Channel Sales: Guide to Unlocking Success

Discover the keys to success in channel sales. Leverage effective strategy to improve revenue results through consistent sales and brand marketing.

Imagine with me for a moment: You need a new phone, then you order from Apple’s website. As time goes on, you realize you need a new Apple charger. So, you run to a Walmart store near you to buy it.

Without you knowing, you have taken advantage of two sales channels. You may ask, “What are channel sales, and how can you generate them?”

Channel sales is a unique sales strategy that is worth understanding. This is because it has recorded significant annual income for companies.

Several businesses aim to increase their income. But at some point, your income growth will be hampered by time.

Even though your sales team consistently sold a product, one day, the result will hit a limit. So, at this point, you have two options. Either enter a channel sales partnership or hire a bigger sales team.

Many businesses go for the first option. This helps them to cut costs, save time, and expand their market.

So, here, we will discuss this approach called channel sales. You will learn more about this subject and how it can benefit your business.

What is channel sales?

Many people are already used to the concept of channel sales. This is because they account for almost 75% of sales and consumer’s market worldwide.

Channel sales is simply a sales strategy whereby a company sells its products through other companies or channels.

The other company can be referred to as a partner, distributor, or affiliate, depending on the relationship between these companies. Channel sales can also mean indirect sales.

How do channel sales vary from direct sales?

The difference between direct and indirect sales (or channel sales) is the gap between the product and the customer.

Direct sales are those where only two parties are involved. These two parties are you and the customer. So, direct sales happens when a customer buys any of your products directly from your website.

In channel sales, the producer or the vendor directly sells to the customer and gets all the profit. For example, a local bakery produces the products onsite and sells them directly to the customers.

Channel sales involve sales outsourcing. The vendors reach out to other companies mainly for more extensive distribution.

For example, a confectionary store applies its email marketing strategy. They send out detailed information about their business and products.

But the customers can’t make an order directly via email. So, they are happy to buy the products at a discount through a walk-in store or online store.

Why use channel sales?

In most cases, channel sales may not work for all businesses. But they are more beneficial to direct sales. The largest advantage is in affordable distribution.

Small businesses can expand their businesses by using several sales channels. This is useful because you don’t have to spend much hiring and onboarding an in-house sales team.

Bigger businesses can also handle their sales properly through channel sales use. This is achieved by evaluating each channel rather than looking at all sales in the whole market.

In addition, channel sales can foster trust through endorsing products. It also increases the growth of revenue and gives customers access to product bonuses.

We now understand channel sales. Now, let’s see how your business can manage indirect sales.

Strategies to Help You Manage Channel Sales

If you have been thinking about how to get the right results from your channel. Let’s examine some strategies that will help you.

1. Evaluate which channels to use

Consider which channels will benefit you more before you partner with any third parties.

Especially find out where your target audience is most likely to shop. Suppose your customers consist mainly of young people. In that case, you should not waste your resources selling through a distributor catering to the elderly.

Also, consider your location. Use a distributor that sells in your location to your target audience.

2. Train and encourage your partners

Whatever businesses you partner with, ensure to train and support them. Do this by giving them the needed motivation to sell your products.

Communicating the benefits of affiliating with you. This will encourage them to work hard to market and sell your product.

In addition, if you have an advanced product, train your partners on how it works and its purpose. That will help them sell it to customers.

All though, this doesn’t apply in all situations. But, it can be a helpful tool for some industries.

3. Invest more in analytics

Analyzing data is necessary for any business. It allows you to analyze the marketing and sales performance.

The analysis helps you to see where you can improve. It’s more important than ever when you use sales channels.

Analytics is more complicated when different channels are involved. So, invest more time and effort into your analytics. This will help to determine the difference.

4. Upgrade your marketing

Lastly, when you use different sales channels, you should upgrade your marketing scope. If you focus on website sales only, every one of your marketing strategies should direct customers there.

But, if you use other channels to sell, all your marketing efforts should indicate that. Consider running diverse campaigns for your various sales channels.

Remember, your sales partner has their own business stress to cope with. They also have other vendors to work with.

So, It’s easy to focus more on your business and lack the effort to make your partners feel less ignored.

To guarantee success, you need to remain organized. Also, you need to be on top of your partners’ needs. This is easier said than done.

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