6 Undesirable Traits In Custom Serum Boxes

The use of custom serum boxes is inescapable for the protection of delicate serum bottles and light-sensitive serums. Nonetheless, while manufacturing boxes, many companies commit some mistakes that make the quality of serums poor. 

While manufacturing or selecting boxes, you must know the nature of the serums and the factors from which serums need protection, such as oxygen, light, heat, etc. Custom serum packaging boxes must be durable, catchy, befitting, and resistant to unfavorable factors to serve their true function. In today’s discussion, we will learn the 6 undesirable traits one should avoid in serum boxes. 

What does good look like?

For all beauty products, the packaging plays a crucial role, whether it comes to the protection of the products or the presentation. A good packaging for serums is one that perfectly packs delicate serum bottles and prevents any undesirable change. 

Moreover, from custom serum box wholesale providers, you can get any unique feature in your packaging that you think might play a positive role in selling your products. Now we will see what traits we should avoid in our boxes. 

Traits To Avoid In Serum Boxes 

All aspects of the packaging must be selected with care, as packaging is the main thing that inspires customers to invest in your products. Anything that can affect the quality, effectiveness, and shelf life of your serums must be avoided in the packaging. The following are the 6 mistakes that can be avoided easily to get ideal custom-printed serum boxes .

  1. Poor Protective Ability 

Packaging with poor protective ability is a big no for your products. For ages, the use of boxes has been associated with the protection of the products, so you must never invest in packaging boxes that have inferior quality and insufficient ability to protect paced items.

That is why a durable packaging material becomes crucial for the manufacturing of custom serum boxes. Apart from the materials, some other factors enhance the protective ability of the boxes, such as the use of box inserts or dividers. These inserts keep the serum bottles in an upright position, consequently preventing spillage.

  1. Poor Or Bland Designs 

The second factor that can reduce the sales of your serums is the good design of the boxes. That is why a poorly designed box can hurt your brand’s growth. 

Even the design of custom mailer boxes wholesale that you use to ship serums to longer distances must not be bland, as it will reduce customers’ interest in your products, and they will probably never select serums from your brand again. So try to use innovative and attractive designs on the boxes to grow as a beauty brand. 

  1. Inability To Block Light 

Boxes must be sturdy and opaque enough to block light. This feature is much more important than you think, and the reason for this is that most serums are light-sensitive. Antioxidants such as retinol and ascorbic acid can react with oxygen and become ineffective. Moreover, reactions with light and heat may change the active form of the serums into something unfit for the skin. 

If you want to prevent losing the quality and effectiveness of your serums, then you must invest in packaging that can block light and oxygen. The opaque material is best for custom serum boxes in the USA, as it can block the light and keep the active ingredients intact. 

  1. Improper Dimensions 

Improper dimensions The size and shape of the boxes are some of the biggest mistakes that companies make in the manufacturing of boxes. In large-size boxes, the bottle moves around. This may cause leakage or breakage in the serum bottles. 

Moreover, to avoid product damage, the brand may have to use fillers in the boxes, which certainly increases the cost of the packaging. An improper size of the boxes poses an unprofessional expression on the customer and leads to negative branding.

  1. Boxes Lacking Essential Information 

The information on the boxes gives customers confidence in your brand and helps you gain their trust. Packaging lacking information will never build customer trust in your brand.

  1. Unsustainable Materials 

For customized serum packaging boxes, the use of unsustainable packaging material is the biggest setback for a brand. You cannot go 100% sustainable, but you can put effort into using as much less unsustainable material as possible.

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