline identification processes. Enhance user convenience while maintaining security and compliance with relevant regulations.


You now have all the details about Queensland’s digital driver’s license app Download it, add your license details, and you’ll have easy access to a digital version on your phone. No more fumbling around in your wallet at the checkout or bar.

Think about how much easier road trips will be not having to dig through papers to find your license when checking into hotels or renting a car. The future is digital, and Queensland is leading the way with the Queensland digital license app.

Join the thousands of Queenslanders already using the app and go digital with your driver’s license today. The convenience can’t be beaten, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without having your license on your phone

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