DIY Eyeglass Accessories: Creative Ways to Personalize Frames

Eyeglasses serve not as a tool for vision but also as a way to express your personal style. Of settling for frames, why not turn them into customized pieces of art? In this article we’ll explore do it yourself (DIY) eyeglass accessories that allow you to showcase your individuality and creativity. 

From beaded lanyards to decorative tape frames these projects are both enjoyable to make. An excellent means of self expression.

Beaded Lanyards: Functional and Fashionable

Beaded lanyards are not also practical accessories for your glasses. They add a touch of personality to your eyewear while ensuring that you don’t misplace them. Creating your beaded lanyard is a DIY project that requires minimal materials. Choose beads in colors, shapes and sizes that match your style. Experiment with bead patterns to craft a lanyard that reflects your individuality.

To create your lanyard start by selecting a durable and flexible beading wire. Determine the desired length making sure it’s comfortable enough to hang around your neck. Attach a clasp on one end. Begin threading the beads onto the wire.

You have an option when it comes to creating a pattern for your beaded lanyard. You can choose to alternate colors, use beads of the color for a look or mix and match different colors for a vibrant and eclectic design. Once you’ve reached your desired length you can secure the end with a clasp. Now your beaded lanyard is ready to add some style to your eyeglasses.

If you have skills in embroidery you might consider making an embroidered fabric holder for your glasses. This DIY accessory does not keep your glasses safe. Also adds an elegant and personalized touch to them. Start by selecting a piece of fabric that compliments your style.

Next choose an embroidery hoop. Stretch the fabric tightly across it. Use threads to create designs or even stitch your initials for that extra personal touch. Feel free to experiment with embroidery stitches to add texture and detail to the fabric. Once you are satisfied with the design remove the fabric from the hoop. Cut it into a shape that allows you to fold it over your eyeglasses. Sew the edges together while leaving space for sliding in your glasses. Voila! Your embroidered fabric holder is now both functional and stylish, as part of your collection.

Washi Tape Frames: Add a Touch of Change and Fun

Washi tape is a material that you can easily use to transform your eyeglass frames. This fun DIY project lets you switch up the look of your glasses frequently as you change your outfit. To get started gather an assortment of vibrant. Patterned tapes.

Begin by cleaning your eyeglass frames to ensure adhesion of the tape. Carefully apply the tape starting from one end and wrapping it around the frame until you reach the side. Make sure to apply it evenly, trimming any tape if necessary. Feel free to mix and match tapes to create patterns and designs that suit your style. And here’s the best part: if you ever feel like making a change simply peel off the tape. Start fresh. Washi tape frames offer an enjoyable way to showcase your evolving fashion sense.

Polymer Clay Charms: Bring Whimsy and Playfulness

For a touch of whimsy and playfulness why not try making polymer clay charms for your eyeglasses? This delightful DIY project allows you to shape figures, like animals, flowers or symbols that reflect your personality. The process is straightforward. Requires a few materials.

Start by selecting your colors of polymer clay

Shape the clay into the desired forms making sure they are small enough to attach to your eyeglass frames. Use small clay tools to add details and texture to your charms. Once you are content, with the shapes follow the instructions provided with the clay to bake them and make them firm.

To affix the charms onto your eyeglasses use an adhesive. Place them on the arms or near the hinges, for a distinctive decoration. Not will your eyeglasses stand out. You will also enjoy the whimsical touch that your polymer clay charms bring to your overall appearance.

Leather Cord Wraps: Rustic and Simple

For those who appreciate rustic leather cord wraps are an ideal choice. This DIY accessory does not add a touch of simplicity. Also offers a secure and stylish way to keep your glasses easily accessible. To create your leather cord wrap, begin by selecting a piece of leather cord in a color that complements your frames.

Cut the leather cord to your desired length ensuring there is excess to wrap around your glasses comfortably. You can experiment with knotting techniques to secure the cord or even add beads for an embellishment.

Leather cord wraps possess a simplicity that enhances the elegance of your eyeglasses without overpowering them. What’s great is that they are easy to create and remove, allowing you to switch between wraps based on your mood and style.

Practical and Personalized Lens Cloth Pouches: A Clever Solution

Why settle for a lens cloth when you can transform it into a pouch, for your eyeglasses? This DIY project not only adds a touch to your eyewear but also serves the practical purpose of keeping your glasses clean and free from scratches. Begin by choosing a plain lens cloth in a color or material that appeals to you.

Utilize fabric markers, fabric paint or embroidery techniques to embellish the lens cloth with your designs, patterns or even your initials. Let your creativity shine as you elevate an accessory into a functional pouch. The customized lens cloth pouch does not bring out your individuality. Also ensures that you always have a convenient way to safeguard your glasses when they’re not in use.


Personalizing your eyeglasses with DIY accessories offers an opportunity to express yourself and enhance your style.Whether you go for lanyards, fabric holders, with embroidery frames decorated with tape charms made of polymer clay cord wraps crafted from leather or custom pouches, for lens cloth each project offers a special way to showcase your style. Try out materials, colors and techniques to discover the DIY accessories for your eyeglasses that truly reflect your personal taste.

These projects do not bring joy during the creation process. Also allow you to make a fashion statement with your eyewear. So gather your crafting supplies, set aside some time for creativity and prepare to transform your glasses into personalized works of art. With these DIY eyeglass accessories you’ll not see the world more clearly but also do so with a distinct and fashionable perspective.

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