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Essentials is a Los Angeles-based brand designed by Jerry Lorenzo that offers a diffusion line called Essentials for men and women, created by Jerry Lorenzo. Easy-to-wear pieces, fashion basics, and street culture-inspired clothing can be found at Essentials Clothing. Ensure your off-duty outfit is complete with basic logo tees and comfortable sweatpants.

We offer a wide selection of Essentials shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sneakers, and accessories from Essentials FOG.

What Brand is Essentials Clothing?

Jerry Lorenzo started a luxury brand called Fear of God. Famous people like Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Kanye West, and Kendall Jenner like Fear of God Essentials.

They all love wearing clothes from this brand. Jerry Lorenzo began his Essentials brand in 2018, the company’s first year.

Where to Buy Essentials items?

Finding essential items might be difficult because we don’t have many. You can buy essentials from our website. For the easiest shopping experience, buying directly from us is best.

Keep in mind that essential items in our store sell out fast. When adding something to your cart, consider that it might be gone in just a few hours.

Who owns Essentials Brand?

A luxury streetwear brand founded by Jerry Lorenzo in 2018, Essentials Hoodie is all about luxury. Jerry Lorenzo’s first brand, Fear of God, stands out among the top-selling luxury brands.

Jerry created the Essentials Brand, which sells products at a lower price than the competition. The company’s official designer makes hoodies and other products, including Essentials hoodies.

Why Essentials Products Are So Popular

Some basic clothes are trendy. For Fall 2023, they made minor changes to these popular clothes to make them even better.

Even though lots of people like a particular style, the Essentials Clothing shop always tries new things with its fancy clothes.

Is FOG Essentials a Luxury Brand?

Essentials, a part of Fear of God, is more accessible and costs less. It has more stuff to choose from. Watching it can give you good ideas when new things are introduced.

Get Serious About Essentials Clothing

Since its launch, Fear of God Essentials has become a famous streetwear brand. As with any popular brand, counterfeiters have flooded the market with deceptively similar fake products.

Fans of Fear of God Essentials Hoodie loungewear sets should know how to spot counterfeit items. This guide will teach you how to distinguish authentic from counterfeit Fear of God Essentials.

How does ESSENTIALS Clothing fit?

ESSENTIALS clothes are designed to be comfy and trendy. They’re loose enough for comfort but still stylish. We make them this purposefully so you can move quickly and look relaxed.

Even though ESSENTIALS clothes are loose, everyone has different tastes. Some might want to go up a size for an even looser fit, while others might like their usual size for a neater look. It all depends on what you like and how you want to wear it.

ESSENTIALS clothes are made for everyone. So, when choosing between comfy and stylish, try different sizes until you find what’s perfect. We have clothes in lots of sizes, so whatever your size, you can match your style with our clothes and feel good.

Authenticity Checklist for Essential Clothing

Before we dive into the specifics, here’s a simple list you can use to check Fear of God Essentials products.

  • Check the tag for the logo, size, and material composition.
  • Make sure that the stitching is consistent and of high quality.
  • Ensure your chosen material is made of a heavy, high-quality cotton blend.
  • Check out specific design details, such as the hood’s shape, the drawstrings’ length, and the placement of pockets in the garment.

To determine whether a product is real, check whether it looks like the pictures on the official website.

Examine the packaging

First, check the Fear of God Essentials packaging before buying it. Real products come in solid packaging with the brand’s logo, product information, and details written on the box. Fake ones usually have weak packaging that doesn’t look as good.

Also, if you’re buying secondhand, natural FOG Essential hoodies will come in plastic bags that are more smoky or less see-through than fake ones.

Inspect the tags

Fake Essentials clothing often has poorly made tags, unclear logos, and blurry printing. On the other hand, real Celine Clothing products have well-made tags with a transparent logo and clean font.

Look at the neck tags to check if an Essentials Hoodie is fake. Fake ones might look similar but could have mistakes in spelling, wrong sizes, or different care instructions. Sometimes, the tag might not even be there.

Real FOG Essentials hoodies have clear, embossed text on their neck tags, making them authentic. Also, the lettering on genuine FOG Essentials hoodies differs from fake ones, showing they’re real.

Check the Quality of the Material

An authentic Fear of God Essentials product differs from a fake product mainly because of the materials used. Real ones are made of good stuff like soft cotton, sometimes mixed with other cotton blends.

If you see a label saying ‘100% Cotton,’ be careful. When you touch it, the sewing should look tidy and robust.

However, counterfeit products often use cheaper materials that feel weak and bad. When you wear them, they might not feel pleasant.

You can tell by the weight and how soft the fabric is. A fake hoodie will feel lighter and less fluffy if it’s a hoodie. And if it’s a T-shirt, it will feel thin and less good.

Latest ESSENTIALS collection

ESSENTIALS is cheaper and easier to get. Luxury sportswear sells fast, so watch for new stuff to stay up-to-date. You can still buy the latest hoodie, and if you missed anything, check out the Essential Store.

The new collection, Bape Hoodie, offers simple but classic clothes at fair prices, such as sweatpants, jackets, and shoes.

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