Comparing the Best Scented Pillar Candles

Scented pillar candles can set the mood and fill your home with lovely fragrances. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which are the best. Here is an overview comparing some of the top-scented pillar candles.

Yankee Candle

Regarding scented candles, Yankee Candle is one of the most well-known and popular brands. They offer various candle scents in multiple styles, including pillar candles. Their pillar candles come in different sizes, from minor to extra-large. The wax is a natural blend of paraffin and vegetable waxes that provides a smooth burn.

Yankee Candle’s most popular pillar candle scents include Clean Cotton, Lavender Vanilla, Lemon Lavender, and Sage & Citrus. The fragrances are strong and bold without being overpowering. The large pillar candles have burn times of up to 150 hours, so you get a lot of use from each candle. The quality is consistent from candle to candle. Overall, Yankee Candles are affordable and excellent for scented pillar candles.


Voluspa specializes in luxury scented candles made with premium ingredients. Their stunning glass it have modern designs that make a statement. Voluspa candles use a coconut wax blend and natural fibre wicks.

Some signature Voluspa pillar candle scents include Baltic Amber, Santiago Huckleberry, and Japonica. The fragrances layer botanical notes that provide depth and complexity. For example, Baltic Amber mixes amber resin, sandalwood, and vanilla orchid. The candles have excellent fragrance saturation and last around 60-80 hours. Voluspa pillar candles are pricier but offer an indulgent experience.

Nest Fragrances

Nest Fragrances combines high-end style with delicious scents inspired by destinations worldwide. Their pillar candles use a proprietary soy and paraffin wax blend and lead-free cotton wicks. The glass pillars have an elegant, minimalist style.

Popular Nest pillar scents are Ocean Mist & Sea Salt, Moroccan Amber, and Pumpkin Chai. The fragrances are nuanced and sophisticated. For instance, Ocean Mist & Sea Salt layers, sea spray, dune grass, water lily, Beachwood, and musk notes. Nest they has an approximate 50-hour burn time. Overall, Nest offers a refined option for scented pillars.

Jo Malone

Known for luxurious fragrances, Jo Malone also makes scented candles that capture their signature scents. The pillars use a soy wax blend and have cotton wicks. Jo Malone’s minimal packaging lets the candle scents be the star.

Bestselling pillar scents from Jo Malone include Lime Basil & Mandarin, Peony & Blush Suede, and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. They use quality fragrance oils along with subtle scent notes. For example, Peony & Blush Suede mixes peony, rose, gillyflower, and suede. The pillar candles have around 45 hours of burn time. While expensive, Jo Malone pillars make a unique gift or treat for yourself.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works offers a vast selection of 3-wick scented pillar candles for an affordable yet quality option. The candles use a natural wax blend and cotton wicks. Hundreds of scents are available, making it easy to find your favourite.

Some of the most popular pillar candle fragrances from Bath & Body Works include Eucalyptus Rain, Mahogany Coconut, and Vanilla Bean. The aromas are intense and fill the room. A major perk is that the 3-wick design creates an even burn and amplifies the scent. Large Bath & Body Works pillar candles burn for up to 90 hours. For variety and value, their pillars are hard to beat.

When choosing among the top scented pillar candles, consider your budget, preferred styles, fragrances, and brightness of scent. Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works are great affordable everyday options. For that feel more high-end, turn to Nest, Voluspa or Jo Malone.

Any of these leading brands offer quality scented pillar candles that can infuse your home with beautiful fragrances. Determine what scent profiles appeal to you and decorate with pillar candles that fit your lifestyle. The right-scented pillars can provide a lovely accent to any room.

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