Consider When to Choose eCommerce PIM Software For Business

Are you looking to improve or execute your omnichannel strategy? Perhaps, you are strongly interested in expanding your product catalog. Or has your company’s ERP system reached its limit and can no longer adapt to your needs? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s safe to say that now is the right time for you to consider an e-commerce PIM software solution at BetterCommerce.

Product information management (PIM) solutions offer tons of goodies that can benefit your company in several different ways:

  • For instance, a suitable PIM software can always improve the quality of data you need to run your business appropriately. Furthermore, having accurate information regarding your product data can help to improve the SEO campaign.
  • A good PIM solution can also help you achieve the shortest possible time-to-market.
  • That’s not all; the right e-commerce PIM solution can also make it very easy for you to implement your omnichannel strategy.

For you to enjoy all the aforementioned goodies associated with implementing PIM, you need to choose the right software. As you continue reading this post, you’ll discover a few factors that influence the choice of the right e-commerce PIM software today.

  1. Who will use the PIM software? 

With BetterCommerce, your chances of getting the perfect PIM software for your business is 100%. However, before you go ahead to choose a software solution, you need to define who and how the software will be used.

  • First, you need to understand how many people will use the software. PIM software charges can be down in two different ways: based on SKU or based on the number of users. By understanding the number of people that’ll use the software when it’s implemented and in the future, you can easily pick a software that can scale to accommodate your current and future needs.
  • In addition to the number of people that will use the PIM system now and in future, you need to clearly understand the type of users. The right software is one that can provide you with role-based permissions for different users and job functions.
  • The skillset of the users also matters when choosing reliable PIM software. The more skills the user possesses, the lesser the training hours you need to bring the users up to speed.
  1. Must-have features

Another important factor you certainly need to consider when buying the best e-commerce PIM system is the available features. For you to get the most out of your software, below are a few features you certainly need to consider:

  • You need to check and be sure the PIM software can scale based on your business needs.
  • The software should be able to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. This way, there won’t be a need for manual data entry, which can lead to costly errors.
  • You need to confirm that the software can deliver robust data management.
  • The PIM system must have features for quality data control.
  • The software should support your multichannel strategy – this is very important if you sell products across different channels.
  • Furthermore, you need to confirm that the software will help streamline your business processes. One way to be sure of this is by confirming that the system has workflow automation capability.

Why should you hire BetterCommerce today

If you need help finding a suitable e-commerce software to deliver you the best PIM solutions, we recommend you try BetterCommerce today. With this system, you can efficiently manage multiple product catalogs and prices without passing through the stress of using multiple third-party plugins.

You can visit the official website today to better understand how BetterCommerce PIM software works.

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