Colorectal Surgeon Pilonidal Cyst: Types And Risk Factors

Pilonidal fistula refers to a skin bag growing abnormally and containing remnants of hair follicles and skin. Most commonly, it is found just above your anus. You can also notice hair bag formation if hair follicles penetrate your skin. Moreover, it appears externally as a cyst or vesicle. As a result, it leads to inflammation and forms pus or boils. You need to contact a colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst because this condition needs surgical treatment. However, symptoms are not the same for every person. Pilonidal sinus can be classified in various ways. It spreads among young guys sitting for long hours in inappropriate positions. 

Pilonidal sinus- Know about its variations

Depending on how it emerges, pilonidal sinus is of different types.

Chronic pilonidal sinus

If you have pilonidal fistula symptoms repeatedly and it forms boils, the condition is chronic pilonidal sinus. In some cases, you find multiple cysts in a particular area. Some researchers have observed that chronic pilonidal sinus can lead to skin cancer over time. That is why a biopsy is essential to identify cancer symptoms. But, there are different treatment options to remove the fistula and recover the skin after proper treatment. During your pilonidal cyst surgery, the surgeon opens the fistula and sutures it. It is an effective way to treat your chronic pilonidal cyst.

Acute pilonidal sinus

The part under your affected skin may have a pilonidal sac for a long period. However, when it has inflammatory issues, the symptoms become more severe. If you sit somewhere for several hours on your coccyx, you will find these symptoms and feel uncomfortable. Suctioning is a way to treat your coccyx fistula. In case it recurs, your colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst will open and clean it.

PSD or pilonidal sinus disease, is heterogeneous, and it has varied presentations. Though it is detectable incidentally after having an asymptomatic condition, it may become a complicated chronic issue. You will have fistulization in multiple gluteal regions. Moreover, acute abscess development is a condition that you frequently encounter.

Which factors increase the risk of pilonidal disease?

Many specialists think that the cyst occurs because of the trauma to the part causing ingrown hairs. If the hair is removed, but follicles have not been controlled, it can cause pilonidal cysts. So, hair can grow from outside your cyst. Most commonly, drivers of trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles have this condition. But, other risk factors causing pilonidal disease are

  • Your gender (male)
  • Age range- 30 to 45 years- If you are above 45, you are at a low risk of pilonidal disease.
  • The presence of excessive hair on your body
  • Inactivity 
  • Obesity
  • Excessive sweating
  • Lack of hygiene

Your surgeon will decide on the treatment depending on the severity of the disease, symptoms, and infectious condition. Some doctors prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition. But, in most cases, the drainage and surgical removal of the cyst. With limited or small abscesses, the surgeon will perform draining instead of making surgical removal. 

Multiple or larger abscesses start spreading through sinus tracts. In this case, the surgeon will remove the overall part surgically. If there is a tissue infection, the antibiotics will be effective. You should modify your lifestyle and apply self-care techniques to make postural adjustments and maintain hygiene. You can search online- Who is the best colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst near me? You will come across the best colorectal surgeon to treat pilonidal cysts.

What happens when you do not treat pilonidal cysts for a long period?

It can lead to different issues-

Abscess formation

If pilonidal sinus occurs for a long period and causes an abscess, you will have swelling and pain. You will notice a discharge of blood and pus coming out of your cyst. Besides, the intense odour from the discharge is a common symptom. Thus, those who experience a pilonidal cyst should change their clothing multiple times a day. Some people feel embarrassed and lose concentration on their work. 

Swelling and inflammation of the part affected by pilonidal cyst

Inflammation results in more complicated pilonidal sinus symptoms. It needs treatment without any delay to alleviate soreness and stinging pain because of the inflamed pilonidal sinus. 

Risk of having multiple cysts

If you have chronic pilonidal sinus inflammation, you may suffer from multiple cysts. The painful and swelling condition will become unbearable when you have multiple infected cysts. It is important to treat your pilonidal sinus at the right time to avoid the multiplication of pilonidal cysts. So, you can contact your surgeon to start treatment and cure the condition.

Higher risk of cancer

If you overlook the pilonidal sinus condition for a long period, you will face serious troubles. Some doctors claim that it can cause skin cancer. The condition is known as squamous cell carcinoma. It happens in very rare cases. When you have this condition, you should look for proper treatment.

The pilonidal sinus expert will recommend the best treatment. 

Look for the most reputed colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst and have the most effective treatment. 

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