Why Dash Cams with Parking Mode is a Must Vehicle Security 

Are you a new or experienced driver? Well, your driving expertise is not what matters, but how much you need a dash cam with parking mode! Everything is advancing and beyond the common dash cams, having one with parking mode is vital today. These gadgets have numerous benefits which explains why they are becoming increasingly popular today. The absolute craziness, fraud, and accidents on the roads necessitate a dash cam for your vehicle. They record video files of all the activities occurring as you drive and make it easy evidence when you need to share information about an occurrence. This article explains why a Dash Cams with Parking Mode is a must-have for enhanced vehicle security and peace of mind. 

How a Dash Cam With Parking Mode Works

The dash cam with parking mode actively monitors your vehicle when parked using detection sensors for any impact on the vehicle. The dash cam which was in hibernation “wakes up” and sends automated alerts while capturing the incident for video evidence. It could be a G-sensor or a motion detection sensor, all of which trigger the camera to start recording. This means that the dash cam does not have to record and fill your space with the same video, but only records when triggered through motion or impact. Some dash cams with parking mode also have low-power mode and time-lapse to conserve the battery. A motion sensor dash cam records files on activities around your car when movement or vibration detects even when the vehicle is off. Here’s why having it is a necessity; 

Monitoring the Parking Environment to Prevent Vandalism 

When you are away from your parked vehicle, vandalism and theft in your car may happen. The dash cam wakes up from hibernation when your vehicle touch. A front and rear dash cam with parking mode helps monitor the vehicle surrounding, such as rear-ending when you are waiting at a traffic light. It is therefore a deterrent to what would otherwise be vandals on your car, especially for motion-triggered dash cams. 

Dash Cams with Parking Mode Provide Evidence for Authorities 

Your car may undergo damage when parked such as when someone crashes it at the parking spot. The dash cam with motion sensors will trigger recording when any interference to your vehicle occurs, such as a hit-and-run, a negligent pedestrian, or a reckless driver. In accidents, authorities may determine the fault from the video recorded hence a crucial piece of evidence. If there are false accusations about you and your vehicle, the evidence from the video recordings can help prove your innocence. 

Protection Against Theft

The dash cam with parking mode is essential in protecting the vehicle by capturing video files of malicious activities. You can use the video as evidence to identify perpetrators and actions committed. The presence of the dash cam with parking mode prevents vehicle theft as thieves are less likely to attack vehicles with visible cameras. Most dash cams with parking mode have LED lights that signal the recording camera, which is also a safety measure when someone touches the car. The motion detection feature which gives you live alerts helps you know when your car is moving which helps identify possible vehicle theft. 

Eases Insurance Claims

Trouble on the road and at the parking lot are commonplace, and insurance claims can be hectic to prove. The dash cam with parking mode records the collision to us as evidence for insurance and legal claims in the event there’s a dispute. The parking mode footage helps with insurance investigations to save on liabilities as it is easy to determine who was responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle. 

Dash Cams With Parking Mode Enhance Peace of Mind

With dash cams with parking mode, you have a sense of security and don’t have to keep wondering what might be happening to your car when you are away. The footage recorded is evidence in case of any occurrence such as an accident, so you have ease of avoiding disputes with evidence. The live alerts when your vehicle touch means that if no alerts, your parked vehicle is safe. Knowing that the dash cams with parking mode are continuously monitoring the vehicle eliminates the worries of theft and vandalism. The proof of your assertions through the recorded files also eases your mind and gives you confidence. 

Dash Cams With Parking Mode Enhance Monitoring Your Drivers

In the transport business, you want to have the best drivers for your fleet safety.  The dash cam with parking mode keeps an eye on your driver even when the vehicle is off, as you can monitor what the driver is up to. If the driver recklessly parks the vehicle or fakes an incident, you can monitor the video footage. It adds a layer of security for your vehicles. Any suspicious activity by the driver is documented even when in the parking lot. 

Key Takeaways

A dash cam with parking mode will help you save on storage space and energy. It is helpful in situations such as when;

  • You are given an underserved traffic violation citation
  • Someone attempted to steal, break into or vandalize your vehicle
  • Making insurance claims to ease investigations
  • Someone damages or dings your parked car with their door
  • Monitoring your driver activities around the vehicle for fleet owners


Dash cams are a great investment for your vehicle, and assure you safety and peace of mind. Some places can be risky with car theft and vandalism, and having a dash cam with parking mode minimizes the risk of malicious activities. Whether it is the evidence or the determent, the dash cam with parking mode gives you confidence that your car is protected. The motion detection feature helps save space as the cam only records when triggered, and the time-lapse option eases incidence identification time with short clips. Accidents, hit-and-run incidents, and breaking into your vehicle can be easily monitored even when the car is off at the parking lot, giving you peace of mind. If you have not yet installed the dash cams with parking mode, it’s time you reaped the huge benefits by getting them. 

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